10 Best Table Tennis Racket Under 1000 Rs. In India

Tennis is a fun game to play with friends and family. Despite being a popular sport, it is an excellent choice for those who want to play it for fun and effectively maintain their health. Most people who choose to play tennis find benefits like burning intense calories, faster response times, etc. Those people who are trying to lose weight can find it one of the practical solutions.

Even if you look at India’s popularity level, you can find lots of tennis tournaments. There is no need for a highly dedicated zone because you can get a racket, table tennis ball, and net to start. The best part is that anyone who tries playing table tennis for a few days can learn it and get better. If you love to play tennis, you may know that there are a few essential things that make you a better player.

From the selection of reliable table tennis rackets to using tricks like smash can increase chances of winning. Among these things, skills can be earned by experience in a couple of months, and it takes time. But, if you use a wrong table tennis racket, chances of facing issues are higher. You might end up using cheap quality rackets and building a habit of smashing with intense force.

When you get to use a better table tennis racket, your skills start improving, and it takes some time. Here we did our research and made a list of the top 9 best table tennis rackets. We considered premium build quality but a pocket-friendly budget of 1000 INR. Let’s begin by exploring the list –

1. GKI Offensive XX Computerized Printed Racket

GKI Offensive XX Computerized Printed Racket

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One of the most reliable table tennis rackets which serves the best need is GKI Offensive XX Computerized table tennis racquet. It is a well-designed racket where the manufacturer is paying attention to lightweight design with a slightly heavy handle. You can expect a better grip during the use.

The build is strong, and you can expect better durability from this product. It is a printed unit, so it looks better from several other options. The manufacturer is also adding a small cover so that you can store it easily. You won’t have to worry about the durability of this product due to the immersive design.


  • Build quality is impressive, and it looks better from other options.
  • The price of this racket is affordable and seems genuine for sure.
  • It has a quality design with a proper weight balance for better shots.
  • You won’t have to worry about the grip as it feels handy.


  • No cons are reported about this product.

2. Stag Official Table Tennis Racquet

Stag Official Table Tennis Racquet

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All those people who want something for a good start and want to avoid facing any problem in the future can begin with the purchase of Stag Official Table Tennis Racquet. It is a well-liked product in all kinds, which can serve you a better need with all the features. The design is highly impressive and reliable here.

It is a compact and handy option which will fulfill your need in an effective manner. The built is strong, and you can expect better usability. The grip is not going to be a problem due to the better built and rubber at the handle area. The overall weight of the bat is 180 grams, and it seems handy for better use.


  • It is a premium built for an affordable price point.
  • The weight balance is impressive, and it has a weight of 180 grams.
  • It has a rubber handle to provide you a better grip.
  • The performing speed is 80, so it will be reliable for learners.


  • Hard rubber at handle seems cheap.

3. GKI Kung Fu DX Table Tennis Racquet

GKI Kung Fu DX Table Tennis Racquet

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No doubt that GKI is a well-liked table tennis racquet manufacturer in India and its products serve the best use. After comparing the design, build quality, and affordable price, GKI Kung Fu DX Table Tennis Racquet seems like an excellent choice worthy of what you are spending. You won’t regret the purchase.

It has a speed of 91 with the same spin option. All those people who are learning table tennis can start from this racket and get better with time. The best part is, you get a small cover so that you can store it and get excellent durability. Other products might be bad to offer such an immersive lifespan.


  • You get the speed and spin around 91, which seems reliable.
  • The design is unique and best for beginners who want something handy.
  • Price is affordable, and you can expect great value for money deal.


  • Slightly tricky to understand the weight.

4. Stag International Table Tennis Racquet

Stag International Table Tennis Racquet

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With a genuine build quality, Stag International Table Tennis Racquet is going to grab your attention and make you get this table tennis racket. It is approved by the International Table Tennis Federation (ITTF), so it is a reliable choice for beginners and intermediate players of table tennis sport.

The build is premium, and you can feel the better quality with this product. It also has a firm handle for a better grip and not hurting you. The weight is under 180 grams so that you don’t feel any problem while moving racket at a higher speed. The only issue is, it is not coming with a racket case.


