Best Ceiling Fans Under 1500 Rs. In India 2023

On average, Ceiling Fans are required for almost nine months per year in India. This is because ours is a hot country, and without a good fan in every room, one cannot go through the day. India is so hot that Ceiling Fans remain functional even in winter. Also, since there is a huge working-class population in the country, not many people can afford an Air Conditioner. Hence, going with a Ceiling fan is the only way to go. Additionally, ACs are not good for the environment. They are also known to cost huge money in the monthly electricity bill once you install them. Not only that, but ACs also need proper maintenance every year to work properly. And for this maintenance, you have to spend some extra bucks. Who wants that?

We suggest you stick to Ceiling Fans as we do. The wattage of Ceiling Fans generally lies below 100 Watts. Isn’t that unbelievable? To be honest, Ceiling Fans are one of the most economical appliances. You will love it when these fans lash natural air on your body after a tiring day. Also, who does not like sitting below a fan after sweating for hours outdoors? For all these amazing reasons, we were coerced to bring our readers our ten choices of the top-selling and qualitative Ceiling Fans in the country.

Best Buy Ceiling Fan Below 1500 INR

To know more about these appliances, keep reading as you are going to get every detail on all these ten ceiling fans. Once you land on the ceiling fans that you love, you can buy it easily. You ask why? One more good news for you is that we have added the ceiling fans that cost under Rs. 1500. Well, thank us later!

1. Orient Apex-FX Ceiling Fan

Orient Apex-FX Ceiling Fan

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First, we shall discuss the brown Ceiling Fan by Orient. You may be aware that Orient is one of the top companies in India when it comes to manufacturing and marketing Ceiling Fans. You can trust all their products with your eyes closed. One more thing to add here – the fan can be chosen from one other color that is white. However, in India, you must go with the brown options as it is less likely to display dust and dirt on its surface. The fan constitutes an efficient copper motor that is super reliable and does not make noise while it is working. At all speeds, the fan will run smoothly, and the airflow will be perfect.

Since it can be controlled at variable speeds, you can use it in all seasons without any trouble, rather than narrow blades; the blades of this fan are wide and made from aluminum. The wideness ensures the airflow to pr perfect and optimum in all parts of the room. It has double ball bearings, which allows smooth functionality to the product. There are five-speed settings, and the wattage of the product is 78. It is also compatible with inverters so you can use it even when there are power cut-offs in your area. In the package, the buyers will also get a down rod and a warranty card. Such offers are never provided when the company is local. You must try this Ceiling Fan at all costs.


  • The blades of the fan are ribbed and get fit at a unique angle for better air delivery.
  • The fan can be brought from two different colors.
  • It does not create noise, no matter what speed you use.


  • We did not find any cons of the fan till now.

2. Amazon Brand – Solimo Swirl Ceiling Fan

Amazon Brand – Solimo Swirl Ceiling Fan

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Like the previous Ceiling Fan, this fan also comes in brown and white options. However, the company Amazon Brand – Solimo Swirl has added one more color options with the name ivory. The color of the product only matters if you do not clean the blades of the fan regularly. If you do, you can go with anything. The product constitutes a 300 RPM motor and three blades. The fan is excellent at delivering a 200-meter cube of air per minute. Since the blades are 48 inches wide, they work well to provide the air in every corner of the room that the fan is fixed in. The overall noiseless performance and sturdy build are enough to impress almost anyone.

The product has an aluminum and metalized steel body. When it comes to durability, this fan is simply top-notch. Also, the blades and other surface parts are covered with polish. Due to this polish, the fan never corrodes or develops rust. Hence, the fan will never lose its aesthetic appeal even after many years. It only consumes 66 watts and operates at a voltage of 230 Volts. Furthermore, the fan is highly energy efficient so that you could save some money from the electricity bill. The consumer will receive the motor, the blades, and an instruction manual in the product package. The weight of this fan is perfect, and the installation can be done easily after reading the manual.


  • This fan is available in three beautiful colors.
  • Its surface never gets rusted or corroded.
  • The overall build and highly efficient motor make this fan perfect and reliable.


