The Best TDS Meters In India

Our bodies are majorly made of water, and hence, it is also one of the most critical commodities in our lives. Water is used everywhere in our daily lives. We need it for cleaning, cooking, watering the plants and the most important thing, staying hydrated. The problem in India is that you can’t drink regular tap water. It can be filled with impurities and pathogens. You need to have a water purifier to get safe drinking water at home. If there are more than dissolved impurities in the water, it can be harmful to your body. So, how do you check if the water is safe or not? One way to prevent the dissolved impurities in the water is with the help of the TDS Meter.

The TDS meter will enable you to check the quality of the water and ensure that there are enough minerals in the water for your body’s functioning. Still, it will also ensure that the minerals are not in excess, which may harm you otherwise.A higher value of TDS can indicate a problem with the water, and you should further test it for the presence of other minerals in the water. For example, a higher TDS value may mean that the water has higher levels of bromide, arsenic or sulfate. So, the TDS meter will give you an indicative impression of the water quality.

The next confusion would be which TDS meter you should buy. So, to help you further, we have listed some of the best available options in India. This will make it easy to buy a suitable TDS meter, but before we check out the best TDS meter in India, let us check out the safe TDS range.

What is the normal range of TDS for drinking water?

When you are checking the TDS of the drinking water, you will get a value. Now, you need to interpret that value and understand the quality of the water. To understand the normal range of TDS for drinking water, you can refer to the table below. This will give you an idea about the quality of your water. Depending on that, you can choose the water filtration solutions or clean the candle of the water filter.

TDS Range in PPM Water Quality
< 300 Excellent
Between 300&600 Good
Between 600&900 Fair
Between 900 &1200 Poor
> 1200 Unacceptable

Best Buy TDS Meters Online in India

Here are some of the best-selling TDS Meters available in India. Go ahead and check out the reviews below, along with the pros and cons associated with them.

1. KONVIO NEER Imported TDS Meter


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The first option available on our list is from Konvio. This TDS meter is very accurate, and it is one of the best available in the market. The model comes with an intelligent detection chip powered by a microprocessor to measure the TDS accurately. It takes barely a second to get the reading using this TDS meter. Apart from this, this model turns off if it is not in use for over 10 minutes.

You can use this TDS meter to test the drinking water, beverages, hydroponics, aquarium, pool water or the RO system. The hold button on the TDS meter stabilizes the reading and makes it easy for you to note it down. The TDS Meter has titanium alloy probes, and it also compensates for the temperature. Lastly, the brand offers a six-month warranty on this TDS meter, which will give you assurance about the quality.

Some of the desirable features of this TDS meter include:

  • Works well for different types of water and liquids.
  • Probes are designed with titanium alloy.
  • Features battery saving mode.
  • It has a hold button to stabilize the reading.



Six months warranty Slightly expensive when compared to other options.
Highly accurate TDS Reading  
Impressive build quality  
Instant reading with temperature compensation  
Battery saver feature  

2. WELLON LCD TDS Water Quality Tester/Meter


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At number 2, we have a TDS meter from Wellon. This is yet another fantastic TDS meter available in the market, and it has a lot of advantages. The first thing you will notice about this TDS meter from Wellon is that it comes with a temperature measurement feature. Apart from this, you also get a travel case that helps you keep the TDS meter safe. The pouch keeps the TDS meter safe from other elements, and we found it to be beneficial. This TDS meter is an excellent option at an affordable price without compromise on quality.

There are times when the TDS meter may lose calibration, but if you are buying this TDS meter, you don’t have to worry about it since you can re-calibrate the TDS meter with the help of table salt. It takes just about 10 seconds to calibrate it. You can even calibrate it regularly to improve the accuracy drastically. During the calibration, you need to put some table salt and a few drops of water on the calibration screw. Turn on the TDS meter and long-press the button to enter the calibration mode. The meter will then calibrate itself.

Some of the attractive features of this TDS meter include:

  • This TDS meter is waterproof.
  • The results are almost instant, and it comes with a protective sleeve.
  • It has an auto-off feature.
  • It can measure TDS, and it can also measure the temperature of the water.
Pros Cons
It comes with a travel case. It might need calibration sometimes.
100 hours of battery life.  
Can measure the temperature as well.  
Affordable TDS meter.  
Offers quick results.  

3. Ionix water testing TDS meter

Ionix water testing TDS meter

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The next option available is from Ionix, and this brand is known for manufacturing different types of water testing meters. This option is very affordable, and it is also easy to use. The reading is instantaneous, and it also has a hold button. Overall, the quality and the value for money proposition offered by this TDS meter is impressive. It has a very basic design and does what a TDS meter should do. You should consider this one when you are searching for a TDS meter.

You can also check out the EC Meter, PH Meter & Soil pH tester from this brand. They are all affordable, and they can serve various purposes to you. Lastly, some of the users mentioned that the reading was off by 2%, but we had a different experience while using it, and we found it to be very accurate.

Some of the desirable features of this TDS meter include:

  • It is an easy to use TDS meter.
  • The model has a hold feature, and it also has battery saver mode.
  • During our test, we found the TDS meter to be accurate.
  • It is one of the most affordable models on the list.
Pros Cons
The most affordable option on the list. Some people reported slight inaccuracy.
Comes with a light indicator.  
Different options are available.  
It is made of high quality plastic.  
Comes with a transit warranty.  

4. Aptechdeals TDS Meter

Aptechdeals TDS Meter

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The next option on our list is from Aptechdeals, and this TDS meter is also one of the most affordable options on the list. This meter not only measures the TDS but can also measure the temperature of the water. Since you might have to carry the TDS meter with you, a travel case offered with this makes it easy to carry. The brand uses microprocessor technology to give you very accurate results.

