Best Guitars Under 2000 Rs. for Beginners In India

Guitars are stringed instruments that are known for the melodious tunes they create after their strings are strummed. Many people do the strumming with their thumbs. However, we have seen beginners using a plectrum (also known as a pick) for this purpose. Many new tunes can be easily created once you learn how to play your guitar. In the beginning, the learning process of the instrument is tedious. But with focus and concentration, you would be able to master the instrument in just a few months. If you stay determined and motivated, you might even achieve all your goals sooner. Guitars are the best, after all, right? They are loved across India by many music enthusiasts.

However, we do understand that these days these instruments are priced way above the budget of a common man. Hence, affording them can be a little tough for the general public. But what if we told you that you could have a guitar in your hands by paying only a little money? We knew you would not believe us. This is why we came up with a list of five guitars that we thought are the best. The best part about all six of them is that they are all priced under INR 2000. All of this feels like a dream, and we get you. But believe us, they are all very qualitative and will last many years before you switch to a professional’s guitar. If you are ready, we must dive into the details of all six of them –

Best Selling Guitars Below 2000 INR

1. Intern INT-38C Acoustic Guitar 

intern INT-38C Acoustic Guitar

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No doubts Photron is the first choice of any guitar lover but if you are looking for good quality guitar under 2000 budget then your first choice could be the Intern Acoustic Guitar. This guitar is complete kit and comes with 1 guitar, bag, strings, pick and strap. The guitar has great looks with an innovative design to produce good quality sound like a pro. 

The londen wood finger board with ebony wood fretboard and the height of the guitar is 38 inch cutaway design.The black glossy finish with 18 frets makes it awesome. The weight of the guitar is approx 2.1 kg. You can find total 6 strings in this guitar which gives you the perfect sound. 


  • The back material of the guitar is made of linden wood. 
  • Perfect guitar for beginners in India under this price range.
  • Available in 4 different color at the moment.
  • This guitar sports a trendy plastic bridge.
  • Ebony Wood Fret Board
  • Comfortable strings for perfect use.
  • You don’t need to buy any extra accessories once buy this guitar as it comes with all required accessories.
  • 1 Year warranty


  • Found non so far however as per few users it’s perfect for beginners don’t expect more than it from this range guitar.

2. Photron Acoustic Guitar

Photron Acoustic Guitar

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When thinking of guitars, the first company that comes in mind is Photron. Their guitars are loved and liked by many people across India. Hence if you stumble on their products, you would also be eager to look at them. Therefore, we are bringing the PH38C/BK guitar by them here. It is a beautiful black acoustic guitar that has a size of 38 inches. Its neck is made using Catalpa wood, which is known for being the most qualitative wood used to create guitars. Other than that, its strings are made from steel. Buyers often claim that steel strings last more than any other material; hence, you can foresee that the strings of this guitar will not break anytime soon. Once you own this guitar, you will be able to make music more freely. You can also take it out for your gigs and show off your brilliance with this stylish black guitar. The woods used to create the fingerboard, and the fretboard is linden wood and ebony wood, respectively. What else can one want in a guitar material? The innovative design of the product will suit all your desires, and you will be able to create the best tunes all by yourself. This guitar is suitable for a beginner as well as advanced level guitarists.


  • This guitar has a lightweight, which is why it is easy to carry.
  • Since it does not require too much effort, it is suitable for beginners as well.
  • All types of wood used in making this guitar are exceptional and qualitative.


  • You won’t receive a bag, extra strings, and a strap with this product.

3. JUAREZ Acoustic Guitar

JUAREZ Acoustic Guitar

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Like the previously mentioned guitar, this guitar also has a size of 38 inches. Along with the guitar, buyers will also get a bag, picks, straps, and extra strings. Isn’t that superb? And even after all of such provisions, this guitar is still priced under INR 2000. This fact still blows our minds to the very core. It will prove to be the best guitars you ever owned if you are a music lover. JUAREZ is a leading brand in India, better known for the fantastic guitars they manufacture throughout the guitar. Nothing can go wrong with the quality of the product if you are opting for JUAREZ. With better sound, the guitar is also amazing when it comes to its looks. The glossy black design is something that many people relate to on so many levels. Plastic is used to create the bridge material of this product, whereas, for the neck material, Linden wood has been used. It has 18 frets that you can run your fingers on very smoothly. The tuning pegs of the guitar are incredibly smooth. You can turn them to tune your guitar when you feel like it is not tuned well. The bag that comes with the guitar is made using nylon. It is very strong and holds the guitar in place when you are transporting it. As mentioned earlier, you will also get picks with this guitar. The pair of picks included are very sturdy and hit the strings at the right place when you use any of them.


