11 Best 32 inch LED TV Under 10000 Rs. in India 2023

Are you someone who is on the hunt for a perfect LED TV for his/her room? If yes, then you are in the right place. If you are an Indian, you might be well aware of how much Indians love watching Televisions. India is a country where most people spend hours watching television soaps. And that is the reason why you’ll find so many different brands manufacturing televisions in India. You will think only the Indian brands are winning the race, but, in reality, some non-Indian brands are also not behind. Gone were the days when people used to buy bulky television sets for their homes. These days’ people prefer spending their money on LED TVs instead.

Modernization has brought a drastic change in the world of television as well. In this modern era, like any other product, Televisions are also quite advanced, you will find numerous features in a single television. LED TVs do not only have a sleek and attractive construction but are also filled with some amazing advanced features. If you want a television for your small-sized living room or bedroom, then a 32 inch LED TV will be apt for you. Are you unable to find the right option for your requirements? Do you want a 32 inch LED TV under 10000 Rs? Purchasing a television for the room can be tedious, especially when you are on a low-budget.

Below, we have prepared a list of ten best-LED TVs (32 inches) that is available in the Indian market. All of these products could be bought under 10000 rs. Let us begin.

1. Kodak 80 cm (32 inches) HD Ready LED Smart TV 32HDXSMART Pro (Black)

Kodak 80 cm (32 inches) HD Ready LED Smart TV

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The Kodak 80 cm (32 inches) HD Ready LED Smart TV 32HDXSMART has topped our list of best-LED TVs (32 inches) in India. It is a cost-effective yet efficient product that you can buy. Kodak is no new to the world of electrical appliances. When it comes to choosing a television set, one should prefer purchasing a reputed brand. Kodak is one of those brands on which you can rely without thinking much. This LED TV sold by Kodak is a smart television. This means, apart from watching channels and shows, you can also do much other exciting stuff in it. You can run your favorite applications (such as Netflix, Hotstar, and YouTube) with ease. This LED smart TV will give you a seamless interface; it is a user-friendly product.

One of the fantastic features that we like the most about this Kodak HD LED Smart TV is the presence of a distinctive app named “MiraCast.” Using this app, one can cast his/her smartphone on the LED screen. This enables the smartphone to be used as a keyboard and remote. Well, only a fool will not like this feature. Moreover, the TV comes equipped with three HDMI audio/video ports. This provides a hassle-free experience to the users. Using the port, one can easily connect the TV without the need of any customer care service. Besides, the product also has many other exciting features.


  • There are three HDMI ports for audio/video.
  • The design of the TV is extremely attractive.
  • The user can run multiple apps in this Smart TV.
  • Wi-Fi connectivity makes life much easier.


  • The return policy of the brand is not very much convincing.

2. Kevin 80 cm (32 Inches) HD Ready LED TV K56U912

Kevin 80 cm (32 Inches) HD Ready LED TV K56U912

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The runner-up spot in our list has been secured by the Kevin 80 cm (32 inches) HD Ready LED TV K56U912. This brand entered the market in 1977 and is winning hearts since then. Thanks to the 1366 X 768 resolutions and HRDD technology, a better color, contrast, and clarity is being provided on this TV. HRDD technology is known to enhance picture quality and viewing experience. The TV covers 178 degrees from Left to the right; hence, you can watch your daily soaps from any angle. Apart from that, the TV also allows the users to play amazing games in the utmost resolution quality. With the help of wireless connectivity, you can easily connect your PC, Xbox as well as VR box to the TV. This will allow you to have uninterrupted fun.

The Kevin 80 cm (32 inches) HD Ready LED TV K56U912 is created to fit your tight budget. But, it does not mean you will have to compromise with features. There are several amazing features on this TV which are liked by everyone. We would like to inform you that TV offers 20 watts of sound output for a better viewing experience. If you buy this product, you will get a one-year manufacturer warranty form the brand. This product has a rating of 4.4 out of 5 on Amazon with more than 5,500 people reviewing it, and that, according to us, this goes a long way in convincing the customers to make an investment.


  • The design of the product is explicit.
  • The product comes with numerous exciting features.
  • The brand provides one year manufacturer’s warranty.


  • A few customers received a defective product.

3. Micromax 81 cm (32 inches) HD Ready LED TV 32T8361HD

Micromax 81 cm (32 inches) HD Ready LED

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Next up, we have the Micromax 81 cm (32 inches) HD Ready LED TV 32T8361HD for our readers. If you are looking for a low-budget TV with pretty much all essential features, we suggest you buy this LED TV from Micromax. It has fairly 1366 X 768 resolutions with a refresh rate of 60 hertz. You will get two HDMI ports with this TV, and you can use those ports to connect the gaming console, set-top box as well as Blu Ray players. Besides, you will also get two ports for USB and one VGA port for laptop connectivity. All these features at such a lower price? Yes!

