Top 10 Best Bathroom Toilet Freshener Brands In India

The importance of having the right kind of room freshener is very important for keeping the mood happy and the aura positive. You may not realize the importance of having a room freshener at your place yet, but there are many benefits, from vastu to psychological, to making your life better with this easy remedy. As per vastu, Room fresheners, especially those with natural fragrances like sandalwood or jasmine, are believed to create a positive and harmonious atmosphere in the home. They are very beneficial for neutralizing or eliminating any negative energies or odors in a space. Last but not least, Vastu emphasizes the balance of the five elements (earth, water, fire, air, and space) in a space. Room fresheners can represent the element of air, which is associated with freshness and lightness.

When talking specifically about bathroom toilet fresheners, we should take extra care in selecting the best option for us. Bathrooms are the place that is frequently used by us, our guests, and even by our miads. So keeping them clean and odor-free is very important. When the bathroom doesn’t have proper ventilation, it becomes even more important. And if your house is frequently visited by guests, then it is your foremost duty to keep the bathroom odor-free, that can enhance their experience and leave a positive impression

But first, let’s see the different types of bathroom air fresheners before looking at the brands in India to choose from:

There are five kinds of bathroom air fresheners that you can choose from as per your preferences and needs

  1. Sprays: They are most common kind of bathroom air freshener that is highly  used in Indian households. They are lightweight, spill free and very easy to use. They provide misty products after pressing, making the place pleasant to smell.
  2. Plug-ins: They are basically electric devices that can easily be plugged into the bathroom walls, making them automatic or sense base to continuously produce fragrance in the air.
  3. Gel based: The gel based bathroom air fresheners are very easy to use, as we just need to put on the shelf and remove the cover. They are spill proof and do not need any maintenance.
  4. Automatic despensers: They are battery operated devices that release fragrances in regular intervals, making the air good to breathe in. They are used in large bathrooms, hotels, and even offices nowadays.
  5. Oil Diffusers: Last in the list are the oil diffusers, which basically use oil and water to create fragrance in the air. It freshen up the bathroomeasily and does not need any maintenance.

In this article, we will be listing the top 10 best bathroom toilet freshener brands in India as per the current reviews from customers, rates, and ingredients they use.

List of Top Bathroom Toilet Freshener Brands

In this article, let’s explore the top 10 best bathroom toilet freshener brands in India:

1. Ambi Pur

ambi pur

Ambi Pur, comes at the top of our list for many reasons. It is owned by Procter & Gamble. It is well known for its amazing range of air fresheners and home fragrance products.  Their products are esepecally designed for bathrooms and toilets, making the bathroom space fresh and positive.  The products offered by Ambi Pur’s bathroom toilet fresheners comes in sprays/ clip on devices and even in gel forms for usage.

Brand Name Official website
Ambi Pur

2. Godrej Aer

Godrej Aer is one of the most trusted brand of India offering best range of best bathroom toilet freshener options which are easy on pockets and long lasting. They offers various products that includes air fresheners and home fragrance products.  Their products gives very fresh and pleasant fragrance to the place within minute of usage. They easily and effectively, neutralize unwanted odor making the environment more inviting.

Brand Name Official website
Godrej Aer


3. Odonil

Odonil is owned by Indian conglomerate, Dabur India Ltd, offering best bathroom toilet freshener. Odonil is one of the best brand offering best air fresheners and room fragrances. It can offer variety of the products to choose from making your bathroom and toilet smell like heaven. The Odonil bathroom toilet freshener are affordable and very long lasting. They are available in sprays, solid blocks, gels and room freshener units to choose from.

Brand Name Official website

4. Airwick

Airwick is not a new name when talking about bathroom toilet fresheners. It is globally appreciated and available in Indian households easily. It offers amazing range of air fresheners and home fragrance products. It proffers the products in aerosol sprays, essential oil diffusers, plug-in air fresheners,  scented candles, and more to choose from. They are affordable to buy and comes in many variety as per your preferences and needs.

Brand Name Official website

5. Harpic Fresh Power

Harpic Fresh Power is one of the most popular brand to choose by Indian households. It offers variety of products of toilet bowl cleaners and air fresheners. It is very effective in cleaning and offering fresh odor to the place in minutes.

Brand Name Official website
Harpic Fresh Power

6. Sanifresh

Next in our list is Sanifresh, which is well known and trust brand of India specializes in offering freshness and cleanliness. Sanifresh bathroom toilet fresheners are amazing and gives best results to the bathrooms keeping it odor fress and welcoming everytime, you flush. They are widely available in supermarkets, retail stores, and online marketplaces, making them easy to find and purchase.

Brand Name Official website

7. KKE Bathroom Freshener

KKE Bathroom Freshener is the Indian brand that offers variety of products for home cleaning and personal care. The fragrances offered by it vary from citrus, jasmine, and lavender. KKE bathroom fresheners neutralizes the bad smell in the bathroom spaces within minutes, providing long lasting fragrance making the place welcoming. The best reason to buy KKE Bathroom Freshener products is that use natural and eco-friendly ingredients in its products. The products are available in all forms from  sprays, gels, and automatic dispensers to choose from.

Brand Name Official website
KKE Bathroom Freshener

8. Glade Bathroom Freshener

Glade Bathroom Freshener is one of the most popular brands in India and offers a variety of bathroom fresheners. The products are long lasting and eliminate bad odors from the bathroom easily after each usage.  The options available with Glade Bathroom Freshener are floral, fruity, and woody scents to choose from as per our preferences. Glade Automatic Spray is one of the most popular products which is very affordable and long lasting

Brand Name Official website
Glade Bathroom Freshener


Next on the list is the branch name SOULFRESH  which offers many bathroom fresheners in many fragrance options to choose from. They use natural ingredients in their products to make the bathrooms smell good without hampering the quality of the air and making it more welcoming.  They use natural ingredients and essential oils, which make their products even better for usage and non toxic. Citrus Burst bathroom freshener is one of the most popular products that customers love.

Brand Name Official website

10. House Of Mangala

Last on our list is House Of Mangalam, which offers a variety of amazing bathroom fresheners at very cheap rates. The ingredients used in House Of Mangalam bathroom fresheners are non toxic and very safe to use in our households.  The fragrance options available are rose, lemon,and lavender. They are mostly theml based, making it spill proof.

Brand Name Official website
House Of Mangalam


Choosing the right kind of bathroom toilet freshener is very important in making the bathroom space smell good and toxic proof to breathe as well. They are especially designed for improving the ambiance of bathrooms by eliminating the bad odors and adding a sweet smell that not only makes the mind peaceful but also adds positivity to our lives. It is very important to maintain a clean and inviting atmosphere, especially in a space where hygiene is a top priority. Choosing the right kind of bathroom toilet freshener depends on your budget and your overall needs. Always look for reviews and the ingredients the products have. The last choice is always yours!

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