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Recently we came along one of the most popular toy brands in the world. Yes, we are talking about Nerf. This brand is owned by Hasbro and has been determined to make the most authentic and amazing toys for kids (above eight years of age), teenagers, and adults. Out of all the toys that they have been manufacturing for many years, our heart is currently owned by their toy guns. No matter which brand we opt for, we just keep going to the toy guns by Nerf and Nerf only. There is something about the quality and functioning of these toy guns that one can not avoid. And guess what? Now you can buy Nerf Guns in India!

If that doesn’t excite you, we don’t know what will. The use and functioning of these toy guns are very easy to understand. But if we had to sum it up in one sentence, we would say – you just have to load and shoot darts using them. Explains everything, right? Nerf Guns make you feel extremely cheerful no matter what your age is. And because of this, we thought of bringing some affordable Nerf Guns for our readers.

Best Selling Nerf Guns Below 1000 Rs.

All the guns that we have described below are priced below Rs. 1000. Before thanking us, try going through each Nerf Gun and choosing the product you relate the best with. What are we waiting for?

Let’s jump into the description

1. Nerf Disruptor Elite Blasting Gun

Nerf Disruptor Elite Blasting Gun

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This Nerf Gun by Nerf Elite is one of the top-selling and well-loved Nerf Guns in the country. Adults, teens, and kids can also play around homes and spend chills and fun times. The company NERF that has brought this toy to you is known to be extremely responsible. They care about environmental sustainability, product safety, as well as ethical sourcing. Hence, you will surely be glad to own this Nerf Gun by them. With this toy, one can feel great excitement and joy. Many people also love using Nerf Guns as they make them feel energetic and playful despite their age. If you are wondering about the darts coming with this toy set, we would care to inform you that you are going to get six solid darts. All these darts can be blasted very quickly and smoothly from the gun. One of the best parts of owning this Nerf Gun is that the toy user will become capable of blasting darts upto a distance of 90 feet, which is equivalent to 27 meters. Isn’t that incredible? In quick and rapid succession, you can blast all the six darts one after the other.


  • The gun has a great overall look.
  • You will get six darts for blasting.
  • You can blast one dart after the other very smoothly.


  • We have found no cons of this Nerf Gun till now.

2. Nerf N-Strike Nano Fire Gun

Nerf N-Strike Nano Fire Gun

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This blue toy gun by NERF is the dream of every playful person on this planet. In the toy set, the buyers will get three darts as well as a blaster. Since the size of the toy is very compact, you won’t require a huge space to store it after you or your kids are done using it. To fire a dart, you just have to load darts, pull the handle, and then pull the trigger on the toy gun. There is also a provision of storage for two darts so that you do not have to look for them once you are done firing the dart that you had pre-loaded. Additionally, all three darts are incredibly elite. You will like how they are smoothly fit and fired from this toy gun in all situations. However, make sure you do not buy this toy gun for children below the age of 8. We are saying this because we don’t want them ending up hurting their sensitive body parts like their ears and eyes. You will enjoy the single-shot blasting as much as many buyers of this toy set do. This toy gun fires one dart at a time, so make sure to load the darts quickly.


  • The product has a nano-size for better storage.
  • You can carry it in your pockets along with the three darts.
  • The toy gun is highly durable and does not develop any scratches on its surface at all.


  • You cannot buy it for usage by children that are below eight years of age.

3. Nerf Micro Shots Fire Strike Guns

Nerf Micro Shots Fire Strike Guns

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With the Nerf Micro Shots toy gun, you or your children will be able to experience attitude and energy. This toy gun is available for purchase in India and comes with two elite darts. Both of these darts are well designed and do not have any sharp edges of pieces. Due to this reason, the darts won’t cut your skin if they hit you accidentally. Since these darts are known to be Zombie Strike Darts, you have to know that they can be fired extremely precisely at the required aim. Even when they hit the spot or a person, they won’t damage or hurt too much. Like the previously mentioned Nerf toy gun, this gun is also small and can be carried anywhere. It can fit in the pockets of your bags as well as apparel. Children like using this tiny Nerf Gun a lot. We have also seen many adults having a joyous and playful time with this product in their spare time. However, you should also know that the firing velocity of the product is not that high.