The display of this Micromax LED TV is extra-bright for added clarity. Additionally, there is a triple protection feature that is meant to protect the TV from high-voltage, humidity, and lightning. With the help of the SRS surround sound feature, you can listen to live concerts, songs, and game gunshots and get a realistic feel. Now you can watch all your beloved shows without any worries. Other than that, the brand offers a one year warranty to the users. You will also get an easy installation service from the brand. You would also like to know that the product is eligible for a 10-day replacement, which is applicable for product damage and defects.


  • TV has high brightness and resolutions.
  • The triple protection feature of the TV is appreciative.
  • The brand offers a ten days replacement and one year manufacturer’s warranty to its customers.


  • The customer care service is condemnable.

4. Sanyo 80 cm (32 Inches) HD Ready LED TV XT-32S7201H

Sanyo 80 cm (32 Inches) HD Ready LED

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The Sanyo 80 cm (32 inches) HD Ready LED TV XT-32S7201H is another incredible TV that you can buy under 10000 rs. If you are not new to the world of appliances, you might have already heard the name ‘Sanyo.’ It is one of the most popular brands in the market. Their TV sets are loved by many people. You would like to know that this TV set offers a high-definition experience to the users watching it. And all the credits go to the 1366 X 768p resolutions. Vivid colors, sharp images with a stunning picture quality is all we need in our televisions. Additionally, the A+ Grade panel makes the picture even better; it is known to enhance the picture clarity and color reproduction. Apart from that, for a crystal clear hearing experience, the Sanyo TV comes equipped with 16 W speakers. Using the HDMI sound out the technology, you can connect the TV set with your favorite home theatre. It will give you an unmatched audio experience that will make your movie day-night even more fun. Besides, you can also plug your headphones to this device via the 3.5 mm audio jack that is present on the TV. For better flexibility, the Sanyo 80 cm (32 inches) HD Ready LED TV XT-32S7201H comes along with wall mount. You can either table mount or wall the TV on the basis of your preference. What else do you need in a television set?


  • The television comes equipped with 16 W speakers.
  • The picture quality is stunning.
  • The device is compatible with headphones.
  • The wall mount is provided with the TV for better flexibility.


  • So many customers complained about receiving defective products.

5. Shinco 80 cm (32 Inches) HD Ready LED TV SO3A (Black)

Shinco 80 cm (32 Inches) HD Ready LED

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Next, up, we have added the Shinco 80 cm (32 inches) HD Ready LED TV SO3A in our list of best-LED TVs (32 inches) that can be bought at reasonable pricing. This product comes in an elegant black color. If you are someone who prefers purchasing Indian brands, then this product should be in your wish-list. Unlike other televisions in the market, this device offers a very powerful sound experience to the viewers. Thanks to HRDP technology, the brand delivers a perfect contrast, color, and clarity. We would also like to inform you that you can enjoy a better virtual gaming experience in this television set. It is a perfect device for you if you are obsessed with games.

The internal components of the Shinco 80 cm (32 inches) HD Ready LED TV S03A are made up of very high quality. And that is why this product tends to remain safe from voltage fluctuations and lightning (that usually happens during rainy seasons). Other than that, the TV also comprises small ventilation slots, which prevents the dust particles from entering the television set. If you purchase this product, you will get a one year manufacturer’s warranty from the brand. In case you are not satisfied with the product, you can even replace it within ten days of delivery.


  • The display quality of this TV is excellent.
  • High-quality internal components protect that ensures protection from voltage fluctuations and lightning.
  • This device has 2 USB ports, 1 VGA port, and 2 HDMI ports.


  • The customer care service is very poor.

6. eAirtec 81 cm (32 inches) HD Ready LED TV 32DJ (Black)

eAirtec 81 cm (32 inches) HD Ready LED TV

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In the sixth spot, we have the eAirtec 81 cm (32 inches) HD Ready LED TV 32DJ for our readers. This television set comes along with a refresh rate of 60 hertz and a resolution of 1366 X 768 pixels. This prevents the motion blur that usually happens in other televisions. You would like to know that the TV is equipped with a wide-angle display of 178/160 degrees. This offers an enhanced visual effect and broad visibility to the viewers. Additionally, the TV’s box speaker delivers a deep and rich sound quality, which means you can enjoy your favorite movies in a clear sound.

One of the most amazing features of the eAirtec 81 cm (32 inches) HD Ready LED TV 32DJ is that it is specifically designed to save energy. The device consumes a power of 100 to 240 volts. It is an energy-efficient product that will save you some bucks. Moreover, the TV is user-friendly, anyone can control the device with a remote control system. However, if you lose the remote, you can still control the TV using the tactile buttons that are present at the back of the device. The tactile buttons allow you to control the menu, volume, channel surfing, as well as power.


