The Best Letter Box For Home In India 2023 [Mailbox]

If you live in a private home or run a business, you probably have a letterbox or letterboxes, letter plates, letter holes, deeds, mail slots, and mailboxes to receive incoming mail.

Letterboxes or mailboxes are often classified into four designs: 

  • A gap in a door or wall that allows mail to be delivered through it
  • A box that is immediately attached to the house
  • The installation of a centralized postal delivery station that contains personal mailboxes for a whole building
  • The installation of individual letterboxes for multiple receivers at several locations in a single neighborhood or community as part of a central mail delivery station.

Different types of Mailboxes

Since its inception in 1775, mail delivery has unquestionably progressed tremendously. Packages and mails are now being received on an almost daily basis as a result of the uncertainty surrounding delivery times.

It is no longer necessary to leave your letter at the local tavern or pub; instead, it can be left at your door or curbside. Mailboxes themselves have undergone constant evolution to meet the needs of every customer and every USPS requirement.

Here are the top 5 types of mailboxes available

1. Apartment mailboxes

Apartment mailboxes are essentially grids (or clusters) of single mailboxes that have been arranged so that the maximum number of boxes can be accommodated in the smallest amount of available area. This, predictably, comes in very handy when dealing with multi-residential structures such as apartment buildings, skyscrapers, business buildings, and other similar structures with several people.

2. Collection boxes

Collection boxes are a unique hybrid of column-mounted boxes, mail slots, and wall-mounted fixtures.

Essentially, these are boxes with an opening on the top for the mailman to drop mail into. What distinguishes them from other cabinets is that they cannot be accessed from the front, but must instead be accessed from the back.

3. Wall mount mailboxes

Generally speaking, wall mount mailboxes are located on the front of a building or residence and are big enough to accommodate a variety of mail. The majority of them are lockable, which ensures that your confidential letter will not be intercepted by a third party, but they do not typically feature a slot for outgoing mail, which is a problem for some people.

4. Freestanding roadside mailboxes

Freestanding roadside mailbox is the more substantial counterpart to the typical pole-mounted mailbox. They are often constructed in the form of tower-like constructions that rest firmly on the floor.

Depending on your requirements, they can include locked chambers to keep your postal messages safe from watchful eyes, as well as a space to deposit outgoing mail for collection by the postman.

5. Mail slot

In a door, mail slots are small openings through which the post can be delivered. Even while this is highly convenient for the individual who receives the mail because they wouldn’t have to go to any place e to pick up the delivery, the postal worker needs to get out of the car, drive to the residence, then complete their task of dropping off their package. 

If you have a postal slot in the door, you will also want to make certain that it is well-protected with a high-quality covering. In this way, the door will not be destroyed by the conditions or by animals attempting to find the way in via the crack.

Best Buy Letterbox For Home In India

1. Lepose Metal Mailbox

Lepose Metal Mailbox

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Lepose Metal Mailbox is a high-grade letterbox. It ranks on the top-notch position by its buyers. It is priced reasonably and can be purchased online as well. It is made up of decent quality material with a sufficient thickness of metal to last for more than two years. 

This mailbox has been meticulously coated to prevent corrosion, ensuring that it will remain rust-free. Everyone who lives near the seashore should choose a metal model that can survive the damp & salty air without affecting its appeal and functionality. Everything needed to withstand the unpredictable weather conditions is present in the mailbox.

Models made of metal distinguish your home from the rest of the neighborhood. This letterbox available for purchase from the best manufacturers online can be custom made, giving you the ability to leave your mark on the world.

Some of the alluring features of this mailbox include:

  • It has a locking system
  • It is resistant to change in moisture, temperature
  • Termed as a high-quality letterbox
  • Made up of tough iron
Pros Cons
Made up of contemporary design The peephole is bit small
Can withstand tough weather conditions Need professional assistance in installing it
Comes with a locking system which makes it more secured  
Made of sturdy material  

2. Plantex Virgin Plastic mailbox

Plantex Virgin Plastic mailbox

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Plantex all-in-one letterboxes are extremely durable due to the use of virgin ABS plastic in their construction. Because of its ABS plastic construction, it is scratch-resistant, rust-proof, and of the highest possible quality.

The multifunctional suggestion box is the most cost-effective and aesthetically pleasing collection option for homes, offices, apartments, condominiums, condominium associations, organizations, schools, and universities. This magnificent piece of furniture will undoubtedly meet all of your fundamental requirements for capturing and storing all of your letters, mail, recommendations, donations, cheque, grievances, and other receivable paperwork.

This useful and adaptable dropbox, inspired by industrial design, provides ample storage space as well as a window to view whether the box is empty or if it contains documents, among other features.

 The Plantex plastic mailbox is available in the correct dimensions. With this versatile mailbox, you can easily meet all of your collection demands by placing it on the major gates and walls of your home or office building.

