3 Best Spirometer in India

Diseases like lung infection, shortness of breath is common in several people in India. But such difficulty in breathing, not reaching every part of the body, can be fatal since every system in the human body relies on oxygen, from cognition to the digestive system. Effective breathing can help you sleep better, provide you with a greater sense of mental clarity, improve the body’s immune system, digest food more efficiently, and reduce anxiety, depression and stress levels.

To improve your breathing practices and lung condition, all you need is a spirometer. Usually, this medical equipment is used to diagnose chronic obstructive pulmonary diseases, asthma and other medical issues associated with breathing.

You can also use it to observe the condition of your lungs and breathing exercises if you had taken treatment for a chronic lung condition. As per the medical expert, the right spirometer reduces the risk of developing complications like respiratory failure, bronchospasms, atelectasis, and pneumonia and keeping the lungs active during bed rest. If you’re also looking for the best Spirometer, go through this article.

Best Quality Spirometer in India

1. Deep Breathing Lung Spirometer


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The Health Andyoga presented one of the leading Spirometers in India. This device helps you to bring back breathing patterns and functioning of the lungs which generally get bothered due to old age conditions, illness, or specific lung surgery. The device is very effective and recommended by medical experts themselves. With the help of Spirometer, you’re able to take slow breathes which relieve stress and anxiety, also prepared your lungs for practice in Yoga.

This compact three-ball incentive Spirometer is made from premium quality break-resistant plastic. As it comes with three Chambers for different inhalation rates, any patients can use it as per their requirements. It helps patients to do breathing exercises for inclusive respiratory fitness. Moreover, it helps restore disrupted breathing patterns and achieves optimum lung capacity. Made in India, this Spirometer comes with instructions for better use.

Pros Cons
It is one of the most durable & sturdy equipments for better improvement of lungs. The material is not much high quality.
It is easy to clean.  

 2. Control D Respirometer Spirometer


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With the help of the Control D Spirometer, you can your oxygen concentration & muscular tone of the thoracic area, and improve lung performance. The ABS Balls inside the device with optimum weight is perfect for breathing exercise. Due to the innovative design, you can disassemble it in parts for disinfection and cleaning for further use.

Break-resistant and compact plastic is used to craft this tool for comprehensive respiratory fitness from 600cc/sec to 1200 cc/ sec. Also, it helps restore disrupted breathing patterns and help achieve optimum lung capacity. However, it is designed with three-stage chambers, which provide more effective practice to patients.

Pros Cons
It is a great tool with a compact and durable frame. It is not working properly as per the user.
The flexible tube allows you to use it accordingly.  

3. Ambitech Respiratory Spirometer


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Ambi Tech is known for manufacturing monitoring equipment for home healthcare. Ambitech Respiratory Spirometer helps lungs and heart stay together. The design of Spirometer by Ambitech is very handy, compact, and easy, making it highly effective and usable for the long term. Another notable aspect is medically graded material which is used to design this device. Also, it is medically tested for safe usage. Since it has a Detachable design, you can simply disassemble it to clean and disinfect it.

Pros Cons
It is made from medical grade material. Not found.
It is a very user-friendly product.  

How to choose the best spirometer?

Don’t be deceived by the cheapest in the market:

The performance of the spirometer will be higher for the costlier ones. The average price of a good spirometer ranges between $1000 and $2000, which are capable of functioning for over 50 years.

Look for an established manufacturer:

Quality products are built by renowned manufacturers who have experience of ages. The established manufacturers work on the spirometers’ life and offer a good repair policy. If you are sending the device for a repair, the established manufacturers offer you a refurbished replacement. Hence, reading the replacement policies and researching their experience and portfolio might give you a vivid picture before you decide.

Some brands, such as RMS, provide various kinds of machines with beneficiary features. For instance, portable and pc based spirometers, built-in thermal printers, higher storage, and the capability of performing tests such as FVC, SVC, MVV, and significant lung function tests.

Digital spirometer machines:

These machines measure the air during inhale and exhale and display the measurement on the digital display. Most of the digital spirometers come with a recording feature that records your readings as well. It also shows the key readings such as forced vital capacity, expiratory volume, and other essential readings.

Look for the portability and compatibility:

Some manufacturers consider the comfort of the user; for instance, portability and compatibility are two important features that are considered more beneficial for the users.

Functions they perform:

Always look for the number of functions the device performs. The spirometer is now available with several key functions, such as the lung age estimation function, which includes FVC, FEV1, FEF2575 test, FEF75, PEF, and significant other tests. The features such as accuracy and low maintenance would be added advantage. As these devices are generally heavier on your pockets, buying easy usability yet, low-maintenance devices make the right choice.

Affordable choices:

A few affordable choices are available in the market with a transparent body for quicker assessment. This doesn’t record or store any information; it functions with a simple mechanism that evaluates the function of the lungs. A lighter plastic ball is inserted in the device that is forced to move upwards while the patient blows into the device. This encourages the patient to blow and continue the exercise.


The given devices are one of the most recommended by numerous medical experts. Go to Amazon to buy them as per your budget. Breathing difficulties and chronic lung diseases are prevalent globally, so the demand for spirometers has recently been rising. Advanced medical facilities are focusing on developing digital spirometers, making them more suitable for doctors to monitor the patients’ lung functioning.

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