10 Best Omega 3 Capsules in India 2023 [Fish Oil Supplements]

In addition to the regular nutrients, minerals, and vitamins, our body requires certain essential fats to stay healthy. Essential fats should be in the form of good fats. One form of such good essential fats is omega 3. Most of the people might not even hear of this. However, they play a major role in the functioning of your body properly. Omega 3 is again made of 3 fatty acids, namely DHA (docosahexaenoic acid), EPA (eicosapentaenoic acid), and ALA (alpha-linolenic acid). While DHA and EPA can only be obtained through animal food, ALA can be obtained through plants. The main food items that omega 3 is present are fatty fish, walnut, fish oil, and flax seeds. With constant awareness camps about health, omega 3 importance has spread widely in India, and it is good news for fitness freaks.

In order to help function your brain properly, DHA is much essential. It is also required for retina and other body parts. EPA helps to control the functions of your body, and ALA gives you the energy required for the body. So, each and every component of omega 3 is essential. You cannot ignore a single component. It might be difficult to continuously feed on fish or other food for omega 3. Some people might not have non-vegetarian food. Especially in India, we are not that used to eat meat regularly. Some people have traditions to follow, and some simply do not want to eat. So, it is quite essential to get the omega 3 as supplements to balance its quantity in our body. Traditionally, we did not focus much on these supplements. However, with constant awareness about health, the supplements came into the picture. They have many uses for the human body.

To help you with the selection of omega 3 capsules, in this post, we are mentioning our top picks for omega 3 capsules available in the Indian market for leading a healthy balanced life. From this list, you will get the set that is most beneficial for you. If you are new to these omega 3 supplements, we suggest you go through our buying guide first which we have posted at the end of the article. We have also given the benefits of consuming the capsules. So, let us get started.

Best Quality Omega 3 Capsules Online in India

Speaking about the Indian market for omega 3 capsules, it has taken a good turn for the last few years. With the widespread knowledge about the benefits of omega 3 fatty acids, most of the people want to include this fatty acid in their healthy routine. The market has also grown substantially and now we have so many brands providing the capsules. For helping you to select a good brand for the omega 3 capsules, we have consolidated a list of top 10 omega 3 capsules in the Indian market. Go through them and select the one which appeals to you.

1. MuscleBlaze Omega 3 Fish Oil 1000 mg

MuscleBlaze Omega 3 Fish Oil 1000 mg

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MuscleBlaze is one of the popular companies for producing supplements. They have dedicated their work to help people gain proper health. If you are a passionate fitness freak and do workouts regularly, including bodybuilding and some vigorous exercises, your body tends to go under stress and hence, the immune system weakens. If you wish to regain your immunity and stay healthy along with continuing the exercise routine, you need to consume MuscleBlaze omega 3 fish oil capsules. This will give your bones and joints the required strength and the good cholesterol levels also increase in the body, which is quite important. The capsules have 1000 mg fish oil out of which the important components – DHA and EPA compose about 120 mg and 180 mg, respectively. Having these components will improve your immune system, heart health and keeps your brain active. Fish oil even helps you to be flexible and mobile. The capsules are available in the form of a soft gel, which is quite easy to consume. There is no added sugar in the capsules. Based on the suggestion given by your doctor, you might consume one or 2 capsules per day with a meal. There are a total of 180 capsules available in the pack.

Things we liked

  • Great composition of DHA and EPA.
  • Great health benefits
  • No added sugar
  • Available in soft gel form

Things we didn’t like

  • Some customers complained about the stinky smell.

