How to change your Boarding Station Online through IRCTC Website?

The e-ticketing arm of Indian Railways, the Indian Railways Catering and Tourism Corporation (IRCTC) introduces a new facility to allow passengers to change their boarding stations online. This move will offer a great relief to travelers who want to change their boarding station during some impromptu needs or in case of emergency.

This new feature is all set to privilege all those passengers who have booked their tickets through IRCTC Next Generation website or any other site online but not through Passenger Reservation System (reservation window) or travel agents. However, the option to change boarding station is not applicable for tickets taken with VIKALP option.

Passengers can change their boarding stations online before 24 hours of train’s scheduled departure. According to the official website of IRCTC, once the boarding point has been changed by the passenger, they cannot board the train from previous boarding station.

If passenger is caught without proper authority, they will need to bear the penalty while paying fare between the original point of boarding and revised point of boarding. According to IRCTC rules, you can change the boarding point only once and not for the tickets that are currently booked.

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User can enter their IRCTC account and also change the station of boarding. According to IRCTC, this facility is limited to online bookings only.

Here’s how to change the boarding station online –

  • Enter the IRCTC website with login and password.
  • Click on “Booking Ticket History”
  • You will enter into Booked Train Tickets page. Choose the right train for which you would like to change boarding point in radio button. Be sure to choose the right train.
  • Click the button “Change Boarding Point”.
  • You will enter into the page “Change Boarding Point” and where you can modify the boarding point and check out the train details.
  • On the drop down menu, select “New Boarding Station” under the section named “Change Boarding station”.

Here’s what you need to consider before changing boarding point online –

  • After booking tickets online via IRCTC, a passenger can change the point of boarding only 24 hours before the scheduled train departure, according to IRCTC.
  • Once a boarding point has been changed, a passenger will not have the rights to board train from the original point of boarding, according to IRCTC.
  • All of the passengers who have booked train tickets online can avail this new feature on IRCTC website. The exception is those passengers who have booked train tickets through Passenger Reservation System or travel agents.
  • The IRCTC website also says that you can change boarding point only once.
  • If your ticket is seized, you cannot change the boarding point.
  • For PNRs with VIKALP option, the option of boarding point change is not available.
  • For I-Ticket, boarding point change option is not allowed online.
  • For current booking ticket, it is not allowed to change boarding point, according to the rules by IRCTC.

If you are found traveling from the original boarding point without authority, you will need to pay fair with penalty. The amount of which is the difference between fare of original boarding point and revised station of boarding.

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