  • We did not find any cons of the fan till now.

3. Usha Swift Ceiling Fan

Usha Swift CEiling Fan

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This ivory Ceiling Fan by Usha is one of the most beautiful and lovely looking fans that we have ever come along. Usha is a reputed company, and its appliances can be found in every home of India. Hence, it was already known that we are going to mention their exceptional Ceiling Fans here. The paint used in creating the finish of the fan is highly glossy and gives long life to the product other than making it look beautiful. At a reasonable price tag, this will prove to the Ceiling Fan that you have been looking for and searching for. No matter what your home décor is, this fan will complement everything.

Since Indian homes generally have ceilings painted with white, this fan will suit everywhere. However, you have to make sure to wipe its blade clean with a cloth regularly. Doing this will preserve the gloss and shine of the surface of the fan and preserve its aesthetics. The blades get fixed at a high-lift angle, which is why the delivery of air from this fan is always high. You can also be sure of the quality as the fan comes with a 2-year warranty. It consumes only 74 watts and has a motor that rotates at 350 rotations per minute. The dimensions of the assembled fan are – 45 X 45 X 20.5 cm. Once you install it, you are going to be happy with its soft operation.


  • For a superior finish, the fan is polished using a glossy, powdered paint.
  • You will never have to spend too much on the maintenance as the motor never stops working well.
  • Even when the voltage is low, the fan performs very well.


  • The price lies at the extreme end of the range.

4. Bajaj Maxima Ceiling Fan

Bajaj Maxima Ceiling Fan

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Let’s be honest one cannot ignore mentioning Bajaj Ceiling Fans while making a list of reliable and cost-effective Ceiling Fans. Hence, here we are with a Ceiling Fan by Bajaj from the maxima range. Unlike other ceiling fans mentioned above, this fan has four blades instead of four. The four blades are the reason why air delivery is faster. However, its size is smaller; hence installing it in a huge room would not do any good. You must stick to getting it fixed in smaller places like study rooms and play areas of your children. But the smaller size of the product gives one advantage to the product – a very high speed. Yes, that’s right. These fans operate at high speed as if its motor has butter.

One can also try choosing it from Blanco and White colors other than regular Brown. The RPM of the motor is rated at 870. Can you believe it? We surely cannot. Whenever you switch it on, you will feel high breeze air all over in just a few seconds. The motor constitutes double ball bearing, which is why it does not require frequent oiling and lubrication. The blades are made using aluminum. Aluminum gives these blade high strength but low weight; hence the attachments are less likely to get tensed. It only consumes 66 Watts of power and is an ideal option for rooms with a small area. You will have to contact your local electrician for its installation, and you will be done.


  • The fan operates at high speed as its motor has a high rated RPM.
  • Instead of three blades, this Ceiling Fan has four blades.
  • The four blades always maintain the balance of the fan to offer overall air delivery in the room.


  • This fan will not be ideal for large rooms in your house.

5. Crompton SEAWIND 4809W Ceiling Fan

Crompton SEAWIND 4809W Ceiling Fan

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It is time to come and discuss facts about the Ceiling Fan by the company Crompton. It will prove to be the most fabulous summer essential for your home. When you are sitting and chilling in your room in the evening, it will allow you to have natural air all over. Even when the area is large, the aluminum body of the fan offers uniform and continuous flow of air. When the weather becomes chilly, you can try using the lowest speed setting, which will only make the room feel less humid without decreasing the temperature. Like many great Ceiling Fans, this fan also has double ball bearing in it. It also features enhanced copper winding so that the fan remains in working condition through numerous years at your homes.

You can also try buying it in bulk for installation at a workplace, and it will indeed impress everyone. At the highest speed setting, the fan does not shake or vibrate. Instead, it works smoothly without making any creaky sounds or noises. The installation is pretty easy as the fan is very light in weight. But if you have any problems, you can always take the help of a professional electrician nearby. With an air delivery of 200 CMM and a motor of 380 RPM, this fan has won the hearts of many buyers in India. It requires an input power of 70 Watts and will help in keeping your room breezy whenever needed.


