Best Keyboards Under 500 Rs. In India

Most Indian users use computers in their daily work. Whether it’s in their office or their home, computers have secured an important place in our lives. And talking about the components,keyboards are the most important peripherals for a PC. A keyboard not only lets you use the PC more efficiently, but it also provides some exclusive usability features that you can’t perform without the keyboard. Additionally, the keyboard shortcuts make things quicker and more efficient while working So you must invest in a good quality keyboard that is easier to use and has a better life.

Talking specifically about the Indian market, there are several brands (both local and international) that deal with the keyboards. Additionally, there are several types of keyboards according to the connectivity and target buyers. So, you may find it difficult to zero on one keyboard. If you are also finding it hard to choose the ideal keyboard for yourself, this article will be a great read for you.

Best Selling Keyboards Below 500 Rs.

As an important peripheral, the keyboard is available in a wide range of types and different price ranges. You can easily buy a keyboard priced a few hundred ranging to thousands.However, this range can easily confuse you if you haven’t shortlisted your preferred keyboards.

So, to help you out in choosing a perfect keyboard below 500 INR Budget, we are listing the ten most efficient and easy to use keyboards that you can purchase for yourself. Try them and find the most suitable one according to your needs and comfort.

1. Amkette Xcite Pro USB Keyboard

Amkette Xcite Pro USB keyboard

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Amkette has been a popular brand of computer peripherals. And the quality of the Amkette peripherals is literally unmatched. In other words, if you are having a limited budget and still want to buy a good quality keyboard for yourself, the Amkette Xcite Pro USB Keyboard would be an excellent product to go with. The dual-tone keyboard setting makes it a great buy for multimedia and gaming enthusiasts. The unique design and durable build quality of the keyboard makes it an ideal deal for the users who are looking for aunique and comfortable keyboard in a low budget.

The multimedia keys on the sides make it easier for users to control their music and other stuff. This makes it an ideal deal for the users who love using the shortcut keys and control the menus with the shortcuts. So, just try your hands on it, and you are going to love it.


  • Great build quality
  • Affordable
  • Great shortcuts


  • None so far

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2. Zebronics Zeb KM2100 Multimedia USB Keyboard

Zebronics Zeb KM2100 USB keyboard

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Zebronics Zeb KM2100 Multimedia USB Keyboard is another excellent choice for userslooking to buy a comfortable and highly durable keyboard for them. The USB connectivity makes it easier to connect with different compatible devices, and at thisprice point, this is not less than a steal.

Zebronics Zeb KM2100 Multimedia USB Keyboard is a simple yet functional keyboard that has all the useful extra keys, including the multimedia keys.These keys will help you control the volume and basic operation of the media without actually reaching the mouse. So, if you are looking for an easy to use and highly efficient multimedia keyboard for yourself that is easy to set up and has better connectivity, Zebronics Zeb KM2100 will be an ideal product to go with. Try it, and you are not going to regret buying the Zebronics Zeb KM2100 Multimedia USB Keyboard.


  • Great build quality
  • Easy to use. Comfortable key alignment
  • Great value for money


  • Enter key placement is awkward

3. iBall Winner Soft Keys Water Resistant Wired Keyboard

iBall winner wired keyboard

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For the buyers who are looking to buy a reliable and durable USB keyboard that is meant to last forever,the iBall Winner Soft Keys Water Resistant Wired Keyboard will be a great buy. With the excellent design and comfortable keys, the iBall Winner Soft Keys Water Resistant Wired Keyboard offers a great value for money to the users who are after usability and performance. Unlike many other keyboards that stop working after coming in contact with liquid, this keyboard from iBall is water-resistant so you can expect a better life than the other keyboards available in the market.

Another plus point is about the impeccable customer care services by the company. By choosing this keyboard, you can have professional help in case of any difficulty. Additionally, the utility keys like the space bar and enter key are larger than usual that provide users complete control on the keyboard.

In all, if you were looking to buy a comfortable and durable keyboard that would serve you for years, the iBall Winner Soft Keys Water Resistant Wired Keyboard would be an excellent choice.


  • Great design
  • Durable keys
  • Great for offices as well as personal computers


  • None so far

4. Quantum Wired USB Combo with Keyboard

Quantum Wired USB Combo with Keyboard

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Quantum Wired USB Combo with Keyboard is an ideal choice for the buyers who are looking to buy a combo of mouse and keyboard and want to get a perfect deal on them. With the decent build quality of both the components, the Quantum Wired USB Combo with Keyboard is included in our list due to an intelligent addition of the USB Hub. The combo comes with a USB hub that makes it easier to connect the different USB devices at once. Often a computer has two, or three USB ports, and the users find it hard to deal with if they have more devices that support USB connectivity. By using the hub, you can connect four USB devices simultaneously without any issue.

So, if you are looking for a decent quality combo that completely worth the money, the Quantum Wired USB Combo with Keyboard would be worth considering items in the price range.


  • Great pack
  • Easy to use and maintain
  • Offers great comfort


  • Mouse quality is not up to the par.

5. Prodot KB-207s Wired USB Standard Keyboard

Prodot KB-207s Wired USB Standard Keyboard

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For the buyers looking to buy a basic and durable keyboard that is both functional and durable, Prodot KB-207s Wired USB Standard Keyboard would be an excellent product. Along with the extremely lightweight design and excellent key response, the Prodot KB-207s Wired USB Standard Keyboard has many other things that make it a great choice for the buyers looking to buy an affordable keyboard for them.