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2. WOW Omega-3 Fish Oil Triple Strength 1000mg

WOW Omega-3 Fish Oil Triple Strength 1000mg

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The second omega 3 capsules are from WOW. If you wish to get most out of the omega 3 capsules, then this is the best stop for you. When compared to other brands, WOW’s omega 3 capsules have a more percentage of the important components of omega 3. Out of the 1000mg capacity, DHA is 350 gms, EPA is 550 gms and 100mg is composed of other omega 3 components. So, you get most of the components from a single capsule. From the quantity, it is clear that the EPA to DHA ratio is 3:2. These capsules have an enteric coating, which means the capsules absorption into your body will be more and there will not be any stinky fish taste after consuming the capsule. Many people, especially vegetarians, raise this concern. So, WOW’s Omega 3 capsules are really good to help absorb the main components of omega 3 along with no aftertaste. All the additives, fillers or binders are avoided. If you are a person who is following the keto diet, then these capsules will be a good addition to your nutrition. After consuming the capsules, you will not feel any burps, and the capsules are mercury-free too. The capsules aid for good bone and joint health, improve heart health, reduce inflammation, and also aids in reducing the triglycerides. The package contains 60 soft gel capsules for easy consumption.

Things we liked

  • Amazing composition of DHA and EPA quantity
  • Maximum absorption with no fishy aftertaste
  • Mercury-free capsules
  • Many health benefits

Things we didn’t like

  • Some users are skeptical about the ingredients

3. Naturyz Triple Strength Omega 3 Fish Oil

Naturyz Triple Strength Omega 3 Fish Oil

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Naturyz Triple Strength Omega 3 capsules are the next from our list. These capsules contain a total of 1400 mg fish oil, out of which 1000 mg is made of Omega 3 components – DHA and EPA. The ideal ratio of EPA to DHA is 3:2 ratio, which these capsules follow perfectly. The DHA quantity in each capsule is 400 mg and the EPA quantity is 600 mg. These are the maximum capacities when compared to other brands. While manufacturing the fish oil, Naturyz is completely careful of the purification and filtration process. It undergoes the process of Molecular distillation purifying the oil to remove heavy metals, PCBs, dioxin, mercury, and any other toxins. Without any contaminants, the capsules are safe to consume. Smaller fish have fewer toxins when compared to large fish. So, the company uses smaller fish to manufacture the oil. Also, the fish are wild-caught rather than farm raising methods. This makes the fish oil to be purer. The capsules are said to give you muscle strength, improve joint and heart health, and also improves the brain function. With triple strength, the capsules have a very good composition. The capsules are ISO 22000, HALAL, HACCP and GMP certified. You get 60 soft gel capsules with the pack.

Things we liked

  • Excellent composition of DHA and EPA components which make the capsules triple strength
  • Pure toxin-free capsules
  • Micro filtrated wild small fish oil

Things we didn’t like

  • Some customers complained about some leakage from capsules.

4. Botanica Fish Oil Omega 3 Advanced 1000Mg

Botanica Fish Oil Omega 3 Advanced 1000Mg

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The next one from our list is from St Botanica. The capsules are quite rich in omega 3 essential fatty acids. The major components of Omega 3, DHA and EPA are present in good quantities – 330 mg EPA and 220 mg DHA. It is a good dosage of 650 mg of omega 3, giving you the required daily dosage. With an enteric coating, the capsules do not allow any fishy burps which are irritating and they also avoid the foul aftertaste. The capsules do not get absorbed in the stomach; they go to the intestines and then start working, which gives maximum profit avoiding the burps. According to the New England Journal of Medicine’s paper, if the capsules are enteric-coated, it is required only one-third of the amount of normal fish oil. Also, it gets 3 times more absorbed as it is going to the intestines. The capsules are entirely free from dangerous toxins and metals. The quality has been tested appropriately, and the capsules are ultra-pure without any contaminants. Also, the capsules are approved by Iso 9001:2008, Qms-Haacp, Us-Nsf and Nsf-International. You will get 60 soft gel capsules in the pack.

Things we liked

  • Enteric-coated soft gel capsules which provide maximum absorption
  • 650 gms of omega 3
  • Free of toxins

Things we didn’t like

  • Some customers felt that the pills are too big to swallow.

