Top 10 Best Gyms in india

Every person in this world have become quite health conscious now and he/she wish to have a fit as well as healthy body. In India also this trend have been rising which have resulted in the opening of more hi-tech gyms here. The young generation of India has to follow a sedentary lifestyle owing to their office work on laptops or PCs which have created several health issues (owing to the improper diets and eating habits) in them. Thus to overcome such health problems, visiting a gym at least for an hour in a day have become quite necessary.

In gyms, the people are provided the world-class equipment under the guidance of well-skilled trainers. Besides nowadays gyms in India are also promoting Pilates, Yoga, Kick Boxing, Various Dance forms, Aerobics, Spas etc. It is also becoming like an addiction in the youngsters. There are so many gyms in India which are quite popular but here we are giving you the list of top ten gyms in India so that you can join any one of them without any worry:

List of Most Famous Gyms In India

10) Ozone fitness

This gym’s headquarters are located in Delhi. It is also recognized as “O3″ which was established in the year 2002. At present, it has more than 30,000 members. In this gym, you will get the best equipment, environmentally friendly atmosphere and skillfully proficient trainers. This gym is also India’s largest top leading boutique health chain and spa center where you can get the facilities like spa, gym, aerobics and yoga to rejuvenate and revivify the person’s senses.

9) Fluid fitness

This gym was founded in the year 2004 which have more than 30 fitness branches in the entire India. There are more than 20,000 members of this gym and its head office is located in New Delhi. The Fluid fitness amalgamates the advantages of technology that is important for a better life. You can enjoy the facilities like Ayurveda, Aerobics, as well as Spa treatments from the experts in this gym chain.

8) Solaris

This gym was started in the year of 1999 at Pune, Maharashtra. In a very less duration of 17 years, it has made more than 25,000 members. In India, there are around 50 + centers. This gym’s brand offers an extensive collection of services along with the valuable and stimulating tips which people can apply after the post workout. The main USP of this gym is its qualified trained staff as well as superior equipment along with the best atmosphere which.

7) Fitness One

This gym was established in the year 2008 which has more than 100 centers in India along with the 20,000 customers. The headquarters of this gym is located Chennai. This gym chain has presented an enthusiastic growth and acknowledged proficiency in the arena of health and fitness which has fetched it a great brand worth. Here, you can relish the facilities like Fitness Training, Occupational Therapy, Nutrition Therapy, Physiotherapy, and Sports Training.

6)  48 Fitness

This gym is governed by Mr. Vijay Thakkar in the Mumbai city. It mainly gives emphasis on offering modified fitness along with the numerous training modalities solutions to the people who want to get overall fit. The atmosphere of this place is also fantastic which provides immaculate extravagance and comfort.

5) Snap Fitness

The next name in the list is Snap Fitness which was established in the year 2008 in India. Its head office is located in Bangalore. There are more than 2500 centers as well as 40,000 members of this gym in the country. The gym is comprised of extremely experienced trainers along with the world class techniques and equipment also with the world-class services and suitability.

4) Fitness first

This is one of the top developing and internationally applauded brand which was begin in the year 1993. In India, its office is located in Gurgaon which provides fine equipment along with specific expert trainers. There are more than 540 centers and in excess of 1.3 million members of this gym in the whole world. Fitness first gym possesses uses the fitness techniques in a very inspiring environment together with the extensive range of membership plans.

3) Anytime Fitness

This is a 24-hour fitness and health club that was started in the year 2002. Here, you will get several facilities, lifestyle programs, equipment, and training. This chain of gym functions in more than 3,000 plus locations in twenty nations and devises in excess of 2 million customers. The app of this gym is also available over the internet which is quite helpful for the fitness freak members.

2) Talwalkars

This is a famous and foremost gym that was founded in the year 1932. The head office of this gum is located in New Delhi. Talwalkars gym possesses more than 500 fitness center in around 75 cities along with the 150,000 + members who get the training from the globally expert trainers with high-tech equipment.

1) Gold’s Gym

The top name in the list is of Gold’s Gym which is the biggest and the most elegant gyms in India. It was established in the year 2002 and at present, there are more than 700 centers in the country.  Its membership also ranges between 1-1.5 lac. Gold’s Gym conveys premium equipment, internationally commended fitness components, health information, state-of-art set-up, cooperating group workout meetings and individual management, finest distribution practice and unceasing up gradation with the training programs. All these facilities are provided under one-roof.

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