The Best Infrared Thermometers in India 2023

With the present rise of covid 19 infections worldwide, you must have seen infrared thermometers everywhere. You can also observe thousands of benefits of infrared thermometers. The thermometer or the devices will assist you to get the exact body temperature from a specific distance. Through this device, you do not have to touch the body parts of any person. It is the safest form. The device is compact and easy to handle. These types of thermometers use thermal radiation of the body to get the exact body temperature. This is something good about the device.

In the present time, the outbreak of the pandemic has allowed more and more people to use the infrared thermometer. People are feeling it much better and reliable to use these types of thermometer. They can provide you with an accurate body temperature within a few moments. Earlier digital thermometers were used to get the body temperature. But to get it, you have to place it in the body. But during the covid period, it is tough and risky to follow the process. So, the use of an infrared thermometer is increasing day by day.

It is one of the most demanding tools for getting body temperature. If you visit any commercial place, you will find people checking your body temperature at the entrance. If you use the traditional thermometers you will get that those come in direct body contact. It cannot be a safe option during the covid situation in India. Most Indian clinics and hospitals are using this thermometer.

Benefits of Infrared Thermometers

In this part, you will learn about some of the primary benefits of using infrared thermometers. Through this discussion, you will gather proper infrared thermometers. Let us try to explore some of the best benefits.

Versatile and fast

One of the significant features of using an infrared thermometer is it is prompt and versatile. You can use it both for commercial and domestic purposes. This is an excellent thing about the thermometer.


Another advantage of using an infrared thermometer is it is available at an affordable rate. It can also detect the sickness of the person. This facility is hardly known in other thermometers.

Easy handling process

Anyone can handle the thermometer. It is easy to operate and, you can take it without prior training or instructions.

Highly accurate

You must know well that the infrared thermometer gives the accurate body temperature within a short time. This is hardly available in any other type of thermometer.  These types of thermometers also require less care and maintenance.

Non-contact thermometer

It is the only type of thermometer that adopts and uses the policy of non-contact. It means that you can get the exact body temperature without touching the body. The temperature is taken from a specific distance which is much secured in modern time. It holds the capacity to retake the temperature within less time.

Instant temperature reading;

It is with this device that you can get the exact body temperature. No other thermometer can give you this service.  This is one of the latest inventions in the present time. You will have a superior experience while using it.

Best Buy Infrared Temperature in India

In this part, you will come across some of the best-infrared thermometers available in India. This will give you the option to choose the right one from the list. Now, let us move to the primary part of our discussion.

1. Omron MC 720 Non-contact digital infrared thermometer

Omron MC 720 Non-contact digital infrared thermometer

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Omron is a good company engaged with the task of manufacturing top-quality digital infrared thermometers. This thermometer is used on the forehead to get the exact temperature. The thermometer has an automatic on and off the facility to save the battery. This thermometer is suitable and applicable to people of all ages. It is also reliable to a great extent. It displays the body temperature with a backlight. The ergonomic design of the thermometer is something exciting. Anyone can handle it without prior training or instructions.

Pros Cons
Easy to switch between Fahrenheit and Celsius. It would have been better if the company provided cash on options for the buyers.
Provides reading in one second.  
One year warranty from the manufacturing date.  
It gets ON/OFF automatically to save the battery of the device.  
Ideal for people of all age groups.  
Have an ergonomic design.  

2. Vandelay Infrared thermometer

Vandelay Infrared thermometer

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Manufactured by the Vandelay group located in India this thermometer is considered one of the suitable ones to take the body temperature. The product has a powerful battery that is easy to recharge. It is an infrared thermometer that prevents cross-infection to a great extent. It is a forehead thermometer designed for people of all age groups. You can take the temperature reading from a distance of 2 to 5cm. This is one of the best parts of the thermometer.

You will also get an alarm if the temperature of the person exceeds the normal range. The simple operating system of the thermometer has made it unique in many ways. This thermometer is also hygienic and safe for the little ones. You can use it both in-office and at home for taking the body temperature.

Pros Cons
Easy and straightforward operating mode. In case of any issues, you have to  contact the seller directly.
It gives an alarm if the temperature rises above the normal range.  
Gives contactless body temperature from 2 to 5 cm.  
You can use it for multi-purpose works.  
Gets easily recharged.  
Ideal to be used both in home and office.  

3. Dr. Trust (USA) infrared thermometer

Dr. Trust (USA) infrared thermometer

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It is another clinical and digital non-contact infrared thermometer you can use for detecting and checking the exact body temperature. It is manufactured by one of the top-most brands named Dr. Trust. The best part of the thermometer is that it has three color displays. Green signifies that the temperature is average. Orange represents low fever and red indicates high temperature. In addition to this, you will get other facilities for using the thermometer. It comes with an auto-shut-down feature. On the other hand, you will also get an alarm system in case the temperature becomes high. The large LCD screen will help to view the temperature easily by the users. This product has been thoroughly tested and then introduced to the market. You can rely upon this product during this tough time. The device is made with all types of latest technologies. This will help you to get appropriate results.

Pros Cons
Available with a large screen for easy viewing of the body temperature. It would have been better if the look of the product was made a little attractive.
Have three colors to show the body temperature.  
Comes with a gun like design.  
It can give you a reliable and exact body temperature within a few seconds.  
Have an alarm system if the temperature increases.  

4. Gilma infrared plastic thermometer

Gilma infrared plastic thermometer

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It is another brand of infrared thermometer that can help you in getting the exact body temperature. The product is powered by the AAA battery which is a great thing. You will get the battery with the purchase box. It is provided by the manufacturer. The product has a large LCD screen that is efficient in giving the body temperature. It has three colors that will provide you with information about the current body temperature from time to time.