  • Unlike the previous product, this guitar comes with a bag, extra strings, and picks.
  • It has a glossy design that makes it look stunning and unique.
  • The bad is well stitched and is made using nylon. It protects the guitar at all times.


  • The quality of the shoulder strap that comes with the guitar can be improved.

4. Jixing Acoustic Guitar

Jixing Acoustic Guitar

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Many people like guitars that do not have a basic color. A color that truly stands out when used in guitars is red. With red, the guitar gets sheer brilliance and brightness. The color also enhances its visibility by making it eye-catching. Hence for all the red guitar lovers, we are here with the Jixing acoustic guitar. The fingerboard and neck of the guitar are both made using Linden wood. For strings – stainless steel materials have been used. Stainless steel is considered to be better than regular steel, as it is highly long-lasting and qualitative. It is also known for its high tensile strength. Like many guitars, this guitar also has 18 frets. Additionally, its size is 38 inches. As extra accessories, buyers will get three picks, extra strings, and a bag for this guitar. The styling of the guitar is impeccable, and it will surely last many years with you. To protect the guitar’s surface from any scratches, you must always carry it using the bag that comes in the product set. This bag is made to prevent the development of dust and dirt on the surface of the guitar. The bridge of the guitar is made from plastic. The guitar is easy to carry and move around. You will surely love it as much as any other guitars or instruments of yours.


  • The red color of the guitar is well-loved by many people across India.
  • The picks and extra strings that come with the guitar are incredibly robust.
  • The guitar strings have high strength because they are made using stainless steel.


  • This guitar is more suitable for beginners than it is for professional guitarists.

How to Choose The Best Guitars in India For Beginners

Music is always an entertainment factor, and buying a guitar is a wise choice. Be it a beginner or a professional, you must be sure of purchasing the right guitar for your requirements. This buying guide shall give you a thorough idea of the factors that you need to look out for a while buying a guitar.

Size of the Guitar

It is the first aspect you need to watch out. The guitar comes in 3 sizes; small, medium, and standard. If you are a beginner, we would suggest you purchase the smaller ones or the medium sized guitars. Of course, as a professional, you will certainly pick the full sized one.

Structure of the Guitar

Once you have ascertained the size of the guitar, next comes the structure of the material. The guitar is usually made of wood. You can buy them as a beginner as it is light weighted and good one to learn.

The action of the guitar

The guitar is an acoustic instrument. More importantly, the strings play a vital role in the sound of music. The action of a guitar is the height of the string from the fretboard. If it is more, it shall offer better sound than the ones that are closely held to the board. Also, the action must not be too high or too low as well. Look for the one that has optimum height, and that shall help you play delectable music.

Quality of the strings

Of course, you need a good quality string for a piece of better music. At the same time, the guitar with thing strings is easier to play as well. On the other hand, the thin strings are prone to break too. If you are a beginner, it is recommended to buy a heavier one slightly so that it does not break. Once you learn in such guitars, it becomes easy for you to play in any guitar. Of course, if you are professional, you know how to handle the strings.


This factor is closely connected to the size of the guitar. The size of the guitar ensures how comfortable you can hold and play it. The posture must be comfortable and not irritating. Check with the sizes appropriately and select the right fit to establish a greater connection with the strings and the guitar altogether.

Easy to carry

It also attributes to the size but mostly on the material. As a guitarist, you will tend to carry it during occasions. It can be a party or even any function. The guitar that you purchase must be lightweight so that you can carry it with ease. Moreover, the light weighted ones are easy to hold and play too. 

Tuning capacity

It is the last aspect that you must watch out for. The strings need to be tuned, and it must stand intact for a longer time. Check for the tuners if they are steady enough to hold the strings tight. It must not occur that every time you tighten the tuner.


Till now, we have come across many different guitars. But to make a list with the most affordable guitars, we still chose the best of the best. We picked only five guitars because we always strive to keep the quality of the products above quantity. You must try and read everything about the guitar before you pick anything.

One can also try reading all the pros and cons that we have mentioned separately for each guitar. We hope that you find the guitar that you have always been looking for.

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