10 Best Immune System Booster Juices In India 2023

As soon as there are weather changes, people start getting many types of diseases. Sticking to medicines for the long term to fight them off will harm your body in the longer run. All of the common diseases like cough and cold can be easily avoided and entirely prevented if you start consuming Immune System Booster Juice regularly. These juices can be taken directly or mixed with water as per the instructions in their packaging. They are mostly wholly natural and are manufactured using the methods and ways mentioned in the Ayurveda. People in India trust these Immune System Booster Juices a lot.

For people who get sick pretty often, an Immune System Booster Juice will work wonderfully. Since these juices are natural, they are also known not to cause any kinds of side effects. After using them once and noticing their benefits, you will start having them daily and still won’t have any complaints. We have seen many companies launching these Immune System Booster Juices regularly in the market. But you should not trust all of them. Instead, you should only opt for the boosters brought by a reputed and authentic company or brand.

Additionally, if you think you won’t be able to afford these juices, you are wrong. Today, let us discuss ten of the best Immune System Booster Juices that you can find in India in 2021. And guess what? All these ten Immune System Booster Juices are priced below Rs. 500. That is amazing, right? These ten juiced are described in detail below –

1. Kapiva Wheatgrass Immune System Booster Juice

Kapiva Wheatgrass Immune System Booster Juice

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When it comes to the Immune System Booster Juices, we always think about the Kapiva Wheatgrass Juice. The best thing about it is that it has no sugar, and it is also high in chlorophyll. For holistic wellness, you must give this juice a shot. It is made by employing Ayurveda’s knowledge, and you can trust it to the fullest extent. It will help in improving your digestion in immense ways. Additionally, it also has huge amounts of fibers and vitamin C. If you often suffer from constipation and bloating, this Immune System Booster Juice is the cure for such problems. It will leave a positive impact on your body as well as your mind. Besides vitamin C, this juice is also rich in other vitamins, which include vitamins A and E. Give it a try. You won’t regret it.


  • Since you are supposed to consume this juice on an empty stomach, you can drink it as soon as you wake up.
  • It is high in fiber, enzymes, and many essential vitamins.
  • It will help in purifying your liver, kidneys, and even blood.


  • There are no cons of this Kapiva Immune System Booster Juice.

2. Baidyanath Amla Immune System Booster Juice

Baidyanath Amla Immune System Booster Juice

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You must have heard about this juice by Baidyanath a lot. It comes in a 1-liter bottle and is also priced under INR 500. Literally, everyone can easily afford this. Amla is known to boost the immune system for ages. That is because it is rich in vitamin C, Iron, Folic acid, and calcium. It is also a great antioxidant and will also help you to have healthy eyes. Many people have tried having this juice regularly, and they claim that apart from boosting immunity, this juice also helps them cut fat from their bodies. Isn’t that good? If you frequently suffer from cough and cold, this Immune System Booster Juice by Baidyanath will be a fix for you. Additionally, other than drinking it, you can also apply it on your scalp for preventing dandruff. If that does not impress you, we have no idea what will!


  • This juice helps a lot in rejuvenating the eyes.
  • You can apply in on your scalp and say goodbye to grey hair and dandruff.
  • It is amazing for people with allergies.
  • You can drink it if you catch a cough and cold easily.


  • Fortunately, there are no cons of this Immune System Booster Juice by Baidyanath.

3. Dabur Immunity Booster with Tulsi Extracts

Dabur Immunity Booster

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For many years in India, Dabur has launched many amazing immune boosters. They are all loved by many people, and they also like consuming such boosters every day to keep their health on track. Therefore, we are here with one of their well known immune booster, which is made using Tulsi’s extracts. Tulsi is an amazing herb. People use to fight many kinds of infections. The benefits of tulsi are immense when it comes to soothing cough and cold. However, not everyone has access to a Tulsi plant at their homes these days. Such people can easily go for this immunity booster. It has extracts from five different types of tulsi plants. From that, you can already guess its immunity-boosting abilities. You should use it daily, especially when it is flu season. This way, it will help you in fighting infections and also in preventing them.


  • It will give you quick relief from cough and cold.
  • It is a great booster for developing respiratory health.
  • You can have it regularly, and you still won’t have any side effects.


  • You will get only 30 ml of this product.

4. Kapiva Giloy + Amla Juice

Kapiva Giloy + Amla Juice

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When you get both the goodness of Amla and Giloy, the benefits that come to your immunity just increase by many folds. This is why we brought this Giloy + Amla Juice by Kapiva for you. It will help your body in fighting many kinds of infections and won’t cause any side effects. Most of all, you will get 1 liter of the juice in a single purchase. You will also like that it does not have any sugar in it. Many people who are diabetic look for Immune System Booster Juices that are free of sugar. But, they are unable to do so because there are not many options in the market. For such patients, this Immune System Booster Juice is a great fix. Since it is very well-known, you can easily find it in many local medical stores.


