10 Best Duffel Bags in India 2023 – Reviews & Buying Guide

A duffle bag serves the best purpose of enhancing your style with its elegant look. Most people prefer a duffel bag while going to the gym, camping, or while traveling. Due to the small and compact size, everyone prefers folding it and then putting it in their trolley bag for later use. These are really small, effective, and easy to use, which enhances the overall usability.

Apparently, a number of brands are selling duffel bags in India for the different price points with great sizes option. The best part is, you have a variety to choose from, but the sad part is, it can confuse you, and figuring out the best product in terms of durability is a hard choice. To eradicate this problem, having a close look at essential factors can help.

Best Buy Duffel Bags Online In India

Here, we did this job for you and talked to people from forum to learn more about the products which can fulfill your need in an effective manner. We selected a range of products based on value for money deal and finalized the top 10, which are ideal in all manners. Now, you need to look at the design and what attracts you the most to finalize the best one.

Let’s have a look at some of the top products which are available in the Indian market-

1. Amazon Basics Duffel Bag

mazon Basics Duffel Bag

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This duffel bag has a storage capacity of 98 Liters. It is available in three colors. These colors are – blue, black, and red. It is made using 100% Nylon material and is very light in weight. If you buy this product, the manufacturers will provide you with a warranty for one year. There is also a provision of interior and exterior zippered pockets in this bag.

Also, the loop handles of the product are very strong and can carry up to 22 kg of weight. The dimensions of this product are – 32.5 X 17 X 11.5 inches. You may use this large, rectangular bag for traveling as well as storage. Additionally, the bag has a double zip provision in the main zip. This lets you keep your belongings safe and secure.

The elegant design is the primary reason which can make you love this product over the other ones. Easy to fold and compact size is definitely an add up which will ensure that going with this deal is not a bad choice at all. Overall built quality is good enough to rely on this deal over the other ones for sure.

Things we liked –

  • The bag can be folded easily when it is not in use.
  • The sides of the product are hard and provide extra strength to the bag.
  • The interior pockets are also zippered.

Things we didn’t like –

  • This product can only be bought online.
  • The bag is too big to carry in flights.

2. AUXTER Duffel Bag

AUXTER Duffel Bag

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This affordable yet stylish duffel bag is available in black color. The bag is exceptionally roomy and has a zippered closure. Also, it is made from superior leather material that gives a long lifespan to the product. The inner sides of the bag are stitched with webbing cord stitches. This bag can be used as a gym bag or a carry bag when you are traveling.

The straps are sturdy and do not create much pressure when the bag is carried on shoulders. Moreover, the length of the strap can be easily adjusted, and you can use the bag as a simple carry bag as well. There is also a provision of two handles in this product that makes portability even easier. The dimensions of this bag are – 43 X 23 X 23 cm.

Such a large size and easy to use design is our favorite thing about this bag. In the huge variety available in the market, going with AUXTER Duffel Bag won’t make you feel bad about the purchase. This is the key reason which will ensure that you are going to face any trouble in the future about the same.

Things we liked –

  • The price of the bag is such that it can be afforded by many people.
  • The material of the bag is highly durable.
  • The size of the bag is compact, which makes it easy to carry around.

Things we didn’t like –

  • The handles of the bag are a little weak.
  • There are no extra sleeves in the bag for keeping small items separate.

3. Gear Duffel Bag

Gear Duffel Bag

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On number three of our list, we have this grey bag by the brand gear. It is made from polyester material and is water-resistant as well. Also, this bag has a capacity of 22 liters and has the dimensions of – 38 X 24 X 24 cm. The main compartment is wide enough and has a double zippered closure. The bag also has reinforced handles that make grabbing extremely convenient.

Buyers are provided with a warranty of one year from the date of purchase of this bag. You can take this bag with you when you are doing outdoor activities like – gymming, camping and traveling. This bag also has a back system that helps in preventing perspiration while promoting breathability at the same time.

Moreover, the bag has mesh pockets on the size to increase storage space. You may also carry laptops in this bag without worrying about any damage. Apparently, if you are using this bag for gym purpose, then you want higher build quality and better-quality stitches so that this bag doesn’t lose shape that easy. 