The extra-large space bar and enter key, the Prodot KB-207s Wired USB Standard Keyboard offers users excellent performance and usability to the buyers who are after a useful keyboard for them.

The basic functionality makes the keyboard ideal for the buyers who are looking to buy the basic keyboard with essential features and keys and better durability.


  • Great build quality
  • Easy to maintain
  • Great value for money


  • No multimedia or function keys

How To Choose The Best Keyboard in India

Selecting a keyboard for your computer might seem very easy to you, what could go wrong? right? This is what you might be thinking now. It is not as easy as you might think. Choose carelessly and you would regret later. Remember, a computer without a good keyboard is just an output device like a television. Here are some important things that you need to consider and no other buying guide would mention.

  • Button or switch setup –

Most people might not even have noticed this, there are different types of keyboards available on the market, not only based on the use and style. But, based on the type of key setup. The mechanism of a key on a keyboard is called switches, the switches determine how the user feels when using the keys. 

There are three types of switches

  1. Silicone dome
  2. Scissor
  3. And mechanical

Silicone dome switches are comparatively cheap and found in most of the cheap keyboard models. The key’s in such a keyboard would be taller and the user should press the key’s comparatively more to register the press. Scissor switches are employed by most of the latest keyboards, most Apple laptops and products use such switches on their keyboards. When it comes to portable keyboards, chiclet and Island keyboards employ scissor switches in their keyboard. Scissor switches make the keyboard low profile and slim. Now, the best of these three types of keyboard switches are mechanical. While mechanical switches tend to produce noise while using it as they come with mechanical parts, they are comparatively more precise and durable than the other two switches. Mechanical switches are most preferred by gamers.

  • Number of keys –

Those days of keyboard with a standard number of keys are long gone. If you have noticed, most of the latest keyboards from brands come with dedicated keys and the number of keys tends to change based on the model and brand. Some of them completely get rid of the dedicated number keys. What is your requirement? do you need dedicated keys? If you need a keyboard with dedicated keys, then consider such keyboards. If you want a small keyboard with just alphabets and special keys, then consider such keyboards. The market is humongous these days, you could find whatever type of keyboard you dream of.

  • Ergonomics –

Believe it or not, the ergonomics of a keyboard is very important. If the ergonomics of the keyboard is poor, then it would not be comfortable using it. Most people assume keyboard ergonomics is important for gamers only. However, users who engage in extended hours of programming, coding, typing, gaming, find ergonomics very important. Therefore, based on your requirement, consider a keyboard with suitable ergonomics.

  • Wired or wireless –

Gamer or not, the option wired or wireless needs to be considered. Wired keyboards are fast and they tend to be a gamers favorite. However, those days are fading, wireless keyboards today are gaining the same speed and features like wired keyboards. Today, wireless and wired keyboards offer almost the same efficiency.

  • Gaming or not –

Gaming keyboards are special, they tend to be strong and the keys would be designed to take heavy stress. Top of the line gaming keyboards are expensive and they could handle anything you throw at them. This has been the case for a very long time. If you need a gaming keyboard, search for a gaming keyboard, do not purchase a regular premium keyboard for gaming. They might not offer the same features of a gaming keyboard. We personally know customers who have ended up regretting such decisions.

Computer Keyboards Frequently Asked Questions

  1. I have been using a premium computer keyboard for some time now, I am planning on replacing it with a new one, shall I purchase a computer keyboard for a price less than INR 500? Are they any good?

No, if you have already used a premium keyboard, you should not purchase a keyboard below INR 500. You will not be satisfied with what you are getting. While keyboards under INR 500 is not so bad, they are not very good or even close to a premium keyboard. Therefore, it would be best you consider purchasing a keyboard above this price range.

  1. Is it possible to wash a keyboard?

No, washing a keyboard is not recommended. In fact, even if a computer keyboard is claimed to be waterproof, they are not washable. While they could withstand fluid or water spills, they cannot withstand washing. As far as we know, experts do not recommend washing even the premium waterproof computer keyboards.

  1. How to clean a computer keyboard in the right way?

No matter what type of computer keyboard, the right way of cleaning is to use wipes and brush to brush and wipe clean the keyboard. Some people consider using a vacuum cleaner for cleaning, if your keyboard has inbuilt fans and extra sensitive features, using a vacuum cleaner to clean could destroy the fan and also the extra features incorporated.

  1. Is there any way to protect a computer keyboard from dust and dirt?

If you are not a gamer or professional who uses the computer keyboard too much, then, you could consider using a keyboard over or silicone skin on the keyboard. Both of these could prevent dust or dirt from coming in direct contact with the keyboard and the keys.

  1. If a computer keyboard is exposed to dust and dirt, would it malfunction?

Yes, dust and dirt could cut short the lifespan of a computer keyboard and also overtime decrease the efficiency of a keyboard. This is why it is best to recommend cleaning the keyboard once every week or else consider using a keyboard cover or skin to prevent dust and dirt from coming in direct contact with the keys and keyboard circuit.

  1. There are a lot of computer keyboards that are available at a price under INR 500, most of them do not come with a warranty, is it okay to purchase one?

Yes, they are good, but not the best if compared to other premium computer keyboards.


These were the most reliable and best value providers in the price range. So, if you are looking for a good performing keyboard that is easier to maintain and offers the best-in-class value, the above-listed keyboards can be a worthy choice to make. Make your choice and get the best performing keyboard for your computer in case if you are game lover then you need different keyboard for this purpose and to keep this thing in mind we have already write on the same which could be found here best gaming keyboard under 1000 in India.

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