The Best Shower Curtain In India

Relaxing in the shower after a long day is the best cure for exhaustion. It’s either hot /cold, the sensation of water on one’s skin helps to alleviate one’s anxieties. To avoid having to mop the floor after showering, you’ll need to have a shower curtain.

Regardless of how long or untidy your shower session was, a shower curtain keeps the rest of the restroom dry.

One of the most popular sets of curtains on the internet is the best shower curtain set. They are made of high-quality fabric and have received positive feedback from current customers. Those curtains are made of 100% polyester.

An adorable print on the curtain adds to the curtain’s charm. Rust-proof grommets are located on the top of the container. A weighted hook ensures that the curtains are hung in the correct position.

Safe and environment friendly fabric

Shower Curtain

The Shower Curtain is water- and mildew-resistant thanks to its 100 percent polyester construction. Full coverage can be achieved with a 72×72-inch piece.

The blue sphere pattern is simple and decorative. Hanging the banner is made easier by the reinforced top header, 12 rust-resistant metal grommets, as well as a weighted hem.

 For added protection, this shower curtain includes a liner. As a result of its OEKO-TEX certification, the fabric is safe and environmentally friendly.

Best Buy Shower Curtain In India

How To Choose The Best Shower Curtain

The cheapest and simplest way to upgrade your bathroom is to purchase a new shower curtain. Consider whether it is simple to clean and whether rod rail hooks are something you really want to use. Considerations include items like style and substance.

Each bathroom must have a shower curtain as a basic shower accessory. These consist of the actual curtain fabrics and their waterproofness. Decorating also depends on the space required for their shower area and your chosen design.

Shower Curtain Size And Type

Shower curtains must be 12 inches wider than your shower’s width. The typical shower curtains’ length surrounds the tub and reaches the floor. Standard curtain panel sizes might not fit in the bathroom when your shower is customised.

If you’re not sure if that shower curtain would fit, just get a measuring tool and calculate how big your shower is. The typical shower curtain dimensions are 72 by 72 inches. In order to account for the height of the shower curtain pole, you would need around 3 extra inches of room.


The material that you decide to use for the shower curtain has such a significant influence on the bathroom’s general design. Polyester, microfibre, or cotton-blend curtains are the most common fabric types. Vinyl and cotton are a few of the most popular materials available.

You can create the perfect bathroom by selecting various styles and colours for these curtains. Consider investing in a vinyl curtain if you want something low-maintenance and affordable. You may also use a pricier fabric to give your shower curtain a more beautiful appearance.

The greatest alternative for you might be curtains made of soft cotton fabric. Another common choice is vinyl shower curtains. Mold and mildew are less of a problem because these decorative items naturally attract water. They also pay the least, which is the simplest to maintain.

What is the length of an extra-long shower curtain?

An extra-long shower curtain might be between 78 and 90 inches in length. However, a little more weight might not be the ideal solution, so keep in mind that the elevation of the curtains will typically be about the same as regular-sized dividers.

Which curtain design should I pick?

Shower curtains should be chosen with lighting in mind; lighter colours are best. Solid or decorative shower curtains are frequently chosen. Shower curtains that are solid work best for a more modest appearance. You shouldn’t block natural sunlight, whether you have a big or small bathroom, because it’s crucial.