  • The build quality is superior, and it seems well-designed.
  • Weight balance is effective in getting better shots with ease.
  • It is for beginners and intermediate players.


  • The manufacturer is not including a case for a much higher price point.

5. DONIC Sensation Line 700 Table Tennis Bat

DONIC Sensation Line 700 Table Tennis Bat

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For almost 1,000 INR, a well-designed table tennis bat can grab your attention with its finishing. There are numerous options, but DONIC Sensation Line 700 Table Tennis Bat is the most preferred option for better use. It is allowing you to move racket at a speed of 70, which seems genuine.

All those people who want to start playing table tennis will love the design and its build quality. The handle is rubber type, and it is made up of Avantgarde. The thickness of the rubber is 1.8mm, so it is not going to feel thick at all. The overall weight is also low, but it feels a bit tricky to use in the beginning.


  • It is one of the great choices for the Avantgarde handle.
  • The weight of this tennis bat is 86 grams, great for beginners.
  • The blade material is wood-Iorio, which seems perfect for durability.


  • It is tricky to learn due to such low weight.

6. Klapp Table Tennis Set with Two Racquet

Klapp Table Tennis Set

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If you are looking for something very much affordable and good to go option for your kids, then Klapp Table Tennis Set with Two Racquet is one of the best choices. It is coming with two rackets, three balls, and an adjustable net. No doubt that you are securing this deal for a very low price point.

For such a low price point, Klapp Table Tennis Set with Two Racquet has a lot to offer. It is an ideal choice for all those people who are learning it or trying table tennis for the first time. If you look at the specification, then it might not seem impressive in numbers. It is bad for intermediate or people who want to improve their skills.


  • One of the most affordable choice for beginners.
  • The design is simple, and it comes with three balls and one adjustable net.
  • Grip seems fines as you look at the price point.


  • Build quality is poor, and it might be hard to take fast shots.

7. CkTech New Sport Item Table Tennis Racquet

CkTech TT Racket

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CkTech make it’s place in the list of best table tennis racquet in India under the budget of Rs. 1000. As you always consider the base material of any racquet because price always doesn’t matter you should receive the product for what you are paying.

The base material of the table tennis racket is made of ash wood while it’s frame is made of wood. The size of the racket is small but can be used by the kid age of 4+. If you order you will receive 2 racquet 3 balls. It’s Ideal for senior and junior TT players.


  • Light in weight around 200 grams.
  • Available in multicolor.
  • Low in price.
  • Ash wood band material.
  • Item Dimensions LxWxH is as follows 12 x 2 x 10 Centimeters


  • Price wise quality is ok but not for pro it’s good for beginners.

8. Infinite Nisaku Table Tennis Racket

Infinite Nisaku Table Tennis Racket

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With an affordable price, Infinite Nisaku Table Tennis Racket has a slightly better deal to offer. The primary thing to notice is to build quality where you can find a better use of material. It is made up of lightweight ply, which will give you a better speed while trying to smash balls without any flaw.

The lightweight design also makes it handy for beginners to master their moves. The wooden grip is slightly cheap and hard for a long time to use, but after a couple of days, you will love it. The only problem is, the wooden handle gets slippery with the sweat, so you might find it tricky to speed up when you are already sweating.


  • Lightweight ply is used in the manufacturing of this racket.
  • The build is sturdy, and you can get a premium feel during the use.
  • The racket is lightweight itself which allows you to perform better tricks.


  • Grip over handle reduces with the sweat.

9. Dunlop Rage Predator Table Tennis Racket for Beginner

Dunlop Rage Predator Table Tennis Racket

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It might feel easy to master tricks in tennis, but it definitely takes time and skills. For a beginner, a lightweight table tennis racket seems handy and reliable to learn new tricks. Dunlop Rage Predator Table Tennis Racket for Beginner directly fits into the reliable category for less weight and affordable price.

The mixture of better design with such quality build ensures a better use. You can find reverse spin, which can help you with spin and speed, allowing you to perform tricks used by professionals. Still, it is a beginner level tennis bat, so you can’t expect intense speed from this product.


  • It has an outer rubber to perform some great tricks and mastering skills.
  • There are five plies used in manufacturing to keep it sturdy.
  • The racket is comparatively handy due to the better engineering with weight balance.


