10 Best Bluetooth Earphones Under 1000 Rs. India 2023

With earphones, you can listen to music anywhere. Also, when you are stuck on a bus or a train, music helps you escape from the chaos like magic. But for this escape, one needs to have sound earphones. Otherwise, no matter how high your phone volume is, you will still listen to the noise around you. The connectivity of the product also reduces as the jack gets damaged after some time. But did you know? This huge problem can be avoided very easily. All you have to do is buy Bluetooth earphones. In such earphones, you will be able to connect with your phone without using the jack.

With such provisions, one is always able to have a better music-time while jogging—some people even like music when they are out hiking or cycling. For them, the Bluetooth earphones will act as a boon. But this does not mean that the connection of the product will get altered. All you have to do is remain in the range, and you will be good, do go. People these days in India also like choosing earphones from vibrant colors. Such colors allow them to feel unique when they are in the middle of a crowd. If you want that too, then you must also look for such bright-colored earphones.

Best Buy Bluetooth Earphones Below 1000 INR

Earphones these days can be pretty expensive. Hence we thought of only bringing the ones that have their prices under INR 1000. This way, everyone can afford them and have an amazing experience with the music of their choice. Let us go through all of these earphones one by one –

1. Boat BassHeads Black Bluetooth Earphones

Boat BassHeads Black Bluetooth Earphones

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Honestly, who does not know about the brand Boat? But did you know that these Boat BassHeads Bluetooth earphones by them are also one of the most affordable Bluetooth earphones that you will ever come across? The design of the product is inspired by the “Hawk” design. Hence, the earphones will look very stylish. You will stand out from the crowd when you are using these Bluetooth earphones while you are out in public. Many people also enjoy using them when they are traveling in the metro or buses. The music that the earphones deliver is always punchy and bouncy. You will also have rhythmic responses by it whenever you play any kind of music in it.

Additionally, these earphones are also equipped with a microphone. Hence, when you are on calls on your phone, you will be able to speak without taking the earphones off. Its cable is 1.2 meters long. This length is perfect for ease in usage anywhere and anytime. The fit of the earphones in ears is truly impeccable as it won’t fall even when your body experiences any movements or jerks. You can use it for long hours when you wish to listen to your favorite movies. Many customers also like watching videos on their devices using these fantastic Bluetooth earphones by Boat. It weighs very less, and most of its ratings and reviews are highly positive.


  • The sound quality of these earphones is truly amazing.
  • If you receive the wrong item, you can get it replaced without any problem.
  • The design is incredibly stylish, and you can choose from colors other than black as well.


  • We found no cons until now.

2. Mi Ultra Deep Base Bluetooth Earphones

Mi Ultra Deep Base Bluetooth Earphones

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The MI Ultra Deep Base earphones can be chosen from three colors: red, blue, and black. All three color versions are priced the same, so you can pick whatever you like the most. Its sound chamber is made with aluminum allow. This is why the sound quality of the product is truly exceptional and better than all the local earphones that come at the same price. Additionally, this sound also remains well-balanced and transparent no matter when you are using the earphones. With an ultra-deep base, you are going to feel every beat of the music in your ears. Beats are the reason that makes music extremely interesting.

Isn’t it amazing to know that you are not going to miss even one of them when you are going with the Mi earphones? The damping system in the product is third-generation, which is why the entire product’s operation remains balanced. It also allows the air to flow correctly and the sound to get enhanced. With stereo effects that are vivid and transparent, you are going to enjoy using these earphones a lot more. The chambers in the product are designed so well that they help in adopting and delivering good sound to the users. Every little detail in the earphones is crafted exceptionally precisely. The surface of the buds is also resistant to scratches. The AUX is bent at a 45-degree angle so that its durability is enhanced, and the jack does not get harmed in the long run.


  • These earphones will never develop scratches, and hence their look will always be preserved.
  • The sound chambers of the product are made from durable aluminum alloy.
  • The jack does not get damaged when it is bent or twisted accidentally.


  • We found no cons until now.

3. JBL C50HI in-Ear Bluetooth Earphones

JBL C50HI in-Ear Bluetooth Earphones

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These amazing earphones by JBL come with a microphone. Hence, they can be used for listening movies as well as making calls. These are slightly costlier than the two options mentioned above, but they are priced below INR 1000. Also, who is not a fan of JBL? We have loved many of their Bluetooth speakers, and we can safely say that we like these earphones by them just as much. You will be able to feel the most deepened notes clearly with these earphones. If you are on a personal musical journey, this product will help you dive more into it. It is also compatible with a variety of android devices. You can even try using the Google Assistant with the earphones on your phone by simply long pressing the button on the microphone.