This makes the whole thing better and understandable. The fever alarm of the thermometer is another best thing. It will help to know the exact temperature if it becomes high. This device is found to be handy and compact at the same time. This forehead thermometer has been tested several times by manufacturers. You can easily use it for your work.

Pros Cons
Works effectively to provide accurate body temperature. It would have been better if the thermometer was made a little sturdy.
Relatively easy and smooth to handle.  
Comes within an affordable range for the buyers.  
Available with a clear and good-quality LCD screen.  
Tested several times by the manufacturer.  

5. Quantum non-contact infrared thermometer

Quantum non-contact infrared thermometer

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 You must know well that Quantum is another reputed brand engaged with manufacturing a non-contact infrared thermometer. It is counted among the thermometers that are easy to use. It can give you accurate body temperature within a few seconds. This thermometer is a light-weighted one. It weighs about 160grams. Another essential part of the device is you can use it both at home and office.

It has a large screen with a white backlight. With the help of high memory, you can store up to 32 sets of reading. All the recognized boards and authorities approve this thermometer. This product has been helpful during the covid period. You must have seen that many commercial places and offices are using this brand of infrared thermometer. It is the most effective one in all aspects.

Pros Cons
Well-equipped with advanced technology. It would have been better if the thermometer had an extended warranty period for the benefit of the buyers.
Perfect in taking temperature within 5 seconds.  
Have a large LCD screen with a white backlight.  
Ideal for storing 32 sets of reading due to good memory.  
Comes with low battery alarm.  

How to Choose the Best Infrared Thermometer?

Merely buying the infrared thermometer is not enough, but you need to check the device in the best possible manner. It may appear to be minor, but you must contain all the points. Let us now try to find out the points to check before buying an infrared thermometer.

  • You must check that the thermometer is providing an accurate temperature. If you can get the exact result of the body temperature, you can solve many health issues. It is useless to buy a thermometer that does not give you an accurate reading.
  • Emissivity is the term associated with an infrared thermometer. The emissivity of an infrared thermometer ranges from 0.00 to 1.00. The moment the thermometer is set to 1.00 it can read almost all the organic materials easily. It is one of the essentials you need to check while purchasing the thermometer.
  • The rugged design of an infrared thermometer is essential. Fresnal lens thermometer is found to keep the thermometer safe and durable. Research has also found out that the Mica lens thermometer is much stable and better than the other ones. It can run for an extended period.
  • You must also check the backlight of the thermometer. The backlight will help in the easy display of the temperature. You can get different lights of the thermometer. It may be red or white or any other color.
  • It is good if the thermometer has fast reading service. This will help in the smooth handling of the device. Try to buy the one that gives you prompt reading.
  • Recording the temperature is essential at the same time. It is okay if the thermometer can record the temperature for a long time. This will help you to track the fever and the body temperature.
  • Checking the exact price of the thermometer is equally vital. You may get some abnormal rates or prices of an infrared thermometer. Different manufacturing companies charge various prices for the product. Sometimes you may also get cheated for placing the wrong amount. So, it would help if you cross-checked the cost of the thermometer from multiple places.
  • It is also good to check the warranty period of the product. It is good if you get two years of the warranty period from the date of purchase. This will help you to replace the product in case of any minor or major issues. You must never buy the product if there is no mention of the warranty period.
  • Please get correct information from a reliable site to get proper feedback about the product. This will give you a chance to handle the product properly. You must try to gather adequate information about the device.

How to Clean Care Your Infrared Thermometer?

It is essential to take proper care of the infrared thermometer to get the best service of the product. Please keep the thermometer dust-free and moist-free. Always take adequate care of the device. You must try to note down the process of cleaning the thermometer. Here are some of the tips you need to follow from time to time to get error-free reading. It is easy to clean the process.

  • It is essential to clean the thermometer after every six months. It would help if you never forget.
  • The lens of the thermometer must be kept dust-free or debris-free. Steady accumulation of the thermometer will keep the product in good condition for an extended period.
  • It is the lens that you must clean from time to time. If your lens is not clear, it may not give the correct reading. It is okay if you keep a clean cloth.
  • You can also use a soft and smooth cloth to clean the lens. It can be used to clean the lens with medical alcohol. However, never use any chemicals or soap on the lens.
  • Never push or press hard while cleaning the lens of the thermometer. It may damage the screen of the device. You may not get the correct body reading. Slightly rub it with the soft cloth. This will keep the quality of the screen in good condition for an extended period.
  • You should use the lens before using it. Never use a moist lens on the body. It may bring adverse effects on the body having high temperatures. It would help if you kept this in your mind.
  • It would also help if you tried to store the thermometer between 4 -65 degrees of temperature or in a cool place. Never expose it in a warm place.
  • Always try your level best to protect the thermometer at every moment. Try to keep the cloth separate from you are using to clean the lens. You should not use it for any other purposes.
  • If possible, wash the cloth after every use. This will keep the piece of fabric in good condition for a long time.

If you use and maintain the tips, the thermometer can remain good and give you a long-term service.

Wrapping Up

With the advent of the infrared thermometer, it is almost easy to overcome the challenging situation. Using an infrared thermometer, you can stay much safer and secure from being attacked by viruses. It is one of the most advanced forms of thermometer to get the body temperature without getting in touch with the body.

This thermometer is being widely used in both official and commercial places. It would help if you always preferred to use these types of thermometers. You will get big companies who are engaged with the task of manufacturing infrared thermometers. It will help if you tried it. You will get a good service from the thermometer.

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