The Best Chimney Exhaust Pipe in India

Chimneys are one of the essential kitchen tools. It can keep your kitchen in good condition by eliminating oil and dirt. Oil and dirt are the two components that can make your kitchen filled with dirt and oil. It can even make all the bottles and other things oily. This is why a chimney is one of the most important items for every kitchen. With advanced technology, you can get modern chimneys that fit well and easily in the kitchen. You will love using the kitchen if there is a proper chimney.

However, for the proper functioning of the chimneys, exhaust pipes are much needed. It performs the key role of bringing out the dirt and oil from the kitchen. It also throws out the same thing in the atmosphere. The pipe is also responsible for the overall functioning of the chimney. You should always prefer to use high-quality pipes for the chimney. They will give you long-term service. It is also easily fitted into the kitchen. The exhaust pipes are found in various sizes. You must have an idea of the length of the pipe to be used.

In the following lines, you will get through some of the best chimney exhaust pipes in India.

Best Chimney Exhaust Pipe in India

How To Choose The Best Chimney Exhaust Pipe?

There is no doubt that chimneys are an essential addition to any modern home as it helps to keep the kitchen clean by getting rid of the smoke and grime. The type of chimneys that use the exhaust pipe is known as ducted chimneys. Also, when installing the best chimney exhaust pipe, you have to think about various things. First, you should know how to choose the best one for your home. Before choosing a chimney exhaust pipe for the ducted chimneys, here are the reasons you consider.

  • Consider the size

The 60 centimetres or 90 centimetres wide chimneys are the most bought chimneys. Hence for a cooktop having two and four burners, you can use a sixty cm. But for a cooktop with three to five burners, the suitable size is the 90 cm chimney. This will enable you to buy the right size of the chimney exhaust pipe.

  • The suction power of the chimney

If you want to buy the right chimney exhaust pipe, you have to know the suction power of the chimney. Most often, for cooking, the chimney suction power has to be 400 and 1000 cubic metres per hour which may fit the size of your cooking area.

  • Duct

The chimney exhaust pipe of the duct can be less than twelve meters because it is the most suitable size. You have to select the proper position of the chimney like the piping connecting the outdoors.

Many people recommend more than two bends in the duct because it is more useful for the chimney. Also, the most useful material is stainless steel as it is strong, durable and resistant to cortisone. You can also consider PVC and aluminium.

  • Diameter of the pipe

The average size of the chimney exhaust pipe can reach up to 15 feet. It is also useful and compatible with all kinds of chimneys with an outlet size of 6 inches. Plus, it is more effective too. If you make sure to buy the right size, it will allow for optimum airflow in your kitchen. If it is small, it will stop the purpose of having a kitchen chimney installed.


These are the things you can consider before buying the chimney exhaust pipe. It will help you buy the best one you can use for many years. So buy smartly and enjoy its benefits.