10 Best Gift For Girlfriend Under 500 Rs. In India 2022

If, as a boyfriend, you are struggling to find a gift for your girlfriend, we would say that you are not alone. Choosing a girl’s gift can be difficult for some people, but if you know your girlfriend’s preferences, you can surely find the gift that she will like and use the most. In India, there are many gift options available. But the question is – Where do you find them? These gifts can often be seen at the local gift stores. However, the problem arises when you do not like the quality of gifts from these stores. For some people, the problem can be the unavailability of such gift stores in their towns.

But on special occasions like Valentine’s Day and birthdays, you will have immense wishes to give your girlfriend the best gift that she deserves. One more problem can be that sometimes the gift that you think she will like is out of your budget. What to do in such cases? It is extremely difficult, after all. Well, please stop stressing over it. Today, we will discuss the ten best gifts in India than you can present to your girlfriend. All these gifts are amazing and unique. Other than that, their prices are also below INR 500. What better deal can you come up with?

Best Buy Gift For Girlfriend Below 500 INR

Let us go through each gift one by one and also put some light on their pros as well as cons

1. Incredible Gifts India Wooden Personalized Gift

Incredible Gifts India Wooden Personalized Gift

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First up, we have a personalized gift option by Incredible Gifts India. Here you can get your girlfriend’s photo designed on a wooden plaque. For this, you will have to send a picture to the manufacturers. If you wish, you can also ask them to add some of your preferred messages. People also like adding quotes to the plaque to make it a memorable gift. Your girlfriend will love having this present at her table or desk.


  • This gift is unique and can be personalized according to your requirements.
  • The plaque can be kept on tables and desks like a photo frame.
  • You can also choose various sizes of photographic plaque.


  • The size of the gift above 4 X 5 inches will cost you more money.

2. ALDIVO Gift Set


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In this amazing gift set from ALDIVO, you get a cushion, a mug, and a card. All of the products have ‘Happy Birthday’ prints on them. Hence, you can use this combo as a gift for your girlfriend when it is her birthday. Other than the products mentioned above, the set also consists of a keyring. She can use this keyring with her home keys or vehicle keys. This way, she will always have something of you with her, even when she isn’t at home.


  • Instead of a single item, you get four products in this gift set.
  • The cushion in the set is extremely soft and comfy.
  • The coffee mug is made using high-quality ceramic material.


  • You can use this set as a gift for your girlfriend only on her birthdays.

3. Shining Diva Jewelry Set

Shining Diva Jewelry Set

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Many girls love jewelry. Hence we have a jewelry set by Shining Diva for you to use as a gift for your girlfriend. In this set, there is a pendant necklace, a bracelet, and a pair of earrings. All the pieces have beautiful blue crystal embedded on them. This crystal is what brings the jewelry together. Additionally, every piece is also plated with white gold. This way, no ornament will lose its shine even after multiple uses. It will be an ideal gift for your girlfriends if she loves jewelry.


  • The product is free from lead and nickel.
  • All the pieces are safe for skin and anti-allergic.
  • The jewelry is suitable to be worn with Indian ethnic wear for women.


  • Some women prefer wearing two bracelets, but you only get a single bracelet in this set.

4. ITOS365 Handmade Gift

ITOS365 Handmade Gift

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Next up, we have a beautiful gift box that you can gift your girlfriend. She can use this product to store all her valuable belongings, like jewelry and ornaments. When she stores it in the dressing area, she will feel classy every time she opens the box. This box has a length of 8 inches and has flower designs engraved on the top. This is why it is one of the most beautiful and well-loved handmade storage boxes in India. It has a flipping-flap design and can be opened and closed easily.


  • The box can be used to store family heirlooms as well as personal jewelry.
  • It can be used as a gift for both women and girls.
  • You can gift it to your girlfriend on any occasion.


  • The box may feel small if the amount of jewelry is high.

5. AICA Showpiece for gifting

AICA Showpiece for gifting

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If you are confused about what you should choose as a gift for your girlfriend, you always have an option of a beautiful showpiece. Hence, that is what we are going to bring next. This showpiece is by AICA and is made using fiber. However, it has a silver finish that will last years without getting damaged. It has romantic figures sitting on the moon base. Many women love this lovely design. When you choose this showpiece as a gift, nothing can go wrong by any chance.


  • This showpiece is an embodiment of love appreciated by many women.
  • The silver finish is the reason why this gift can be kept anywhere.
  • Since it is made using fiber, it is light in weight.


  • You cannot buy it if your preference is for gold finishes in showpieces.

6. Chocozone Resin Showpiece

Chocozone Resin Showpiece

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Yes, we have another adorable showpiece for you. This showpiece is a resin showpiece by Chocozone and has the figures that look like a couple. The male in the couple is carrying the female in his lap. What can be cuter than this? Both the male and female figures look extremely pretty, and you can see through the pictures that there are a lot of efforts put into the design. You can buy this for your girlfriend if you wish to express your love and care for her at any time.


  • This gift can prove to be a very emotional yet lovely gift for your girlfriend.
  • The couple in the showpiece is designed very well.
  • Both figures have a perfect structure, and they look extremely adorable.


  • The packaging of the product must be improved a little.

