Best Remote Control Cars in India for Kids under 500 Rs.

Whether it is a boy or a girl, kids just love toys with a remote control feature. Especially in India, we have noticed a massive demand for these types of toys over the years. The fact that remote control toys impart such joys in the hearts of children cannot be ignored. Many types of toys can be controlled with a remote. Out of all of those toys, the most well-loved toys are the Remote Control Cars by the kids in India. Generally, these cars are battery operated; however, one can also see a considerable spike in the production of Remote Control Cars that come with a rechargeable design. The former versions of the toy set are less long-lasting than the latter option.

The internet is full of sites where you can buy these toy cars easily. The purchase can be made online, and you can easily receive the remote control cat at your address. But it is not true that all of these sites are authentic. Hence, you must always try to make a purchase from renowned online platforms that do not have counterfeit products. Today we tried to bring you 10 of the best remote control cars in India. And that is not even the best part. The best part is that they are all priced below INR 500.

Best Selling Remote Control Cars Under 500 INR

Did your jaws drop? Well, keep reading to know more details about each remote control car and get more awestruck –

1. LUCID Remote Control Car with 3D light

LUCID Remote Control Car

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The best part about this Remote Control Car by LUCID is that it has a full ground movement of 360 degrees. The colorful design is also something that your kids will surely like. We also love the 3D lights on the car that help in enhancing the overall look of the product a lot. As per the quality of the toy car is concerned, we only like to mention that it will last year with only needing battery replacements. The remote that comes in the toy set is very easy to control and signals the car exceptionally well at all times


  • The car looks extremely sleek, and its wheels run very smoothly.
  • The remote control is easy to hold and grab.
  • The signaling between the remote and the car is extraordinary.


  • This Remote Control Car does not come with batteries.

2. ANVITTOYWORLD Remote Control Car

ANVITTOYWORLD Remote Control Car

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The ANVITTOYWORLD Remote Control Car is what we are going to discuss next. The look of the car is similar to the toy mentioned previously. However, one difference is that it comes with rechargeable batteries. Due to this reason, you won’t have to replace the power batteries again and again in the toy. It is also why this Remote Control Car lasts longer than any other toy in the market that is controlled by remotes. Furthermore, the antenna of the remote is long enough to signal the car from a distance quickly.


  • This toy is powered by batteries that are rechargeable.
  • The remote control can be used to direct the car in all directions.
  • Kids above the age of three years can use this product very well.


  • We found no cons of this Remote Control Car till now.

3. Negi Remote Control Car

Negi Remote Control Car

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Do you want to buy a Remote Control Car for your child that looks like the red Ferrari? If yes, you can go to buy this beautiful toy. The car requires AA batteries, and the remote needs aa batteries. You have to know that these batteries do not come with the toy car and you have to buy them separately. With the remote control, you can move the car backward as well as forward. The color of the car is bright red; however, slight variations may be observed.


  • The car looks incredibly stylish and attractive.
  • The batteries can be easily placed and removed from the toy.
  • The car is comfortable to hold and will fit in small boxes and shelves for storage.


  • The color of the toy car may be slightly different.

4. The Flyers Bay Rc Stunt 360° Remote Control Car

The Flyers Bay Rc Stunt 360° Remote Control Car

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The Flyers bay spotted the 4th position in the list however it should be on first position as the this great rc car for kids get good consumer reviews in very less time. The manufacturer recommend the user age should be 3+. If you want to gift it to your kids on his/her birthday then it could be perfect as it comes under your budget.

The good thing about this car is it’s large size tyre, color and Rc Stunt 360° Remote Control Car the product is durable and easy to use. you need total 5 AA batteries to operate this car 3 batteries for car and 2 for remote. The product is made in China and company doesn’t provide any battery the package contain only remote control and battery operated car.


  • Equipped with for wheel drive motor. 
  • Design to turn at any angle
  • Incredible 360-degree front wheel rotation
  • This remote control vehicle is made of high quality, non-toxic ABS material
  • It has 4 soft and flexible wheels to reduce friction between the tire and the ground
  • The girls and boys RC car is light and small in size, so you can take it with you and play with your friends with ease
  • 5 AA Battery Required ( 3 For Stunt Car , 2 For remote)
  • Available in different colors


  • The remote control is smaller in size but can be use perfectly not a big.
  • Company claiming battery is chargeable but not providing any battery in the package.
  • Some users are not buying due to it’s made in China products

5. Higadget Remote Control Car Original Model

Higadget Remote Control Car Original Model

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Who does not love Higadget toys? We surely do. We are next bringing you the fantastic Remote Control Car by them for kids above three years of age. The thing that we like the most about this toy is that the car’s design looks extremely real. Your kids will feel as if they are having the mini version of an actual car. The body of the toy is black, and it has wheels that can move on many types of surfaces.


  • This toy is the best for gifting purposes at a kid’s birthday party.
  • The design of the product makes you feel that the car is almost real.
  • The remote functions very well without causing a lag in operation.


  • The color quality of the product must be improved a little.

How To Choose The Best Remote Control Car in India

It is a daunting task to select the best remote control cars. Of course, they are indeed for entertainment, but the requirement differs from person to person. All the more, you will be looking for amounts of money worth as you buy the remote control car. There are a few factors that you need to check while purchasing one. We give you the set of aspects that you must verify to get the right remote control car.

Type of material

It is the most important aspect you need to look out for. The remote control cars are the ones that may bang on the walls many times. Moreover, that is an act of entertainment too. It is of prime importance that you get the car which is made of sturdy material. It determines your worth of purchase too. It must not break in the very few days. 

Type of cars

This factor comes in the two fold decision. One is the size of the car. The other is the weight of the car. Ideally, the weight must be less, and the size must not be so big too. Also, understand that the car’s size determines the battery life too; it means the More the size less the battery life. On the other hand, pick the car which has optimum weight. So, the body remains sturdy and also portable. You would love to carry the car wherever you want. So, keep this in mind while purchasing the Remote control car.

Battery Life

It is one of the prime factors that you must keep in mind. The battery life determines that the longest time that you can use the car to play with. Mostly, these cars are powered by battery cells. It must at least run for 100 hours. If it does, you are sure to get the right remote control car. The batteries are required for the remote control too. But that does not consume more power than the car. You can ignore that factor.


It is majorly required if you are planning for a race. Let us understand that the higher the speeds it can touch, the battery life goes down. Also, these cars under 500 do not come with high speed capacity. These are for leisure time entertainment purposes, and you are sure to identify the optimal speed models.

Non – Toxic Materials

Though we have seen the material as one of the aspects of choosing the right remote control cars, this factor is equally important if you have kids at home. Some cars come with rubber tires that might cause discomfort concerning smell too. But, find the non toxic ones, and that may save a lot of expense to the doctors. Also, find the one that may not break easily and cause any physical damage to you.

Appropriate shape

It is one of the factors that may ensure safety too. The design of the car ensures physical safety. Do not buy cars with sharp edges. There are many possibilities that it might break or also pierce.


That was all we had about remote control toy cars. Try going through each option and choose the one that you connect the most with. Additionally, you should try reading all the cons as you keep on reading the pros of each product. Also, try reading customer feedbacks and reviews on the internet to get a more in-depth look at the toy set of your choice from our list.

We hope that you get your kids a fantastic remote control toy car soon so that they can enjoy all their free time at home.

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