  • Durability is a major concern, as per a couple of reviews.

10. Stiga Kontra Table Tennis Bat

Stiga Kontra Table Tennis Bat

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Stiga is a well-liked brand that comes with a range of features. The purchase of Stiga Kontra Table Tennis Bat is one of the credible choices for beginners trying to master better moves, learning spins, and some smash shots. This product comes for a mid-range price point.

The purchase of this tennis bat is impressive for learners because it is good looking due to the multicolor design. It has a firm handle and better grip, which allows you to master better speeds without throwing the racket at opponent face.


  • Better for beginners who want to learn new tricks.
  • It is easy to use racket based on build quality and design.
  • There is nothing to worry about the maintenance of this tennis bat.


  • It costs slightly extra bucks even it has a basic design.

How To Buy Best Table Tennis Racket in India Under Budget of Rs. 1,000

Table tennis is one of the best recreational sports! It assists you in enhancing your endurance and accuracy. These skills will help you in sports activities and also add to more intellectual brain functioning. Choosing an appropriate sports equipment is quite tricky. The same goes for table tennis rackets! There are numerous brand and price options available in the market. A beginner who lacks sufficient knowledge about these rackets will surely get confused. Here are some points that you must look before purchasing a table tennis racket:

  1. A beginner or a pro player?

There are a lot of variations in the playing style of a beginner and a pro player. As a beginner, you need to start learning proper gripping, attack, counter-attack, and defense. To connect more with the game, you will require easy access to the table tennis bat. Therefore, a pre-customized bat is the best option for beginners. Pro players can go for customized rackets if they wish.

  1. Choosing an ergonomic design:

An ergonomic design refers to a design that allows you to explore the benefits of the bat. In no way, a bat should be the reason behind your loss or hindrance during gameplay. Therefore, make sure to choose a table tennis bat that a sturdy blade, handle grips, good quality sponge, and satisfactory rubber layering. Experts recommend going for the design that will give you an all-round improvement.

  1. Comfort and grip:

The table tennis pioneers implement various ways to improve the grip. However, the primary credit of a perfect grip goes to the handle of the bat. There are mainly two kinds of grip- shake hands and penhold. The players who use a shake hand grip style must go for longer handles, while the penhold gripping style requires a shorter handle.

  1. Cost-effective bat & affordability:

The bats mentioned in the link description are all below Rs.1000. Therefore, all of them are quite affordable. However, the main concern does not lie on the affordability. It depends on the cost effectivity of the product! Always make sure to check the desirable features on the bat before purchasing.

  1. The durability of the bat:

The durability of the bat completely relies on the material used to construct them. The quality of the shockproof material present in the bat’s padding should be good enough to tolerate all the shots. The play hours also have a direct impact on the durability of these bats.

  1. Kinds of table tennis bat:

Table tennis bats are usually of two kinds- customized and pre-customized. Customized bats are recommended for pro players according to their requirements. On the other hand, a beginner should always go for a pre-customized bat.

  1. Ease of use:

An ideal table tennis bat should be easy to use and maintain. The weight of the bat should be considerable. A too heavy or too lightweight bat can directly show an impact on your gameplay. Also, the bat’s grip should have an anti-sweat or sweat-absorbent material to prevent slipping of the bat.

  1. Speed of the bat:

The speed, control, and spin of a table tennis bat are three major components that decide the effectivity of a bat. Make sure to check these things according to your requirement.

We hope that you will be able to select an ideal table tennis bat. Thank-you!

The Final Verdict

After considering a range of aspects like material, weight, design, and flexibility related aspects, selecting a reliable table tennis racket seems more comfortable. In the great variety, figuring out the right one means looking for a handy table tennis racket that seems easy to use for your style. Everyone has a method, and when you find different weighing options, you learn about each type’s advantages and disadvantages.

In case you still have any doubts regarding a product, going through the reviews section will pour some light and let you know about the key traits of a tennis racket that you are looking at. We hope that this in-depth review of some of the top table tennis racket to buy in India will ease up selecting a reliable unit for you. Make sure that you don’t compromise with the quality and look for the best options.

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