All the colors that the product can be purchased from includes many bright colors. Hence, if you are buying these earphones, it will truly stand out from your friends and acquaintances’ earphones. Since it enables noise isolation, the person in the call with you will always listen to a crisp sound even when you are in the middle of a noisy place. Additionally, the product is lightweight and does not feel uncomfortable. You can wear it for long hours in your years and it will still not hurt. The earphone jack is 3.55 mm wide and can hence fit in most of the phones and music devices. You can also connect it to many laptops when you are thinking of watching a movie alone.


  • The noise cancellation of this product is truly fantastic.
  • The microphone of the product has a one-button operation.
  • You will also get a warranty for one year with these earphones.


  • It’s a little pricey when compared to the other two earphones mentioned above.

4. Realme Buds 2 Bluetooth Earphones

Realme Buds 2 Bluetooth Earphones

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These earphones by the brand Realme are genuinely making a place in the market. You can choose them from three amazing colors that are orange, yellow, and green. All these colors are highly pigmented and bright. Hence, if you are someone who likes lighter colors, then these earphones will not be the right selection for you. The boost driver is 11.2 mm, and it consists of a composite diaphragm. This diaphragm is also multi-layered for proper sound delivery. The bass offered by the product is deep yet amazingly powerful. We also like the accuracy, delivery, and response to it a lot. Additionally, there are three tactile buttons on the inline remote, which let you have control over calls, videos, and music.

If you wish, you can also use it to summon the assistant on your phone directly. Can you imagine? All of that operation with just buttons. There are also a pair of magnets in the buds which you can use to make them stick to each other. Their organization is always better this way. Many people also do not like how their local earphones get tangled. However, that does not happen with these earphones as they come in a tangle-free design. The jacket of the wires is braided and reinforced. You will also notice a cable strap on the product, which will help you keep them tidy in place in all situations. Against all kinds of manufacturing defects, the buyers will get a warranty of 6 months.


  • The design of the earphones is streamlined and very elegant.
  • These earphones are known for their excellent sound quality all across India.
  • The wires never get stuck or tangles as they have a braided jacket over them.


  • The yellow version of the product has more black parts than yellow.

5. Boult Audio BassBuds Bluetooth Earphones

Boult Audio BassBuds Bluetooth Earphones

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The best thing about the Boult Audio BassBuds earphones is that it has thousands of customer reviews on the internet. With that, you can realize the authenticity of the product. You can even enjoy the microphones feature in these earphones to easily make calls with your phones. The ear loops are customizable and hence fit in the ears if a variety of people very easily. It is available in two colors, which are red and black. Both the colors are pretty amazing, but many buyers want a more comprehensive range when it comes to the color options of the product. The product is wired, and these wires are reinforced with Kevlar. Because of this reason, these earphones are highly durable, strong, and long-lasting.

There is also an in-built subwoofer in the buds. The stylish driver’s toupe looks cool and offers high fidelity sound at the same time. For a perfect grip in the cable, one can also use the cable fastener. Furthermore, the ear tips help keep the earphones in place. You can wear the product while jogging as well as exercising. All the metal parts in the product are highly tensile; hence you do not have to worry about any breakage at all. One of the best features of these earphones is that it is sweat proof as well as waterproof. This feature is generally never seen in many of the earphones in the market. The Bluetooth connectivity range of the product is 10 m, which is truly wide for earphones.


  • The microphone has buttons that can be used to control many commands.
  • The alloy drivers in the product are of aerospace-grade.
  • The ear loops allow the earbuds to fit in the earlobes of many people.


  • The color range of these earphones is not that wide.

6. PTron Boom 2 4D Bluetooth Earphones

PTron Boom 2 4D Bluetooth Earphones

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These earphones by PTron are available in many color combinations. These combinations include White/Silver, Black/Red, Black/Gold. Out of these three combinations, the White/Silver version is always in trend. Most of the time, it remains out of stock because of the extreme demand among the buyers of these earphones. What we like about these earphones is their low price. However, the low price does not mean that the sound quality of the product is adjusted. In fact, it is just the opposite, which is why these earphones have secured a place here. Like many other earphones, the ones also have microphones so that it is easier for you to have video and phone calls.

The buds are very comfy to wear, and they also never slip at any time. However, for better hygiene of the product, you must clean it with a clean and dry cloth regularly. Additionally, the noise reduction of these earphones is truly amazing and of professional quality. Once you use these earphones, you will be able to enjoy powerful bass, pleasant mids, and sizzling highs. For a beautiful look, the drivers are plated with gold. These drivers allow the product to deliver crisp and sound audio in all conditions. You can listen to all genres such as – rock, pop, jazz, country, hip-hop with these superb earphones. Also, did you know? The silicone buds of the product are of medical-grade quality. If that does not woo you, we do not know what will.