  • The fan has a copper winding motor of high efficiency.
  • The double ball bearing the motor is sealed very well for proper operation.
  • It comes with a 2-year (easily claimable) warranty.


  • The fan is available in packs, and buying it in a single unit will cost a little more money. However, that price is still less than INR 1500.

How to Choose The Best Ceiling Fan in India

Ceilings fans are a simple electrical appliance that could be found anywhere in the world. It could be one of the appliances that have been overlooked commonly. How would you select a ceiling fan? Based on brand and style? Do you think, they are the only things to consider? No, there are more than those two factors. Here are some key factors that you need to consider.

  • Number of blades –

The number of blades might seem to be part of the style, but it is not just-style. Blades could be stylish based on the ceiling fan model. However, they serve a greater purpose. As the number of blades increases, the total sweep would increase and the noise produced would decrease. But, if your room is standard size, you should consider a 3-blade fan, increase the number of the blade only if the room size is large. Do not waste money on fans with more number of blades if the room does not need such a fan.

  • Length of drop rod –

A room dimension used to be standard 10 or 15-years ago. Today, the size of a room could vary based on the owner’s or designer’s discretion. The main difference could be noticed in the height of the ceiling, ceilings are taller these days, and mounting a regular fan on such ceilings would do no good. This is why drop rods are used. Drop rods bring the ceiling fan close to the floor. In general, the basic rule is that the ceiling fan should be hanging just 7-feet above the floor. If a regular ceiling fan cannot be mounted to this standard, then a ceiling fan with suitable drop rod length should be considered. 

  • Power consumption –

Ceiling fans today come with energy ratings. Even if they do not come with an energy rating. The power consumption of ceiling fans has gone down comparatively more than their predecessors. While purchasing a ceiling fan, check its wattage and consider the one that consumes the least and offer maximum CFM.

  • Airflow –

Enhancing the airflow is the sole purpose of a ceiling fan. Unlike a cooler or an air conditioner, a ceiling fan just moves the air around in a room. As the airflow increases, the room could cool down. The airflow that a ceiling fan could achieve is denoted in CFM (Cubic Feet per Minute), as the CFM increases, the airflow also increases. Based on our experience, we recommend, never to settle for a ceiling fan that has a CFM less than 6000. Consider 6000 CFM as your standard and select and fan with 6000 CFM or more.

  • Motor quality –

Just 5 or 8-years before, experts used to recommend not to go for ceiling fans with more than 3 or 4 blades because they cause too much drag and the fan would be slow. This, in turn, would reduce airflow and efficiency. It was true then, but today, it has totally changed. Today, there would be no such considerable difference. Motors are efficient and they are more durable. Read the warranty section to know more about how to select the motor.

  • Warranty –

Warranty is almost offered by all top brands, no matter the brand, cost, or model, never settle for a ceiling fan without warranty. Remember, even if the ceiling fan does not have a warranty, the motor should have a warranty of at least 2-years. Never purchase a ceiling fan without a warranty on its motor.


These were all the Ceiling Fans that we wanted to bring to you. All of them are rated well by many people from India. Each of them also has many positive reviews. Try reading them on any e-commercial sites if you do not believe us. It is important to buy a ceiling fan that delivers air in all seasons at optimum speed, but a good Ceiling Fan is always hard to find. When we were preparing this list, we strived that we are only going to add the best of the best Ceiling Fans here. We understand how stressful it is to come along an affordable yet functional appliance these days. We also wanted to reduce the time you waste looking for a good Ceiling Fan. No matter which Ceiling Fan you go with, you will only end up with a qualitative product. Many hours were invested by us in the preparation of this article, and from that, you may know that we only go for the excellent Ceiling Fans and nothing else. Once you come along the fan of your needs, you must check all of its specifications and installation requirements. A Ceiling Fan is a necessity these days. So, please do not delay any further to shop for such fans for your homes or business spaces.

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