Things we liked –

  • The cost of the product is economical and effective.
  • A warranty of one year is provided against any form of damage to the product.
  • The exterior pockets make items easy-to-reach.

Things we didn’t like –

  • This bag is only available in one color that is – grey.
  • The quality of the straps needs to be improved.

4. The Clownfish Duffel Bag

The Clownfish Duffel Bag

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This sturdy and stylish bag is available in two colors. These colors are – brown and caramel. You can also get your name engraved on this product. This bag is made from vegan leather and is water-resistant. The main compartment has a capacity of 20 Liters. Moreover, it is easy to fold and store. The dimensions of this product are – 45 X 23 X 23 cm.

The handles of this bag are padded while the straps are easily adjustable. Also, the bag is light in weight and can be used as a cabin bag in flights. The material of the bag is durable and is able to withstand wear and tear. You may use this product as a carry bag in gyms or when you are traveling. Additionally, the bag is highly rated by customers on e-commercial sites.

Capacity and durability are not the primary concern here, but if the manufacturer offers more color choice, then it will be a great product to look after. Everything is remarkably good, and you will never face any issue. Still, we suggest checking the capacity for your specific needs and ensuring whether it goes perfectly or not. 

Things we like –

  • The product is made from cruelty-free and vegan leather.
  • You can get your name engraved on this product.
  • The sides of the bag are strong and help to carry huge items.

Things we didn’t like –

  • The price of the product lies in the high-end.
  • You can get this product in just two shades of brown color.

5. Amazon Basics Duffel Bag

Amazon Basics Duffel Bag

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This bag is available in a variety of colors, such as – black, green, navy, pink, red, and many more. You can also choose the size of the bag from medium-size and small size. It is made from 100% polyester material and comes with a warranty of one year. The medium bag has a capacity of 6 Liters and has the dimensions of 24 X 12 X 13 inches.

Additionally, the bag has an interior pocket with zipper closure and exterior mesh pockets. These pockets increase the storage space of the bag. Also, the top grab handle of the bag is padded for a comfortable grip. The straps are adjustable and padded like the grab handle. There is also a provision of two large pockets on the outside which are very large.

For daily use, you will love the interior, design, and capacity of this product. It is easy to clean, and compact sizing is the most loved thing about it. Even if you check out the reviews about this product, you will get a heartwarming feel. Almost every review is positive, and the manufacturer offers great after-sale services also.

Things we liked –

  • The exterior pockets are vented and can be used to keep shoes and dirty laundry.
  • The durability of the overall product is commendable.
  • Great after-sale services from Amazon Basic Brand to rely on.

Things we didn’t like –

  • The price of the product is high.
  • The bottom of the bag isn’t hard.

6. Auxter Leatherite Gym Duffle Bag

Auxter Leatherite Gym Duffle Bag

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In this huge variety available in the market, going with the purchase of Auxter Leatherite Gym Bag is a perfect choice as to if you want something for the gym. This bag is available in two color choices which are – Brown and Brown Tan. Both colors give an elegant look, and you can rely on them without any problem.

The overall built quality of this bag is astonishing, and there are double stitched to ensure great durability. You are getting almost 20 liters of space in this bag, and the dimensions are perfect for gym purposes. The dimensions are 45 cm x 23cm x23cm, which will suit your needs and provide all the basic functionality.

The strap is adjustable, and there are two carrying straps to make you get it always right. The brand logo on the sides seems beautiful due to the engraved design. Cleaning is not an issue because it is made up of synthetic leather, so you can prefer to wipe clean. This will enhance your usability with this product.

Things We Liked –

  • Gives a great look at both color choices, which are Brown and Brown Tan.
  • Looks quite simple but good enough for gym purpose.
  • Durability is not a major concern due to the use of synthetic leather.
  • It comes for an affordable price point as compared to other deals.

Things We Didn’t Like –

  • There are only two color choices, so you don’t have much to compare.
  • Few negative reviews about the poor quality of chain closure.