  • These earphones are extremely stylish and robust.
  • You will listen to everything clearly, even when there is a lot of noise around you.
  • The product features stereo bass and stereo sound.


  • The white/silver version of the product is difficult to get your hands on.

7. Sennheiser MX 170 Bluetooth Earphones

Sennheiser MX 170 Bluetooth Earphones

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When we hear the name Sennheiser the first thing that comes to our minds is the amazing sound quality that their audio products offer. Hence, we felt the need to at least mention one of their earphones on this list. We chose the MX 170 earphones for this for many reasons, as mentioned ahead. Before discussing anything, you must first know that these earphones are only available in black color. Hence, if you are looking for any other colors, you might want to consider other options. However, if you choose this product, you will never be disappointed with its performance. It is compatible with many devices such as androids, iPhones, MP3, and even iPods.

However, you might need a connecter that suits your gadget for the latest versions of these devices. The stereo sound of the product is completely bass-driven and is always strong. While you are on the go, you will be able to enjoy music to your heart’s core. The product also includes ear pads that you can use however you wish to. Additionally, the cable of the earphones is highly symmetric; hence you won’t end up having one side of the earbud hanging high while the other hanging low. The frequency range of the product lies between 22 to 20000 Hertz, and the sensitivity is 109 dB/MW. One more factor to know is that these earphones do not come with a microphone as they are only supposed to be used for listening to music.


  • The excess cable can be managed with the cable slider.
  • The frequency range of these earphones is very extensive.
  • It is compatible with a wide range of audio and video devices.


  • These earphones are not equipped with a microphone.

8. Honor AM115 Bluetooth Earphones

Honor AM115 Bluetooth Earphones

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You will receive these half-in Honor AM115 earphones in white color. Additionally, there are many vent holes in the buds of this product; hence the music’s fidelity is always high. You will also have an amazing call experience once you start wearing these earphones when you have phone calls. The overall fit of the product in ears is so snug that you won’t even feel that you are wearing your earphones. It has a three-button control, and the earphones are extremely responsive to all three of them. These earphones have also been passed through high-intensity tests. These tests are temperature tests, drop tests, button-pressing tests, and even tension tests. It also meets the CE safety standards quite impressively.

The bass output is always enhanced, and the mid-range performance also remains commendable. Even for the mellow sound, the bass output is truly amazing. Additionally, the sound quality remains resonant and clear. You will also receive a warranty of one year that you can claim if the product comes out to have defects in its design. Since many customers love it, its ratings are very high and lie at 4.5/5. The product is 100% original and would suffice all your daily music-listening needs. For understanding these earphones better, try reading the manual once you receive it. No matter when you use these earphones, they will remain impressive, and you will love them a lot. Hence, buy these earphones now to enjoy all of that at once.


  • The design of the whole product is very smooth and durable.
  • Since the buds have many vent holes, the sound delivered is always amazing.
  • There is a very high-quality microphone in this product.


  • You can only buy the product in a single color that is – white.

9. PHILIPS SHE1505BK/94 Bluetooth Earphones


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When it is about a PHILIPS product, one can never doubt the quality and life as both aspects are truly amazing. Hence, we are now going to discuss the SHE Bluetooth earphones by them. These are very cost-effective earphones that also come with a built-in microphone. When these types of earphones are priced so low, they generally do not have special features like the presence of a microphone. But PHILIPS has proved such assumptions of ours to be wrong. In fact, these earphones are one of the most sold earphones in the country. Their compact design is the reason why they are so popular.

Whether you are wearing a helmet or a hat, you will be able to wear the product without causing any pain in your ears. You can also wear the product while you are out hiking or jogging. With top-notch sound quality and accuracy, these earphones are here to offer you immense enjoyment. The treble and bass are also well defined so that you can listen to each note of the music you listen to. The audio experience is always balanced when you are using this product. There is a provision of an in-ear seal which helps in preventing a lot of external noise. The speaker driver of the product is 10 mm, and the cable is 1.2 meters long. If you have any worries, you can also contact the company PHILIPS very easily and quickly.


  • The size and weight of these earphones are truly perfect.
  • You will get three rubber caps with the product so that the buds fit perfectly to your ears.
  • The product is compatible with all android devices.


  • The sound quality of the product must be improved a little.

