Top 10 Best Alloy Wheels Brand In India

As you may have noticed, nowadays it is like a sea of automotive companies out there. Right? And these companies are producing hundreds and thousands of vehicles every single year. So as you know, each of these vehicles needs wheels to run on the Indian roads, right? And that is precisely where the role of wheel manufacturers or companies comes into play. But unlike all the typical tires in the country, Alloy wheels are specifically famous.

That’s only because of their durability and yeah, they look good too. So, if you are looking to buy some Alloy wheels for your ride, then today’s post is all about you because here we are about to give you a lowdown on the top 10 best Alloy wheels brands in India for 2023. Here we go.

List of Top Alloy Wheels Brand In India

Alloy Wheels

1. Advanti Racing

So, Advanti Racing has been crafting wheels for like, over 25 years, right? But hold up, they ain’t just any wheels, they’ve got their hands deep in Formula 1 racing! In fact, they’re even the official wheel manufacturers for the MERCEDES AMG PETRONAS Formula One Team. The Advanti crew offers all sorts of wicked wheels. You got your classic Vitale series, the race-ready Racing range, the super-techy DST line-up, and let’s not forget the high-end Advanti R collection. So yeah, whether you’re just cruising the suburbs or tearing up a track, Advanti’s got a wheel that is tailor-made just right for your ride.

2. TSW Wheels

Founded by a legit Formula One racer, Eddie Keizan, over in South Africa, they’ve gone big, like, worldwide big! They’ve got a solid rep in India too. They’re not just another wheel brand; they offer the largest variety of one-piece staggered alloy wheels, from sizes 17” to 22”. Basically, whatever your vibe is, TSW’s got your back. Quality and performance? Oh, you bet! They’ve been at this game for decades, so they know a thing or two about making top-notch wheels. If you’re shopping for alloys in India, TSW’s where it’s at, a blend of reliability, prestige, and plenty of options to choose from!

4. BBS Wheels

Founded in 1970 by Heinrich Baumgartner and Klaus Brand in a quaint little German village, these guys are no rookies. Originally, they were making plastic auto parts, but they soon found their calling in wheels. Their first big hit was the BBS-Mahle and boom, they hit the racetracks and haven’t looked back since. Sure, they’ve hit some financial bumps like bankruptcy, but they’ve always clawed their way back, most recently under KW Automotive’s wing. From sports cars like BMWs to Volkswagen, they’re the go-to wheel. Whether it’s cast, flow formed, or die forged, they’ve got something for everyone. So if you’re into quality, performance, and a sprinkle of motorsport flair, BBS could be exactly what you are looking for

4. Neo

Then there is Neo Wheels, an Indian homegrown brand started in 1993 by Sanjay Kacheria. The guy had already rolled up his sleeves with “American Racing Inc.,” so yeah, he knew the scene pretty well. Initially, they were all about contract gigs in the U.S., but then they shifted gears to focus on India, and man, have they soared! As of now, they’ve got over 100 designs and around 15 unique finishes. Basically, if you’ve got a car, Neo’s got a wheel that’ll make it look like a million bucks! On top of that, they’ve got 25 years in the business, killer customer service, and top-tier certifications from ISO and ARAI.

5. ZCW

And you’ve gotta check out ZCW Wheels if you’re in India and want some dope alloy wheels. These guys have options for everything like cars, SUVs, big old trucks, buses, and even more heavy-duty stuff. Their wheels have become this fashion statement on the road, a blend of style, power, and a dash of class. You can grab wheels in sizes from 14 to 20 inches, each with its own unique design. They’ve pretty much got the Indian market in the bag, offering wheels that aren’t just useful but make your ride look super cool. So, if you’re looking to level up your wheels, ZCW is a go-to brand in India.

 6. CEAT

Now if you are an Indian resident and you haven’t heard of the CEAT brand, then you’ve got to be kidding us. When it comes to tires for vehicles, CEAT is by far one of the most popular brands in the country. You may recognize this brand from their awesome TV ads that are used to showcase the quality and performance of these tires. Initially from Italy, this brand kicked off its Indian journey in 1958 and even teamed up with the Tata Group at first. RPG Group took over in 1982, and now CEAT is a total boss in India’s tire scene. They’re churning out a whopping 165 million tires a year! With a whole bunch of plants and even core values like “Challenger” and “Integrity,” they’re all about quality and keeping their customers happy. That makes them one of the top picks for tires in India, no doubt.

 7. Enkei Wheels

This brand has been doing its thing since 1950 in Japan and has made a name for itself in lightweight, high-performance wheels. They’re like the wheel wizards, producing 25 million wheels a year, that’s close to 68,000 wheels a day! In India, they got the ball rolling in 2009 and have been crushing it ever since. These guys are so good they even supply wheels to Formula 1 teams like McLaren. Yep, they’re big in the motorsports world too. Enkei’s been around the block and has the credentials to prove they’re top-notch, especially if you’re all about performance and quality. So if you’re eyeing some killer wheels that have global street credibility, Enkei is the brand to go for.

8. HRE Performance Wheels

So, HRE is this awesome American brand making high-end wheels that just scream performance. You might’ve seen their wheels on TV shows like “Pimp My Ride” or, weirdly enough, “So You Think You Can Dance?” These guys have all sorts of designs, from racing-inspired stuff like their Monoform Series to some classic vintage looks. And they’re not just for any cars, we’re talking Porsches, BMWs, Ferraris, and even Lambos! They’ve got this TUV Quality thing, which is basically the gold star sticker in the wheel world. If you’re into top-notch, look-good, go-fast wheels, HRE could just be your thing.

9. OZ Racing

Alright, next up is OZ Racing, hailing all the way from Italy. These guys have been in the game since 1971. They’ve been in Formula 1 since the ’80s and they’re big in other motorsports too. In India? You’ll find them represented by Hot Tracks. The two dudes who started it, Silvano and Pietro, got into alloy wheels in 1978 and never looked back. Whether you’re into Formula One cars, motorcycles, or just racing around on track day, OZ has something for everyone. Their wheels are super safe, passing all sorts of tough tests. So if you’re on the hunt for something that checks the boxes for safety, quality, and style, OZ is a solid bet.

10. Rays Wheels

Last but not least, let’s talk about Rays Wheels from Japan. Seriously, their wheels are next-level awesome, super strong yet feather-light. They’re all about forged wheels, which is a fancy way of saying their wheels are tough as nails. They’ve got these forged wheels that are tough as nails. They don’t skimp on the materials and put their wheels through a bunch of steps to make them just right. It’s like they’re crafting a masterpiece or something! All in all, Rays Wheels is a perfect brand if you are specifically interested in the high performance and top-tier quality of tires that are just built to last.


There you have it. These are by far the most famous and trusted alloy wheel brands in the country. Of course, there are other names in this scene that are making quite the wave, but as of now only these 10 stand out compared to the rest.

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