7. Dussle Dorf Polyester Duffel Bag

Dussle Dorf Polyester Duffel Bag

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For large capacity and number of pockets option, going with the purchase of Dussle Dorf Polyester will fulfill the need in an effective manner here. There are a total of six different color choices available in the same, which will fulfill the need, and it is going to help you organize all the important stuff in an effective manner. 

The design is simple, but there is a dual-color tone, which enhances the overall look. It has a capacity of 35 liters, and the dimensions are 52.01 cm x 20.03 cm x 24.1 cm. There are pockets at the side part as well as at sides so that you can stuff all the important stuff in an organized manner. We would suggest this bag as if you want to use a duffel bag for travel purposes.

The material used is polyester, and the straps are strong also. Having a protective stitching and genuine build quality ensures that this product will fulfill your needs in an effective manner. On the other hand, the manufacturer is offering six months of warranty on the purchase of this product, which can ensure most of the customers about the durability.

Things We Liked –

  • It offers such a great capacity of 35 liters, which is best for travel purposes.
  • Straps are strong, and there is an extra layer of stitches for durability.
  • The manufacturer is offering six different color choices in the same.

Things We Didn’t Like –

  • Reliable only for travel purposes, not a good choice for the gym.

8. Fur Jaden Brown Textured Leatherette Duffel Bag

Fur Jaden Brown Textured Leatherette Duffel Bag

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If you want a leather bag with perfect texture and great looking design, then Fur Jaden Brown Textured Leatherette duffel bag is an elegant choice. It can enhance your style, and it is perfect while traveling purposes. This unisex bag is best for men and women, which ensures that you are getting a perfect choice for your partner also.  

There are three different color options available which are –Brown, Black, and Tan. Each color has a similar abstract pattern to give a premium look to every bag. There is double stitching on each bag, which ensures greater durability from the same. The material is waterproof, which will help with overall usability here.

On the other hand, this bag has a capacity of 35 liters with dimensions of 47 x 28 x 27 CM. You can say that it will fulfill the need but only for the travel-related purpose. You can’t use this for gym purposes. Apart from that, everything seems flawless about the design, quality, and such other factors, which can ensure a great deal here. 

Things We Liked –

  • The bag is available in three color choices which are Brown, Black, and Tan.
  • The surface of the bag is waterproof, and the closure is also waterproof.
  • It provides a large capacity of 35 liters to fulfill the need.
  • The manufacturer offers six months of warranty on this product.

Things We Didn’t Like –

  • It is a little bit pricey as you compare to the other deals.
  • This product is only reliable for travel purposes.

9. Nice Line Maroon Polyester Duffel Bag

Nice Line Maroon Polyester Duffel Bag

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To keep your travel trip memorable and flawless, using a single bag to pack everything can provide great advantages. The 40 liters capacity of Nice Line Maroon Polyester Duffel bag will do the same for you. It is a polyester made product, and it is exceptionally durable considering the built quality offered by this product over the other ones.

It is available in red color, and there are trolley wheels at the bottom so that you can use this bag without having any problem with the usability. There are plenty of pockets to organize all the important stuff in an effective manner. Chain closure is durable, and you can rely on the durability of such parts.

There are three straps on this bag so that you can carry this bag without having any problem with the durability at all. One more thing that you will find is, this bag has enough space to pack stuff of the whole family. It can help in several manners. The only issue is, the overall built quality seems a little bit cheaper and tearing this bag might be easy.

Things We Liked –

  • It provides a large capacity of 40 liter, which is enough for three people.
  • A number of pockets to organize all the important stuff in this bag.
  • Trolley wheels at the bottom so that you can carry it without any problem.

Things We Didn’t Like –

  • Durability is a major concern about the material used.
  • The only single-color choice is available in this bag, which is red.

10. HomeStrap Jumbo Travel Duffel Bag

HomeStrap Jumbo Travel Duffel Bag

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All those people who want a unique looking bag with a boxy look and higher capacity, looking at the purchase of HomeStrap Jumbo Travel Black Large Duffel Bag, will be a perfect choice. This large bag has all the major features that you are looking after. There are a number of pockets to put all the important stuff on the front sides.

Meanwhile, the large and spacious section help you carry all the important stuff in this bag and not facing any issue with the usability. Durability is not the major concern, and the price is also affordable about this deal. However, many people have an issue with the looks because they find it slightly typical to carry.

