Top 10 Best Raisins Brands In India

If you are a dry fruit lover, then raisins must be on your top list. They are sweet, soft, and very tasty to eat. They have a high nutritional value and very few calories. They are a form of grapes only, but in even tastier version that you can eat alone and even in many indian delicacies like palau, biryani, kheer, etc. Many health care experts say that they are high in nutritional value, like potassium, magnesium, iron, and vitamin B complex.

Many say that having raisin in the morning can add magic to our bodies after soaking in the water. But before proceeding further, we must see the quality of the best raisin so that we can buy the best:

  • Raisin should be fresh and squeezable. They must have moisture and pulp inside them. They shouldn’t be dried to eat.
  • The customer must see the expiration date on the packets before buying new ones.
  • They must be seedless
  • They should taste sweet instead of sour
  • They must be natural, not colored.

When we spend money on any product, we always look for quality. The quality of the raisin should not be compromised. There are many brands in the market that offer quality raisins to customers that are tasty, fresh, natural, and low in price too. But choosing the right type of brand is a tedious task.

List of Top Raisins Brands In India


In this article, we have listed the top 10 brands of raisins that you can buy

1. Happilo

Happillo is the most popular brand that offers the best quality raisin to its customers that is sweet, natural, and cost effective. They are 100% vegan products with no added preservatives or chemicals.  Whenever you buy the raisin from them, you will find the freshness intact inside their packets. Happilo  raisins are highly nutritious and have a high moisture content. They have a long shelf life.

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2. Nutraj

 Next on the list are Nutraj raisins, which come in fresh texture and many sizes. They are available in a round shape that attracts maximum appreciation from customers. They are highly appetizing and wholesome. The quality of the Nutraj raisins is very good, as they have good water content inside the raisin, which makes it juicy to eat. They are 100% natural, with no artificial color added to them. Nutraj raisins come in premium packaging options, which makes them the best options for gifting as well. .

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 3. 24 Mantra

24 Manta is the online portal that offers many products, from oil to cooking essentials to packed foods, to customers at high quality and affordable rates. If you are looking for quality raisins, then 24 Manta can be a buyer for you. You can place an order while sitting at home, and it will be delivered to your doorstep. The raisins provided by them are natural and organic.

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24 Mantra

 4. Farmely

Farmely raisins are next on our list. They also offered high quality of raisins to the customers, as they were procured directly from organic farms.  They are very popular nowadays in the market, whenever quality is mentioned. They are available in beautiful packaging and cost effective rates. Customers can easily buy these Farmely raisins in many packaging options and sizes as per their preferences and choices. Adding to all this, they are HACCP Certified.

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 5. Conscious Food

Conscious Food is another name for the market that offers the best quality raisins to the customers at very cost effective rates. They are natural and 100% organic. They bring raisins to the customers directly from the organic farms. They are in high quality, tasty, and have a high level of water content. These raisins are chemicals and pesticides free, and very healthy to consume.

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Conscious Food

 6. Delight Nuts

Delight Nuts offers hygienically packed raisins to customers doorsteps at very affordable rates. The raisins offered by them are of high quality and sweet to taste. They are seedless and doesnt have artificial colors to make them look fresh. They are carefully selected for customers so that each piece of raisin can add value to the money they spend on the packet.

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Delight Nuts

 7. Nutty Gritties

The next company on the list is Nutty Gritties, which provides customers with the highest quality raisins that are affordable, fresh, and natural. They are available in many sizes and flavors, too. You can carry them as a daily snaking option and even gift them to your loved ones too. They are soft, squeesable, and have a good amount of water content in them, which makes them even more healthy to consume.

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Nutty Gritties

 8. Avadata Organics

Avadata Organics is the next brand name on our list that offers good quality of raisins in amazing packaging options. They believe in providing quality with every product. The cost range is also very low as compared to other brands on the market. They are natural, fresh, and have no added colors. They are soft and very tasty to eat.

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Avadata Organics NA

 9. Healthy Feast

The best-known raisins are the healthy Feast varieties. Each packet of raisins is highly regarded for its sweet flavor and unprocessed appearance. They do not contain any additional artificial colorants or trans fats. They can be the best in taste and value when it comes to gifting options for you. They are naturally sun-dried, which can result in a slightly different flavor and texture compared to those dried using artificial methods.

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Healthy Feast NA

 10. Prov Premium

The Prov Premium raisins, which are known for their flavor and quality, are last on our list. You will always be impressed by the quality of this brand.  They stand out in the market due to the superior quality and sweetness of the excellent raisins.

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Prov Premium


Regarding health and flavor, picking the right kind of raisin is crucial. Both local stores and the online shopping portal carry them. However, since there are many different types of raisins, picking the right brand is crucial. These are the most common type of raisins, and they are made from green seedless grapes. They are sweet and versatile, making them suitable for snacking, baking, and cooking. They must be in good health and contain the proper amount of water. But choosing a good brand is a problem for many of us. Any of the aforementioned brands are where customers can purchase raisins. They are arranged in accordance with customer feedback and market prices. But the best raisins to buy can vary depending on your personal preferences and intended use.

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