5. HealthKart Fish oil

HealthKart Fish oil

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Next, on our list is HealthKart fish oil capsules. Each capsule consists of 1000 mg Omega 3 with 120 mg DHA and 180 mg EPA. The components are exclusively extracted from Sardines – cold-water fish. All the heavy metals like mercury are filtered thoroughly through the molecular distillation process. With an anti-reflux formula, the capsule allows for better absorption of the fatty acids. With this, the fishy aftertaste can be avoided substantially. There are numerous benefits to consuming HealthKart fish oil capsules. If you regularly consume them after taking doctor’s advice, you might control the bad cholesterol levels in your body, boost your eye and brain health, and improve your flexibility as well. With the levels of omega 3 present in the capsules, if you have any joint concerns, those might also be solved. These capsules are manufactured in a GMP certified facility. With the package, you get 60 soft gel capsules which are very easy to consume.

Things we liked

  • Good amounts of DHA and EPA
  • Extracted from cold-water fish
  • Thorough filtering process

Things we didn’t like

  • Some customers did not like the quality of the capsules.

6. Carbamide Forte Omega 3 Fish Oil 1000mg Double Strength

Carbamide Forte Omega 3 Fish Oil 1000mg Double Strength

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Carbamide Forte Omega 3 fish oil capsules are the next from our list. These are double strength pills meaning they will deliver a good amount of omega 3 per capsule. With a single capsule, you get the strength and benefits of 2 normal omega 3 capsules. That said, the amount of omega 3 present is 600 mg. This comprises of 220 mg DHA and 330 mg EPA. Omega 3 is extracted from fresh wild-caught fish, which means the capsules are 100% pure. Also, they are 100% non-GMO. On top of this, the capsules are manufactured in inspected GMP-certified and FDA registered facility. With the quantity of DHA and EPA levels, the ratio it follows is 3:2 which means the capsules provide maximum benefits and are high absorption. With the capsule design, you will never feel the fishy aftertaste. With the molecular distillation under minimal temperatures, all the toxins and heavy metals are completely purified. The capsules are tested by 3rd party for nutritional value, safety, effectiveness, etc.,

Things we liked

  • Double strength capsules with 3:2 DHA, EPA ratio
  • Made from wild-caught fish and with the high purification process
  • Tested by a 3rd

Things we didn’t like

  • Some customers did not like the quality of the capsules.

7. TrueBasics Omega-3 Fish Oil Triple Strength

TrueBasics Omega-3 Fish Oil Triple Strength

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The next one from our list is from TrueBasics which provides triple strength capsules. TrueBasics is a house from HealthKart. As they are triple strength capsules, it consists of rich Omega 3 fatty acids. Each capsule consists of 1250 mg of omega 3 out of which 400 mg is DHA and 560 mg is EPA. This rich source of components is possible with breakthrough extraction techniques. Heavy metals like mercury are filtered by molecular distillation. With a good enteric coating, the capsules are absorbed in a maximum quantity and you do not have a fishy aftertaste as a result. This is also ensured with the anti-reflux formula. For ensuring a good quality fish oil extraction, the company only extracts the fish oil from cold-water fish. With the package, you get 60 soft gel capsules.

Things we liked

  • Rich Omega 3 components which are triple strength using breakthrough extraction techniques.
  • Heavy metals are filtered using molecular distillation
  • Enteric coating

Things we didn’t like

  • Some customers faced side effects after consuming the capsules.

8. Neuherbs Deep Sea Omega 3 Fish Oil

Neuherbs Deep Sea Omega 3 Fish Oil

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With a high quantity of fish oil, the next capsules from our list are from the Neuherbs brand. With 1486 gms of omega 3 per capsule and having 594 mg DHA and 892 mg EPA, you get the maximum benefits from a single capsule if consumed regularly. In addition to the omega 3 components, a 10mg of vitamins are also present in the capsules. The capsules are tested for any cholesterol, sugar, sodium, gluten, and preservatives. There are no heavy metals in the capsules, which means they are safe. There will not be any fishy burps with better absorption and the capsules have lemon flavor. On top of everything, neuherbs is committed to providing good service for the customers by counseling and giving advice on diet. With the package, you get 60 soft gel capsules.