10. Boat BassHeads 102 Bluetooth Earphones

Boat BassHeads 102 Bluetooth Earphones

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We started our list with Boat earphones, and we are ending the list with the same. There are three colors that you can choose the Boat 102 earphones from, which are red, blue, and black. We like the red and blue versions more, but you can also try the black color if you wish to. The design is exceptionally simple, but you will still like how elegant it looks. Even after being a product from such a reputed brand, these earphones are still affordable and hence secured a position on our list. The entire audio experience that the product offers is very immersive. You will like how it will soothe your soul when you use it to listen to your favorite music genre.

All three colors are easy on eyes and yet look unique. However, when you are choosing the color, try thinking about the color that matches the most with your personal style and energy. Also, the life of these earphones is amazing and can last a very long time. Some people had these earphones for a couple of years and never had any doubts regarding its sound quality and durability. The audio offered by the earphones is always extremely crisp. When you use to listen to rock music, you will also find that everything is very clear. However, you can also enjoy other types of music. The jack fits very well on many devices. If your laptop has an audio jack, you can use the earphones on that too.


  • The colors of the earphones are truly amazing and deep.
  • The music bounced through the bud so that you can enjoy every beat to the core.
  • The connectivity of the product is very high.


  • The jack may get harmed if you do not put on a cable protector.

How to Choose The Best Bluetooth Earphone in India

Bluetooth earphones are both comfortable and efficient. And above all, they provide the users with the best value for money. However, it is essential that you choose a perfect earphone for yourself that provides better sound quality and better efficiency. To make sure that you purchase a perfect Bluetooth earphone, there are a few important things that you should keep in mind. By keeping these points in mind, you can be assured of getting the most brilliant performance and outstanding value for money.

  • Brand value

Brand value is the first thing to look for while purchasing a new and efficient Bluetooth earphone. BY choosing a reliable brand for yourself, you can get a better-valued product that has better connectivity and provides an outstanding sound quality both at high and low nodes. Additionally, the branded Bluetooth earphones are designed in a better way and are more comfortable than cheaper brands. So, if you are looking for a perfect Bluetooth earphone that works well and offers amazing value, you should keep the brand value in mind. 

  • Comfort

Comfort is another important thing to consider while purchasing am earphone. Whether you are planning to buy a wired or wireless earphone, it is essential that you choose a comfortable earphone that can be used for hours without any issues. Comfort depends on a few factors that you should not ignore while purchasing a new earphone. A few of these factors are material, fit, and support of the earphone. So, be sure to keep things in mind and find one of the most efficient and comfortable Bluetooth earphones for yourself. 

  • Sound quality

Sound quality is another essential thing to consider while purchasing a new and efficient Bluetooth earphone. Most users experience a certain lag in performance, especially while playing high-end games. So, you must choose a perfect earphone that is lag-free and offers outstanding sound quality. Be sure to check the user reviews and trust the brand reliability for the better sound quality. By staying a little alert while purchasing a new Bluetooth earphone, you can easily buy the best earphone for yourself. 

  • Battery life

Talking about the most important thing while choosing a perfect Bluetooth earphone, it would be none other than the battery life. It is extremely important to choose a perfect earphone that has enough juice to last for hours during your commute or watching a movie. You won’t need to invest money in a Bluetooth earphone that requires frequent charging and offers juice for 2-3 hours. You can stretch your budget a bit more to get a more efficient battery life and get a better value. But even at this price point, you can get a decent battery backup of 5-6 hours from the top brands. 

  • Warranty

The top brands offer a decent warranty for their Bluetooth earphones. If you are looking for a better value and want to invest your money to a perfect earphone that is meant to last longer than usual, you should consider buying a perfect Bluetooth earphone that provides a better warranty and has better customer care services. 


That marks the end of our list of ten Bluetooth earphones that are priced under INR 1000. It is challenging to find such options these days as many companies try to sell authentic earphones, which are priced very high. However, that does not mean that the earphones which are priced under INR 1000 are going to have bad quality and life. Instead, we have read many reviews that tell the complete opposite story. You just have to carefully pick the product that fits in your budget.

If you wish, you can also try connecting to the manufacturers so that they can help you enhance your selection. Generally, you must look at the sound quality of the earphones before you choose them. Also, do not forget to see if the item is compatible with your phones and devices or not. If you do not check this, you might have to face the difficulty of returning it.

Many people also like choosing their earphones from bright colors; hence we tried to include such options as well. However, if you are a fan of universal colors like black and white, you will find those earphones here too.

Once you are done looking at the design, you can order the earphones online and receive it at your doorstep. But if you are too skeptical about doing that, you can also try to visit an electronics store near the place where you live. We hope that you found your perfect earphones from the list of ten options given above.

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