The Best Ethernet Cables In India [Lan Cable] 2023

An Ethernet cable also know as Lan cable is a mutual kind of network cable used with a network. You can connect one or two devices such as routers, PCs, switches within a local area network via Ethernet cables. The cables are less durable and have a limited length. The fact is that the longer the length of the wire, the shorter the range of the network. However, the different types of Ethernet cables are optimized to perform certain tasks under specific conditions.

They come in varieties of colours and plug into Ethernet ports. Cables used in phones are typically grey and shorter than other cable ports. An Ethernet cable is completely looking like a traditional phone cable, but it has more wires. Both traditional cable and Ethernet cable has a similar shape, but Ethernet cable has eight wires which are even larger, while phone cables have four

An Ethernet cable has different types of Solid Ethernet cables and stranded Ethernet cables. The first type offer improved safety against electrical interference and better performance. These cables are used inside the office walls, business networks. Whole stranded Ethernet cables are less liable to breaks and cracks. This quality makes them more suitable for home network setups and travellers.

Ethernet Cables India

Best Buy Ethernet Cables In India

Here is the list of best selling Ethernet cables in India

How to choose the best Ethernet Cables in India?

As stated earlier, faster internet speeds can be more up-to-date with a better Ethernet cable. But, it’s difficult to choose which Ethernet cable will work best for you without going overboard. After going through the informative buying guide, you will be able to choose the best Ethernet cable to increase the stability and speed of your Internet connection.

Types of Ethernet Cable

Ethernet cables come in a variety of sizes and shapes. Therefore, before choosing a specific one, you need to know its different types, including coaxial cabling, twisted-pair cabling, and fibre-optic cable. Let’s talk about them in brief:

  • Coaxial Cabling – PVR or fire-resistant plastic with metal electromagnetic interference is used to design coaxial cabling. It requires radio guide numbers and includes an internal conductor enclosed by a concentric performing shield. These cables are often used to broadcast video & voice communication, and internet data.
  • Twisted-pair Cabling – This type of cable features two pairs of wires. It is usually used on the modem to achieve the best internet access and connect the device to the router.
  • Fibre-Optic Cables – Fibre-Optic Cables offer effective throughput compared to the other types of wires. Since it has equipped with Teflon and PVC, fibre protects the inner components. The second shield or coating consists of more optical fibres to oppose physical shock. These cables are generally used to convey HD TV signals since they provide faster speed and bandwidth.

Cable Performance

There are several Ethernet cable versions available that may be available. The most popular are Cat 5, Cat 6 and Cat 7, of which Cat 5 is the oldest standard and Cat 7 is the latest and advanced network cable with the highest performance. They all have different levels of performance and as a result, it is important to choose a cable that will meet the requirements of the system.

Cable length

Like shape and structure, an Ethernet cable comes in a variety of lengths. They are offered in a wide variety of lengths, including 0.5, 1, 1.5, 5, 10, and so on. The cable has a maximum length of about 75 meters which is relatively easy to find and is considered the largest Ethernet cable. If different lengths of cable are required, you’ll find a vast collection, some with a much larger selection than others. When choosing the Ethernet cable, make sure the cable will be long enough as an extra length can be cleanly looped together and secured with a cable tie.


A significant benefit of Ethernet cables is that they are backwards compatible and they are interchangeable. But, the Cat 5 cable will not support fast data transfer speed. Likewise, it is possible to stop a Cat 7 cable into an old router that doesn’t support the current speeds. But, it will work much better than other cables.


In many cases, the cable colour is not important, but cables of different colours can help track the cables through and make sure the right cable is connected to the right position. For home, local areas networks and domestic use, the colour coding of cables is not an issue. That means, a colour option also matters when it comes to choosing Ethernet cables.

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