Pros Cons
It can meet your expectations well It is very delicate product
It is a sturdy mailbox Lock is not that good, it might break when forcefully pushed
Heavy construction letterbox  
It has a good space to store A4 size sheets  

3. Kisha Metal Mailbox

Kisha Metal Mailbox

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“Kisha” provides an Elegant Design Mailbox that is constructed of galvanized metal for long-lasting rust resistance.

Whether it’s a simple address with a subtle engraving or a more elaborate design, these letterboxes are welcoming of small nuances. This implies that you will receive a one-of-a-kind outer design element as a benefit of your purchase. A one-of-a-kind letterbox for an extraordinary residence!

There are two types of mail we receive regularly: useless trash mail and high-priority letters such as bills, medical analyses, bank reports, and other important documents. However, because it is exposed to the elements, a letterbox is vulnerable to various forms of vandalism and destruction. This means that you must make your letterbox as inaccessible as a fortress to keep out unwanted visitors. And, because metal is linked with toughness, there is no better material for protecting your important correspondence.

Pros Cons
Its completely rust-proof It is expensive in terms of price
Made up of galvanized steel Thin metal is used for making this mailbox
Long-lasting coating of powder is used  
Guarantees safety  

4. Klaxon mailbox

Klaxon mailbox

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Klaxon provides a high-quality letterbox for its customers. It has a strong and durable lock. The body is made of high-grade iron material, which will keep the mail safe and protected. The long-lasting powder coating and attractive red hue enhance the appearance of your exterior.

The combination of sturdy material and a complicated system of safety hinges & fasteners converts a simple mailbox into a durable safe deposit box with high levels of security. As an added measure of security, you may always attach a safety lock to prevent anyone from taking your mail, adding a degree of protection to the system.

The address is almost often written on the mailbox, including the street number. As a result, you can understand that this letterbox serves as a kind of house number in a way. Unlike an addressing plaque, a letterbox can be used for more than one function. You can use it to both marks your address and receive mail from other people.

Pros Cons
Comes with fine finish and rich quality A bit overpriced
Fully equipped with materials like screws, keys, etc. Not that solid mailbox
Value for money product  

5. Ammarsons® Spring Metal Mailbox

Ammarsons® Spring Metal Mailbox

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All of our products are designed with precision and care to ensure maximum performance. They are intended to increase the value of your property.

This letterbox is the ideal security solution for all of your mail, magazines, letters, couriers, and other important items.

In addition to being able to be wall-mounted anywhere, this metal letterbox can be used in a variety of diverse settings, such as residences, society offices, business offices, schools, and other educational institutions.

Its attractive and elegant design allows it to easily blend into any environment without becoming an eyesore.

Due to the high-quality metal used in its construction, this universal mailbox can withstand any weather condition and is also resistant to moisture, making it rust-proof.

It is powder-coated and has a reddish-ivory color that reminds you of the old-fashioned post box. This sturdy and durable letterbox is equipped with a locking device to ensure that your mail is kept safe and sound.

Additionally, this has a glass window through which one can simply check for any fresh mail without having to unlock the mailbox each time you want to check.

Pros Cons
Made in stylish design Need expert assistance for its placement
It can last for years  
Comes with exceptional features  
Can be placed anywhere  

How to choose the best mailbox in India

Before you purchase a new mailbox, keep the following points in mind, this will help you making a best purchase:


In terms of size, extremely old post boxes are often quite small, and they are built to only receive standard-sized letter-sized envelopes. If you receive a large number of papers and magazines delivered to your home, you might consider installing a larger, deeper mailbox.

Optional extras

a draft-excluder is an absolute must-have for any contemporary letterbox. Aside from using a draft excluder, you should also think about how the mailbox itself opens. A mailbox with a cover that springs close to reducing draughts even further is always an excellent choice because it is more energy-efficient.

Door thickness

Because traditional letterboxes are designed to pass through the door, if you have a particularly thick door, the options available to you may be limited.

Rather than having a mailbox on the door, why just not try a letterbox that is placed on your wall and has a lock? These have the extra benefit of providing greater privacy, and they are a fantastic choice if you have a pet or a little child who enjoys playing with the letter when you are not looking.

Full-size with lock

Perhaps a full-sized delivery box with a locking would be a better alternative than a normal letterbox or mailbox if you frequently conduct online shopping. Even a letterbox positioned on the inside of a door that is reasonably deep will struggle to accommodate any but the smallest of packages.

If you decide to use a parcel box, be certain that it is fastened firmly to a wall and has a strong locking mechanism. Constantly check the mailbox for parcels — nothing says “burglary me” quite like an overloaded parcel delivery box on the doorstep.

Substantial bottom

the mailbox aperture to the bottom of the mailbox box is substantial if you choose a mailbox that collects your mail. Thieves frequently fish mail out of shallow letterboxes, which is a typical practice. 


Letterboxes are only available in a limited number of colors due to the nature of the product. It’s a great idea to choose something that’s rather neutral in color so that you may preserve that mailbox even though you choose to repaint your door in the future.

Final note

With so many options available in the market, choose the best letterbox for your home that comes with amazing features and can add to the look and appeal of your residence. 

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