  • You will get 1 liter of the juice in a single bottle.
  • This juice will help improve your blood pressure levels in many ways.
  • Amla and Giloy go together very well in strengthening immunity.
  • You can consume this juice on an empty stomach very easily.


  • You should not go with this Immune System Booster Juice if you are allergic to amla.

5. Nutriorg Amla Juice

Nutriorg Amla Juice

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Many people wish to have an Immune System Booster Juice that also helps in assisting the removal of toxins from the body. This amazing Immune System Booster Juice by Nutriorg will help you in achieving that. It is rich in flavonoids, which are very amazing and help keep the cells of our body healthy. Other than that, if you have blemishes and marks on your body, this juice will remove those too. Out of many benefits Amla, what we like the most is its capability in increasing the count of the red blood cells. Hence, in turn, it also helps in increasing and maintaining healthy Hemoglobin. Furthermore, people who have white spots on their nails, also like drinking this juice. To dilute it, you can also mix it with a glass of water.


  • This Immune System Booster Juice flushes out toxins from your body and helps you have healthy skin.
  • It is also great for people who have low hemoglobin levels.
  • Amla is superb when it comes to oxidizing melanin; therefore, it will make your skin glow a lot.


  • You have to use it for at least a month to notice changes in your body.

6. Krishna’s Herbal Geloy & Tulsi Immune System Booster Juice

Krishna’s Herbal Geloy & Tulsi Immune System Booster Juice

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Next up, we are coming to the Immune System Booster Juice by Krishna. You can buy three packs of this juice, and you will still pay less than Rs. 500. That is such a great deal, right? Each bottle of this juice contains 500 ml of the product and is enriched with the goodness of tulsi and Geloy. We have mentioned an Immune System Booster Juice, which was a combination of Amla and Geloy. However, this one is even better. Mostly, it helps in fighting viral infections like viral fever and the common cold, but you can also use it if you often suffer from cough. Additionally, this juice will also benefit people who wish to have better liver functioning in the long run. It will help prevent many conditions if you start using it early.


  • This is an extremely affordable Immune System Booster Juice.
  • It works very well when it comes to fighting many types of viral infections.
  • It is also highly effective in the maintenance of sugar levels in the blood.


  • You have to place it away from sunlight; otherwise, it will lose its effectiveness.
  • To see its effects, you will have to use it for at least four weeks.

7. Vitro Naturals Immune System Booster Juice

Vitro Naturals Immune System Booster Juice

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Two Immune System Booster Juices are always better than one. In this pack, that is what you will receive. Both of these juices have Ayurvedic properties. This juice is used by many people in India, and many of them have rated it well in the country’s e-commercial sites. If you are buying it online, you will also come along great deals, hugely benefiting you. However, make sure you only purchase from an authentic website. This juice is purely natural, and you won’t have to worry about side effects even if you start using it daily. The delivery charges of the pack are also very less when compared to the charges attached to the other products. All in all, this Immune System Booster Juice will prove to be a great step towards a healthier body for you.


  • You will get Immune System Booster Juices in one pack if you purchase this.
  • You can consume it as many as two times per day.
  • It will help boost your immunity by many folds, especially when the weather changes, and there are chances of getting an infection.


  • Children are not supposed to consume this Immune System Booster Juice as it is only meant to be used by adults.

8. Fitndiet Immune System Booster Juice

Fitndiet Immune System Booster Juice

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Did you know? This superb Immune System Booster Juice has the goodness of Giloy, Tulsi, and Ashwagandha. We cannot think of a better blend than the combination of these three herbs. As you start consuming it, the first thing in your body that you will notice will surely be your high energy levels. So if you get tired pretty easily, you need this Immune System Booster Juice by Fitndiet in your life. Not only will it boost your body’s immunity, but it will also help in clearing up your blood and removing all sorts of toxins from your system. It will also help in defying free radicals which are responsible for skin aging. You can also go for this product if you keep having problems with your bone joints. It will turn out to be an amazing Immune System Booster Juice for you in the longer run.


  • For patients with type 2 diabetes, this Immune System Booster Juice by Fitndiet is the best.
  • If you consume it and make your diet healthier, its effects will increase in your body.
  • It is anti-inflammatory and hence will also help in fighting allergies and respiratory infections.


  • This Immune System Booster Juice does not have many reviews on the internet.