Apparently, 11 (L) x 20 (W) x 14 (H) inches mean you have a pretty good spacious section in this bag. There is soft padding at all sides so that you won’t have to face any issue with the usability. The zippers are made up of high-quality material so that you won’t be facing any issue with them. You can consider this as a great choice in several manners. 

Things We Liked –

  • The soft padding to protect insider stuff ensure great use.
  • Built quality is remarkably good, and it has a number of pockets to organize stuff,
  • One large spacious section to put all your important stuff without any problem.

Things We Didn’t Like –

  • The bag itself is slightly heavy, so it might be hard to carry when stuffed.
  • It is available in only single-color choice so far.

How to Pick the Right Duffel Bag

The duffle bags are known to be a traveler’s best friend. Here, we are going to give you some brief information on Duffle bags. We will explain some essential pointers that need to be kept in mind whilst making a duffle bag purchase. Consider reading the below points mindfully.

1. The Material of the bag

Material is one of the essential factors to consider while buying a duffle bag. As we all know, the duffle bags are thrown a lot, let us be honest; most of the time, we are also not very much gentle with our duffle bags. Likewise, if you are an adventurous/outdoorsy kind of person, you will require a sturdy and durable duffle bag. Therefore, always make sure you buy such duffle which is made up of something that’ll tend to last longer. The ones that are made up of nylons are kind of durable as well as lightweight. Purchasing a good quality duffle bag is going to be beneficial for you in the longer-run.

2. The Zippers of the bag

Imagine you are on your way to the airport, and suddenly, the zippers of your main compartment break off. What else could be more disappointing? However, unlike the backpacks, in the case of duffle bags, one can still carry the duffle with a broken zipper, but that doesn’t mean the zippers should be overlooked. Breaking of the zippers at the time of traveling will still be inconvenient and sad for you. Therefore, we suggest you to always look for SBS, YKK, Riri, and Zoom zippers. These are the most reputable and common brands in the world of zippers. Always be wary of the non-branded zippers. Otherwise, you’ll end up being disappointed.

3. The Interior of the bag

Most people do not give much importance to the duffle bags’ interior organization. Some duffle bags have numerous compartments and pockets, while others have a zero organization. If you are someone who only carries a duffle bag to keep all the essentials, then prefer buying a duffle with a better organization. However, if you also like taking your backpack and your duffle bag, do not bother much about the organization since you can keep your essentials in the backpack.

4. The weight and size

The duffle bags are available in a variety of sizes from 5 L to 130 L. If you are buying it for a 3-5 day trip, then a smaller size will work for you. If you are always in the flight mode for weeks and sometimes months, prefer buying a duffle bag with a large capacity.

When it comes to the weight of the duffle bag, a lightweight duffle bag is considered the best until it does not sacrifice the quality and durability. Since duffle bags are thrown a lot, you would not like a flimsy duffle. And you would also not like a too heavy duffle, as duffle bags do not distribute the load at our backs.

5. The price

As far as the pricing is concerned, we believe in the saying ‘you get what you pay for’. Therefore, we suggest you buy a good quality duffle bag, even if it costs you a little more than your budget. Believe us, buying a nice duffle bag is always better than buying it twice. With this being said, high pricing doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll always get a high-quality product. This is where reviews come into play, consider reading the duffle bag reviews to make sure if the quality is good or not.


These days many people use duffel bags for multiple purposes. These bags are sturdy and provide a good amount of storage space. You can carry essentials comfortably in these bags wherever you go. Also, these bags can be used as simple carry bags when you are out traveling. There are many duffel bags available in the market.

However, choosing the bag that suits your requirements the best can be quite tiresome.This reason made us prepare this list that has our top ten picks of duffel bags available in India. We have only chosen the best products for this list to help you save your time. We have tried to discuss each product individually and in vivid detail. Additionally, we have also mentioned the things we liked and disliked about the product.

Make sure that you go after reviews and do a complete research of what you specifically need. A versatile bag can fulfill the needs and provide several advantages with usability.We hope that through our enhanced list, we were able to help you find the best duffel bag.

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