The Best Fountain Pen in India

A fountain pen is adequate for project preparation, homework notes, or signing official documents. Over the years, the number of best fountain pens in stationery stores has seen an expansion. Traditionally used fountain pens are in demand as people have started gaining interest in such pens. Such a pen looks beautiful and is elegant and sleek even when carried in the hand or pocket. Many people globally use fountain pens instead of regular or non-professional pens regularly.

Some people treat a fountain pen as a professional accessory and use it only for essential events. They have always been a symbol of writing and the faithfulness of a gentleman. When it comes to fountain pen frames, there is an array of options available. To choose the best fountain pen, you are advised to research the market or E-commerce website. If you are a professional or writer looking for the best fountain pens, this guide is for you. In this article, we are going to discuss India’s best fountain pen available online.

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How to choose the best fountain pen in India?

Fountain Pen India

Determining the number of aspects will help you shortlist the famous fountain pen options. Before you go with a certain fountain pen brand, you will need to check the product, and its features, and accordingly choose one that suits your needs.

  1. Consider the pen size

The size of the fountain pen is one of the most vital aspects when it comes to fountain pens. Since there are many sizes in the market, you should pay attention when buying a fountain pen for your needs. Pen size put a direct effect on the writing style and varies from person to person. However, the pen you choose should be the same size as a normal-sized pen.

If the pen fits snugly in your hands, you don’t need to worry about the writing feel. If it doesn’t fit your fingers because of its large or small size, you don’t choose that type of pen. Keep your hand size in mind when buying a fountain pen and then choose the right fountain pen with a thin or wide body frame.

  1. Check the pen width

In addition to the size, the quality of the nib enhances writing skills. In India, you can see a variety of nib sizes used by different people. A pen with the right size nib enables you to write precisely on paper while a bold nib can help you write bold words. If you’re looking for a pen for doing artistic accessories or calligraphy, look for a wide nib pen.

However, the use of different sized nib widths varies. The size of the width of the nib also helps determine how much ink is consumed by your pen. Generally, the wider the pen’s nib, the more ink the pen will let in. If you use wider nibs, you’ll need to get thicker cardboard or switch to paper or canvas for writing on.

  1. Pen’s Weight

Pen’s weight plays an essential role in efficient writing. With the heavy pen frame, you are not comfortable with writing with a fountain pen, but at the same time keep your preferences in mind. Ask yourself whether you love light fountain pens or heavy fountain pens, or do heavy fountain pens, if you choose, help you with the comfort you expect? In our opinion, most heavy fountain pens might cause fatigue while holding. If you buy a fountain pen for long-term use, you should choose one that will be enough light and comfortable. In essence, the lightweight pens are ideal for long writing jobs, while the heavy fountain pens are for short-term usage.

  1. Ink Filling System

No matter how expensive or affordable a fountain pen is, it needs a refill of ink from time to time. The famous ink filling system in these types of pens is ink cartridges, which are pre-filled and all you have to do is tighten them onto the pen. They are the simplest way to refill ink, all you need is to use the bottled ink for refilling. Some other ink filling types include piston-based cartridges and vacuum refills.