9. 1MG Immune System Booster Noni Juice

1MG Immune System Booster Noni Juice

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On number nine of this list of various Immune System Booster Juices, we have you this noni juice by 1mg. If you buy this immunity booster, you will get 500 ml of the juice. The best thing about this juice is that it helps the body fight all types of diseases naturally. This means that it helps in enhancing the body’s self-healing mechanism. This is why we are going to mark it completely natural. For people who have digestion problems, this Immune System Booster Juice can be chosen. It not only helps with constipation, but it also helps with the reduction of symptoms of gastritis and bloating. Other than that, it is also great to cut cholesterol from your body. In the cellular levels also the working of this Immune System Booster Juice is noticed. There is helps enhance the communication between cells so that the body functions in better ways. For us, that is truly fantastic.


  • It helps enhance the working of the digestive system of the body.
  • It has shown great benefits to people who have high cholesterol levels.
  • This Immune System Booster Juice will make your skin very supple and soft.


  • There are not many buyers who have rated this Immune System Booster Juice on the internet.

10. Wishing Immune System Booster Juice

Wishing Immune System Booster Juice

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Out of all the Immune System Booster Juices, this is one of the few products that can be consumed by both children and adults. Therefore, you can buy it for your entire family, and it will help keep the health of all of them on track. It is more of a Kadha, and in one pack, you will get 24 sachets. These sachets are supposed to be mixed in hot water to make a juice. You can then sip it like tea and enjoy all of its benefits. It is an entirely vegetarian product and does not contain any compounds derived from animals. Additionally, the mixture consists of a great blend of 17 different herbs, which are all proven to enhance immunity. Other than animal compounds, this product is also free from all sorts of GMOs and gluten. Therefore, if you ever think of going on a gluten-free diet, then also you can consume this amazing immunity booster.


  • Each sachet consists of 2.5 grams of immunity-boosting powder that can be mixed in water.
  • Both adults and kids can have this immunity booster in the form of tea every day.
  • It will work as a great substitute for people who want to stop consuming tea.
  • It does not contain any GMOs or gluten.
  • The packaging of this Immune System Booster product is impressive.


  • Even when this Immune System Booster is priced less, it still has less number of sachets that will only last for two to three weeks.
  • If you have many family members, you will have to buy more than one pack.

How to Buy Best Immune System Booster Juices in India – Buying Guide for Consumer

Immune system booster juices are in great demand these days. The demand is predicted to increase even more in the future. While several brands offer such booster juices, all of them are not the same. The juice extract could come from anything, which makes it challenging to find the best. The same diversity makes it impossible to compile a definite buying guide. However, here are some general things you need to consider.

  • Say no to preservatives –

Of course, immune system booster juice tends to come with several added preservatives and chemicals to increases their shelf life. These preservatives could help the product and you in the present. However, in the future, it could cause a health issue that you cannot avoid. This is a scientifically proven fact that most organizations and brands disregard. No matter the brand and type, do not purchase immune system booster juice with preservatives or chemicals added.

  • Only 100% organic juices –

It is not just preservatives or chemicals; some natural ingredients are also known to be harmful to the human body in the long run. While purchasing immune system booster juice, it is imperative that consider 100% organic product and no other ingredients should be there in your product.

  • Always purchase a smaller quantity –

Immune system booster juices are known to come in different quantities. The larger the quantity, the number of chemicals or preservatives added could be more. Even if the manufacturer or a brand does not mention such ingredients, there would be no way that they would market products without preservatives and chemicals. However, they tend to avoid such chemicals and preservatives in smaller quantities or smaller bottles.

  • Consult a dietician before purchasing –

Consulting a dietician just for consuming immune system booster juice might not seem to be a good option for most people. However, such consultation could help you get the best juice. Remember, a thorough case study could enable a dietician to recommend the type of juice that you could consume for boosting your immune system.

  • Brand and customer reviews –

While all the above-listed factors are important, brand and customer reviews should not be neglected. No matter what, it would be unwise to disregard the brand and customer reviews. Remember, a brand could declare one thing and the product could just be the opposite of everything declared, this could be avoided if you consider reputed brands. To avoid the brands stated above, the best way is to read customer reviews. Only the customer review could offer an up-hand knowledge of what the product is. Based on these reviews you could purchase a good immune system booster juice.

  • Don’t be careless –

Some people are allergic to different extracts. Some immune system booster juices would be 100% pure, but they might be a mixture of more than one type of extract. If anyone of the extract is allergic to you, the same immune system booster product could do more harm than good. This is why you must be careful to check the product specification and make sure that each extract in the juice is okay for you. Remember, today the market is flooded with immune system booster juice products, you could always find an alternative juice that could serve your purpose.


The ten Immune System Booster Juices that we described above are all pretty amazing. However, to see all of their benefits in your body, you will have to stick to using them for at least a month. To help you get better detail and knowledge of each Immune System Booster, we have described their pros as well as cons. We have tried to be completely honest in our reviews because it is our motto to help you to the fullest extent.

We are hoping that you will pick at least one Immune System Booster Juice from the above-mentioned options and use it regularly.

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