  • This toy gun is very easy to carry around.
  • It is suitable to be used by teenagers and adults.
  • The two darts that come with it are perfectly designed.


  • There is no finger guard in the toy, and the firing velocity of the darts is also lesser.

4. Nerf Firestrike N-Strike Blaster

Nerf Firestrike N-Strike Blaster

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We are totally head over heels for this fantastic Firestrike blaster by Nerf. When you look at the toy gun’s pictures, you will see that it has a combination of bright colors. The primary colors include blue and bright orange. Due to the brightness of the colors, the toy gun can be easily spotted when kept between other toys. This is something that your child will like when he/she is in a hurry to play with the Nerf Gun. Even when the target is up to 75 feet away, this blaster will precisely let your kids aim. Additionally, you can shoot three darts that are also compatible to be used with other Nerf Guns that you might have already. Also, did you know that this toy gun also has a precision beam? Yes, it does. And this beam can be used to shoot the aim if the target is within the range of 15 feet. This toy gun is surely not like other guns because it is highly functional and exceptionally light at the same time. We are positive that you or your child will love playing with it a lot.


  • The product comes with a unique feature of light beam targeting up to 15 feet range.
  • The toy gun can be used to fire darts at a maximum distance of 21 meters.
  • For fast reloading, the blaster has a storage section for two darts.


  • This Nerf Gun may feel small to people who like bigger Toy Guns.

How to Choose The Best NERF Gun For Kids

Nerf guns are an amazing gift for kids. And as there are numerous options available in the market in different price range, it may get a little confusing for the first-time buyers So, if you are looking for some help and are looking for buying the most efficient nerf gun for your kids, this brief buyer’s guide is going to be a perfect way to find the best product. Have a look at these points and find a better nerf gun for your kids.

  • Shooting range

In order to buy a highly reliable and performance-oriented nerf gun for yourself or your kids, it is essential to look at the shooting capabilities of the gun. Make sure that the gun you are planning to buy has a good shooting range and your shots can easily reach the opponents. Additionally, a better shooting range makes you enjoy the game like never before. So, try your hands on the nerf guns with a better shooting range. 

  • Aiming accessories

A few nerf guns are meant for a better shooting experience. And this is all because of the additional aiming aids built-in with the gun. So, if you are looking for better gaming experience and are looking for a better value, then we will suggest you to go with the nerf gun that ha inbuilt aiming aids or the attachments like the scope. You can find a lot of options under 1000 in the market that have these attachments and are worth purchasing.

  • Magazine capacity

Another important thing to consider while purchasing a new and reliable nerf gun is the size of the magazine. Make sure that the nerf gun you are looking for yourself has better magazine capacity. By this, you can concentrate on your game instead of refilling the magazine every now and then. So, in addition to having a better shooting range, make sure that the gun also has a better magazine capacity.

  • Customization

Nerf guns re meant to be upgraded with time. You can buy different accessories to make the nerf gun more capable and entertaining to use. So, no matter what your budget is, make sure that the gun you are looking to purchase is easy to customize and offers you better value for money. BY choosing an easy to customize nerf gun, you can be assured that you can use the gun for a longer period by making a few enhancements and adding the accessories as per the needs. 

  • Usability

Usability is another important thing to consider while purchasing a new nerf gun. Though these guns are fairly smooth and easy to use, still if you are looking for a better gaming experience, you should keep the usability in mind while purchasing the gun. Be sure to check whether the gun is easy to hold and aim, or not. By judging a gun in this aspect, you can be assured of getting a perfect and more reliable nerf gun that is going to enhance your gaming experience an offer you better performance. 

  • Value for money

Lastly, make sure that the nerf gun you are looking to buy completely justifies its price and offers better value for money for the price. There are several aspects that defines the value for money of a nerf gun, and to make sure that you are buying a worthy product, you should keep the things like performance and usability in mind. 


Even though all Nerf Guns are amazing, we thought of only choosing the best of the best. Hence, we decided to bring only the top five Nerf Guns that you can buy in India. Even after being so qualitative and long-lasting, these toy guns are still priced below INR 1000. This just blows our minds. We are pretty positive that you will love more than three guns from our descriptive list, no matter which age group you belong to.

If you have any doubts about these toy guns, you can also try to seek the help of buyer reviews. Buy a Nerf Gun soon you are going to love it.

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