  • The device possesses a sleek ergonomic construction.
  • The resolution is 1366 X 768 pixels, while the refresh rate is 60 Hertz.
  • Hardware interface: USB, Headphone, HDMI, VGA.
  • The device comes with an instruction manual.


  • The brand does not provide any support for installation.

7. VW 80 cm (32 inches) HD Ready LED TV VW32A

VW 80 cm

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The Vision World which is well abbreviated as VW spotted the 6th position in the list of best 32 inch LED TV brands in India under 10000 Rs. The VW32A is fully HD Ready tv and you can view it from any angle as it is feature with 178 viewing angle. The refresh rate of this LED TV is 60 hertz. 

It has 2 HDMI ports to connect set top box, BLU ray players, gaming console and also featured with 2 USB ports to connect hard drivers and other USB devices. 1 VGA port to connect the laptop.

Most of buy the LED TV for it’s sound quality and Vision World sounds out is 20 watts. Powerful stereo output, music equalizer and power audio. The great feature of TV it’s A+ grande panel and IPE technology , slim beze, cinema mode, cinema zoon and true color is really great which makes your tv experience better.

In case you found any difficulty or problem in this LED Tv then you can replace it within 10 days and you don’t have to pay any extra cost for this. You can call for TV demo/wall mounting and installation of tv via calling on the toll free number of the company.


  • Full satisfied customers
  • 5 star rating on amazon
  • 20 W sound output is appreciative 
  • Price wise Best LED TV in this range.
  • Picture and sound quality is good


  • None so far

8. Fortex 80 cm (32 inches) HD Ready IPS LED Smart TV FX32INT01

Fortex 80 cm (32 inches) HD Ready IPS LED Smart TV

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When talking about the television sets, we could not stop ourselves from mentioning the Fortex products. It is a smart television that possesses advanced features. It is also priced at a very economical rate. High quality and cheap pricing are what attract most of the buyers. Thanks to the android based operating system of the TV, apart from watching the channels on this television, you can also watch your favorite shows in the following apps – YouTube, Netflix, etc. You can enjoy a wide range of applications in this Fortex LED TV.

The Smart hub feature of this device will let you perform several other interesting tasks. Additionally, you will get a high fidelity of color on the LED screen. And this will add more fun to your favorite daily soap that you watch with your family members. For ease of operation, the Fortex 80 cm (32 inches) HD Ready LED TV has 8 GB ROM, 1 GB RAM, and an extremely powerful processor. Moreover, you will be glad to know that the product provides a 20 W speaker output. This will provide a perfect treble, bass, and overall improved sound quality. Believe us; this is the TV you need in your life.


  • The device delivers an extraordinary picture quality.
  • It is an android based television that will let you enjoy a wide range of applications.
  • 20 W sound output is appreciative.
  • 3 HDMI ports are present on this television.
  • IPS technology facilitates a wide-angle viewing.


  • Many customers received a damaged display.

9. ADSUN 80 cm (32 Inches) HD Ready Smart LED TV 32AESL1

ADSUN 80 cm (32 Inches) HD Ready Smart LED TV

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Next up, we have added the ADSUN 80 cm (32 inches) HD Ready Smart LED TV 32AESL1 in our list of best-LED TVs (32 inches). This is a smart TV, so it comes along with in-built apps. Apart from that, the display of the TV is exceptionally beautiful. It has an A+ type of display. Which means users will get a high-quality viewing experience. The television has two USB ports, two HDMI ports, and one VGA port if we talk about connectivity. You can utilize these ports to connect your television with external devices. A 20 watts sound output offers an explicit sound quality. You can control this device using a remote control. This is one of the best televisions that you can buy under 10000 rs. And that is why many people are already buying it. You can read so many positive reviews about this product all over the internet. The overall features of this ADSUN HD Ready Smart LED TV is most basic. However, many users find the device satisfactory (performance-wise).


  • The television possesses an excellent high definition A + type display.
  • It is a kind of smart TV that comes along with in-built applications.
  • Twenty watts sound output is beyond amazing.


  • The durability of the product is condemnable.

10. Telefunken 80 cm (32 Inches) HD Ready Smart LED TV TFK32S

Telefunken 80 cm (32 Inches) HD Ready Smart LED TV

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On number nine, we have the Telefunken 80 cm (32 inches) HD Ready Smart LED TV TFK32S for you.  Telefunken is a brand which was established in Germany. This product offered by Telefunken has a unique Quantum Luminit Technology. It is a kind of innovative display feature that is well known for enhancing the color spectrum on the television screen. All of this will provide an unmatched viewing experience to the viewers. Besides, the device carries an in-built sound-bar which will deliver the utmost level of sound quality. Extra treble, super bass, what else do you need for a perfect TV experience? You would also like to know that if you buy this product, you will be able to run like a hundred applications on the TV. This makes the television fall into the category of versatile devices. Additionally, a combination of brilliant detailing and rich colors will make the TV viewing more realistic than your expectation. Other than that, the device also comprises a screen mirroring feature. Through the screen mirroring, you can connect your smartphone with the TV and watch your beloved shows on the mobile screen.