7. Webelkart Valentine Day Gift

Webelkart Valentine Day Gift

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If you have arrived at this article on Valentine’s Day, then you must choose this gift set by Webelkart. In this set, you will receive a heart-shaped box. Inside the box, there is a cute stuffed teddy bear and a few artificial roses. Nothing can be a perfect gift other than this when it is Valentine’s day. Your girlfriend will love it as the set is unique. If she likes, she can also use the heart-shaped box as a storage box where she can keep her valuable items.


  • The teddy bear in the gift box can also be used as a showpiece along with the roses.
  • The box can then be used as a lovely storage box.
  • The box is very sturdy, and the whole set is extremely affordable.


  • The color quality of the roses in the box must be improved a little.

8. Chocozone Resin Showpiece (Kissing Couple)

Chocozone Resin Showpiece (Kissing Couple)

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We love the resin showpieces by Chocozone so much that we thought of bringing another one of these showpieces by them. Like the previously mentioned showpiece by the same company, this showpiece has two adorable figures – a male and a female. Both the figures sit on the bench and face each other as if they are about to kiss. You can use this romantic gift on any occasion, and your girlfriend will love receiving it.


  • The figures do not lose their color and paint at all.
  • You can place the showpiece anywhere like shelves and even in front of the car.
  • This gift has a very cost-effective price.


  • If you do not like resin showpieces, you must not go with this.

9. SATYAM KRAFT Ceramic Mug


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On number nine, we decided to bring a simple yet useful gift for you. This is a ceramic mug by SATYAM KRAFT. What makes this mug adorable is its panda design. Many girls go gaga when they see a gift that has such designs. Hence if you are in any dilemma or confusion, you can always come to choose this ceramic mug as your girlfriend’s gift. You can gift it to her on her birthday, Valentine’s Day, or any other special occasion. Trust us; she will love this useful gift a lot.


  • The person who receives this gift can use it as a mug for having beverages every day.
  • The mug comes with a lid that can be used to keep those beverages warm for a long time.
  • The panda design is used on both the mug and the lid.


  • If you have already gifted a mug to your girlfriend, you should think of purchasing something else.

10. Blankleaf Wooden Lamp

Blankleaf Wooden Lamp

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You might have seen many table lamps, but this lamp by Blankleaf is like nothing else. We are mentioning such things because this lamp has an adorable couple figure on them. This figure is the reason why you must choose this lamp as your girlfriend’s gift. It can also be used as a bedside lamp. The lamp lights up as soon as you plug the power cord in the power socket and switch the button on. Additionally, the product is very easy to clean, and you can wipe it with any dry cloth for this purpose.


  • You can use this product as a gift for other people on several occasions, too, such as your friends on their marriages.
  • The figures on the lamp stand remain safe beneath the lamp at all times.
  • The light glowed by the lamp qualifies the product to be easily used as a bedside lamp.


  • We found no cons of this gift lamp till now.

How to Choose Best Gift For Girlfriend

Buying a perfect gift for your girlfriend shall be a tricky affair, and the fact is, it is not about giving, but it is all about the present. The perfect match of the gift and the occasion shall be a top class hit. At the same time, understanding the ‘like’ factor is again a difficult one. You must maintain a complete synchronization of all aspects so that the gift becomes memorable in her life. This guide shall help you choose the right talent for your girlfriend.

Choose the dynamic gift.

The girls these days are not fond of miniature dolls or countertop items. The gift that you buy must be something that she uses daily. This dynamic makes the gift memorable. More importantly, any girl would flaunt, saying that my boyfriend got this. It can be a pendant, a bamboo shrub that she can keep it on a desk, etc. The bottom line is getting a gift that she can use daily and see it every day.

Get the Girly Colour Gifts

When we say Girly, do not get anything in red. If you are planning to buy a doll that she can use daily, get the one that is light in color. More specifically, attempt the pink shades. The color that does not irritate the eyes. Do not bring anything flashy or bright.

Get fiber flowers

Gifting natural flowers are the best option, no doubt. But how long does it last? Do you want her to throw that away? Get the fiber or the plastic flowers that are soft and sturdy. The market has many natural look alike artificial flowers. It shall be pf best hit if you give her on any occasion. But do not keep gifting her these flowers, this is a variety, and watches out for the next.

Personalized Gifts are the best choice too.

As the ground rule is, get something that she can use it daily. Get her personalized ones too, like the coffee mug with her photograph or her name on it. You can also get her a cushion that has her picture imbibed. Watch out for the colors here. Make it elegant and get the ones that are subtle and cool.

Memory Remains

You can also get your girlfriend a photo frame that features your photograph with her. It can also be anything unforgettable, and she will get reminded of it all through her life. The pictures of memorable events in your life, if it is collaged and made as a desktop item, can also serve the purpose.

Give the gift with a meaning.

It is an essential aspect of gifting. Most girls do not look for gifts but like pampering acts. One such action is consistent gifting. It is not what you give matters, ‘Giving Matters’ a lot. Always buy a gift which gives a meaning for the day or the occasion. The synch shall improve the bonding altogether. Also, the memories come with perfectly matching gifts and go for the best.


We hope that you find a great variation in all of the products mentioned above. After all, that was our only aim. You can buy any of these gifts online and have them delivered at your homes. One of our pro tips is – If you can; buy more than one gift, your girlfriend will love it. Additionally, you must have a focus on the pros and cons of each product as well. You must choose the gift that will suit the taste of your girlfriend the most.

We hope that we helped you make your girlfriend feel special with these exclusive gift options that we brought for you.

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