Things we liked

  • High composition of Omega 3 components
  • 10 mg of vitamins present
  • Free from heavy metals
  • Great service

Things we didn’t like

  • Nothing as such

9. Amazon Brand – Solimo Omega-3 Fish Oil 1000mg

Amazon Brand - Solimo Omega-3 Fish Oil 1000mg

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Next, on our list are capsules from Solimo. To maintain good heart health and metabolism, these capsules have a good amount of DHA and EPA levels which are 30% and 20%, respectively. For maintaining good quality, the capsules are packed with HACCP certified facility making the capsule packs completely hygienic. The capsules are extracted from refined fish oil, and the capsules are free from toxins. Some of the health benefits of consuming these capsules regularly are you can improve the brain, kidney and heart functioning. The capsules have a better absorption with the design. The pack consists of 60 soft gel capsules.

Things we liked

  • 30% of DHA and 20% of EPA levels
  • Hygienic packing
  • Better absorption

Things we didn’t like

  • None so far

10. Herbalifi Omega3 Fish Oil Capsules

Herbalifi Omega3 Fish Oil Capsules

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The last Omega 3 capsules from our list are from Herbalifi. This 1000 mg capsule has its fish oil extracted from the most beneficial fish – Salmon. Extracting the components from this fish not only helps with the Omega 3 components but also provides a rich source of protein, giving you the required muscle mass. Along with the excellent contribution of these components, it is also a rich source of B vitamins, which are essential for anyone. The capsules are soy-free, gluten-free and Non-GMO. They are safe to use by anyone in the family. With an enteric coating, Herbalifi Omega 3 capsules do not give the fishy aftertaste and help for the maximum absorption of the components. The DHA present in the capsules is 120 mg and the EPA level is 180 mg, which is sufficient. The pack comes with 60 soft gel capsules.

Things we liked

  • Rich source of omega 3 components
  • Protein and B vitamins also come with the capsules
  • Enteric coating

Things we didn’t like

  • Some customers did not like the quality

These are the best omega 3 capsules available in the market. The brands have good reviews, and they are most reliable to buy.

How To Choose The Right Omega 3 Capsules

When you decided to include the omega 3 fatty acids in your daily health routine, it is important to consider the factors to look at when you purchase the capsules. Reading the label is always important when you want to know the crucial information related to the capsules. Below are the factors you need to consider before purchasing the capsules. Once you get these factors, you can select the perfect capsules from the list that we have provided in the previous section. So, stick through the post to get this important information and hence buy the capsules.

→ 1. Type

The first thing to look at when buying the omega 3 capsules, is the ingredient list. As said, Omega 3 contains 3 main components – DHA, ALA, and EPA. There might be other components in small amounts. However, you need to consider to take a look at these ingredients in particular. Some capsules might not have good amounts of these components, and if you wish to have these components in specific, you need to check the ingredients.

→ 2. Form

Omega 3 in the form of capsules can have less absorption than natural food. To get the maximum absorption, you need to look for Triglycerides – TG, reformed Triglycerides – rTG, Phospholipids – PLs, Free Fatty Acids – FFA. Ethyl Esters – EE is the component that you do not want.

→ 3. Amount

You need to check the number of components present in the capsules. If you look at the front label, you will get the total amount of capsule supplements like 500 mg or 1000 mg. However, you need to check the individual component amount level to know what exactly you are taking. For example, a 1000 mg capsule might have only 320 mg of DHA and EPA.