  • The sound quality of the TV is appreciative.
  • Quantum Luminit Technology enhances the visual experience of users.
  • A screen mirroring feature is made to increase your convenience.


  • As per some existing-customers, the customer care service is poor.

11. CloudWalker 80 cm (32 inches) HD Ready Smart LED TV Cloud X3 32SHX3

CloudWalker 80 cm (32 inches) HD Ready Smart LED TV

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Lastly, we have added the CloudWalker 80 cm (32 inches) HD Ready Smart LED TV Cloud X3 32SHX3 in our list of best-LED TVs in India. You can buy this product at a very cost-effective price. Not only is the design of the TV attractive but also the features. The TV features an A+ display panel that offers an impressive picture quality. The visuals are extra-clear and attractive. This product is made to meet all your at-home theatre needs. You would also like to know that the device features a Quad-core processor. And what makes you feel it does not have an 8 GB memory and a one GB RAM?

Moreover, you can also install and run your favorite android applications in this CloudWalker LED TV. If you buy this product, you will get a lifetime subscription to the Movie Box app. Which means you will have access to numerous short films, documentaries, and movies. Once you buy this product, you will never switch back to any other TV in your life.


  • It is a value for money product.
  • The device comes equipped with smart features.
  • A lifetime subscription of Movie Box is provided to the customers by the brand.
  • The visuals and sound quality; both are perfect.


  • Some customers say that voice quality and customer support is not up to the mark.

How to Buy Best 32 Inch LED TV Under 10,000 Rs.

LED TVs come with many unique features that can overwhelm any person. Although you have decided to buy a 32 inch LED TV, you need to consider the other points to get the best TV for you. But if you are buying a 32 inch led TV for the first time, then it may be difficult for you to check the important points while buying an LED TV. Therefore, we have listed some important points here to guide you to get the best 32 Inch led TV from the market.

Sound Quality:

The sound quality of the LED TV affects your experience of watching the TV. If you buy a TV with incredible sound quality, then you can feel like you are sitting in the theatre and watching your favourite shows or movies. Also, you can get the best experience in gaming if the sound quality of the TV is good. So you can check the power of the sound output of your LED TV to ensure the experience will be better. Some LED TVs also come with Dolby Digital Plus sound features to take your experience to the next level.


The design of the LED TV is another important factor for ensuring better usability. Usually, the TV should match your home décor and enhance the look of your wall. Moreover, TV is an important appliance for any home, and it puts a better impression on your guests. Therefore, you need to choose an LED TV that has a unique design and can improve the overall look of your home. In the market, LED TVs are available in many designs that can match any home. So, you can choose a 32 inch led TV that has a sleek and stylish design for an exceptional look.

HD Picture Quality:

Picture quality is the most important factor to check about an LED TV before buying. Undoubtedly, everyone needs a TV with good picture quality for an improved experience. But while buying, most people don’t check the picture quality thinking that it is LED TV so the picture quality will be excellent. Therefore, many people buy low picture quality TVs that ruin their experience. So for a better experience, you can buy an LED TV that features HD quality pictures. You can check the resolution of the LED TV to know about the picture quality.

The LED TVs with a resolution of 1280 x 720 pixels or more offers HD ready pictures and are usually affordable. If you want more resolutions, then you can look for LED TVs with a resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels. They offer full HD pictures and can cost you more. So you can choose the picture quality of your TV easily by considering your budget.

Refresh Rate:

Nowadays, most LED TVs come with android features for high usability. If you are buying a LED TV with android features, then you need to check its refresh rate to ensure ease of use. The refresh rate of a TV tells you how much time it takes to change the image on the TV screen. Usually, a refresh rate of 50Hz to 60Hz is the best choice to experience high performance.

Number of Ports:

The number of ports available on your TV is another point to consider while buying a LED TV. If you want to connect your TV with mobile, pen drive or other devices, then you must have some ports on your LED TV. Usually, an LED TV with one USB and two HDMI ports is a great combination for choosing. By buying a TV with these ports, you can connect your TV with multiple devices with ease.


Above, we have offered you a sufficient amount of information to choose the apt LED TV for your home. And we are also very sure that one of the products that we mentioned would be compatible with fulfilling your television needs. LED TVs are one of the best entertainment sources, especially for those who could not step out of their homes frequently. Selecting an efficient LED TV becomes difficult at times.

We hope, with the help of our article, you will purchase a perfect LED TV for yourself. Happy shopping!

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