→ 4. Smell

Omega -3 prone to smell rotten after some time. Once they are not good for consumption, they have a foul smell and have harmful effects. So, it is important to check the expiry date, and it is even better to purchase one that has dates way before the expiry dates.

→ 5. Purity

It is important to buy capsules that are genuine and having a third-party seal on the product ensures you that the capsules are safe to consume and they do what they need to do.

Omega 3 Capsules Benefits and Usage Warning

Now that you have some idea about what factors to check before buying the omega-3 capsules along with the top list for you to select the best one possible, now is the time to know some benefits of consuming these capsules. Then, you can decide whether the capsules are right for you or not.

  • Help you to fight against depression and anxiety issues
  • Improves your eye health
  • Helps pregnant women to promote proper development and brain health for the baby
  • Omega-3 can help you to subside any risks with heart diseases
  • Fight auto-immune diseases
  • Improve sleeping habits
  • Helps to promote healthy skin

In addition to the benefits mentioned above, omega-3 capsules have many other benefits for your body. Consuming them can improve your health greatly.

Another important thing to consider is the usage details of omega-3 capsules. According to the health organizations, an amount of 250 to 500 mg of DHA and EPA together is recommended. For men, 1.6 gms/ day, and for women, 1.1 gms/day of alpha-linolenic acid is recommended. However, this dosage might be increased if you have any underlying health condition. We recommend you to consult your doctor to get the exact amount of dosage needed for you daily.

Omega 3 Capsules Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why should I take Omega 3 Capsules?

Omega 3 Capsules are good for cardiovascular health, and also there are many other health benefits of taking these capsules. Omega 3 is found in Fish oil, and they have DPA, EPA, ALA, and DHA. They are fatty acids and found in almost all cells of the body. But our human body will not be able to produce them on its own, and hence you will have to consume Omega 3 capsules. 

  • How long does it take to show results of Omega 3 capsules?

There are many factors that play a role in showing the results. It is going to be different for every person, and hence there is no particular time frame when you can see the results. The dose that you are taking, your age, the reason behind taking these capsules, the diet you take daily, and the quality of the Omega 3 capsules that you are taking. Usually, it can be anywhere between one month to three months to show the results on your body. 

  • What is the best time for taking Omega 3 Capsules?

Your doctor will usually suggest you the right time for taking the Omega 3 capsules. Usually, for adults, Omega 3 capsules should be taken in the evening. But for children, it is usually in the afternoon or in the morning. Whatever time your doctor suggests to you, make sure that you are not taking it without any food. You should eat something before you take these capsules. 

  • How much Omega 3 is good per day?

You should take not more than 500 mg of Omega 3 per day. But again, it depends on many factors, and hence you will have to talk to your doctor about it. You cannot just start using it without consulting a doctor. 

  • Are there are any side effects of taking Omega 3 capsules?

As long as you are taking the right quantity that is recommended to you, there will not be any problems. You should never take it in high quantities in order to see faster results. You may experience loose stool or bleeding if you take it more than required. 

  • Can pregnant women take Omega 3 capsules?

There are a lot of benefits for pregnant women through Omega 3 capsules. It is suitable for standard delivery and also for the overall development of the baby, especially for the neuro-visual development of the baby. But it is good to consult the doctor before you start taking these capsules. 

  • Does the Omega 3 capsule cause a foul odor in the body?

No, it is just like you are eating fish. Eating fish will not cause your body or sweat to smell bad; these capsules are also just the same. You can take them without any worries. But just make sure that you are not cutting the capsules and spilling the oil out on you. This spilling of oil can cause the smell. There are no side effects at all due to the use of Omega 3 capsules or fish oil capsules.


This post has all the information related to omega-3 capsules. Now, you can decide on whether to buy them or not, and if you decide to buy, we have provided the top 10 omega-3 capsules in India that you can go for. It is always advisable to consult a doctor before purchasing the capsules. We believe you will find the required amount from our list and have a healthy life by consuming them.

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