The TDS meter also has a hold feature to stabilize the reading as soon as you press the hold button. Also, if this TDS meter is not in use for 10 minutes, it will turn itself off automatically. The LCD screen is clear, and the contrast ratio is excellent too. We don’t think there will be any issues with the quality perspective, but there are some customer complaints. The brand is usually very proactive in dealing with such problems, and you can go ahead with this purchase if you are looking for a very affordable TDS meter.

Some of the desirable features of this TDS meter include:

  • It is an affordable TDS meter with a temperature measurement option.
  • The pouch is offered for free, and it also has a belt clip.
  • The readings are accurate.
  • Compact design with auto-off feature.
Pros Cons
Very affordable TDS meter. Unsure about the quality.
Comes with a travel pouch.  
You can use it to measure temperature.  
Portable & easy to use  
Features a battery saver mode.  

5. Thermocare Digital TDS Meter for Water Testing

Thermocare Digital TDS Meter for Water Testing

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The last option on our list is from Thermocare. This TDS meter is readily available, and it is also very straightforward to use. The model comes with a temperature sensor to measure the temperature, and it also has a hold button to stabilize the reading. Apart from this, the TDS meter has a battery saver mode that turns off the TDS meter after 10 minutes of inactivity. We found the quality of this TDS meter to be good enough to last years without needing a replacement.

The TDS meter is affordable, and it also works well in almost every scenario. You get the readings within 10 seconds, and you would also notice that the TDS meter has a sturdy build quality. If you are buying this TDS meter, you should note that it is covered with a six-month warranty, and the brand is very proactive with the support.

Some of the desirable features of this TDS meter include:

  • This TDS meter can also measure the temperature of the water.
  • You can use it for measuring the TDS of different types of water & beverages.
  • The brand offers a free travel case with this TDS meter.
  • The battery lasts long, and it also has battery saver mode.
Pros Cons
Digital TDS meter with temperature function. Some customers reported inaccuracy.
Can be used for commercial purpose.  
Comes with a travel case.  
Has advanced microprocessor technology.  
Very portable and easy to use.  

How to Choose the Right TDS Meter?

Since there are so many different models of TDS meters available in the market, it becomes difficult to choose the right one. Each brand claims to be the best, and in such a case, you need to understand what you need. To help you select the proper TDS meter, we have compiled this short buying guide for you. Go ahead and check out the details below.

Technology Used – While purchasing the TDS meter, ensure that you are buying a TDS meter that uses a microprocessor for checking the TDS of the water. The microprocessors offer very accurate results, and they can measure the conductivity in a better way. The TDS is calculated depending on the conductivity, and hence the technology used in the TDS meter is critical. Ensure that you buy the TDS meter with the best of technology as that can impact the accuracy & precision of the TDS meter.

Battery Saving – There are times when you may leave the TDS meter on accidentally. In such a case, we are sure that you don’t want the battery to drain out and leave you stranded. So, the best way to save yourself from such a situation is to check if the TDS meter comes with a battery saving feature that will automatically turn off the TDS meter after a specific time.

Warranty – While going through the different models, we only found one option with a warranty. The brand offers a six-month warranty on that particular TDS meter. So, you can choose the model depending on the warranty policy. Even if you don’t want a warranty policy, that is alright. However, we want you to consider this aspect of the purchase as well.

Calibration – While looking for a TDS meter, ensure that you buy the pre-calibrated TDS meter. It is very tough to calibrate the TDS meter, so even if you have to spend a little extra, we advise you to buy the pre-calibrated TDS meter. This will save you a lot of work.

Price – We don’t think that the TDS meter price would bother you since it is usually priced between Rs 150 to Rs 300. In such a case, you can check what extra is offered by the TDS meter priced close to the higher range. The overall functionality remains the same, and there is little or no variation in the features of different models.

Travel Case – This may sound insignificant, but it is very important to have a travel case for your TDS meter. The travel case will protect the TDS meter from damage and help you carry it on your trips. We recommend opting for the TDS meter with a hard shell travel case since that offers better protection than the soft or fabric cases.

How to use TDS Meter?

Using the TDS meter is very easy. We have listed the steps below that you need to follow in order to use the TDS meter. Check them out below.

  • Start by filling the water in the glass and once you have it ready, remove the bottom cover of the TDS meter.
  • You will find an On/Off button on the TDS meter, and you need to click on that to move on to the next step. The screen should display 000 as soon as you turn on the TDS meter.
  • Now, you need to dip the tip of the TDS meter in the water. You need to ensure that you are only dipping the top or else, the water may damage the TDS meter.
  • You can use the hold button to stabilize the reading, and your job is done. TDS Meter should now display the reading on the screen of the TDS meter.
  • Remove the TDS meter, take the reading, dry the tip and turn it off before storing it back in the storage case.

Final Note

This was all about the TDS meter, and we are sure that you would have found many of the useful options in the list. If you love to travel, then the TDS meter can prove to be very helpful in finding potable water. This is especially useful on hikes and treks. You can also look for the TDS meter that comes with the travel case. You can store it easily with the help of a travel case. You can also go through the buying guide and other information in this article to help yourself with the purchase.

We also understand that you may find out about the higher TDS levels in your water. In such a case, depending on how high the TDS is, you can get the RO or the Non-RO water purifiers. The RO water purifiers are better if you have hard water and can bring down the TDS levels massively. If you already have a water filter, then you can also check the TDS of the water to get an idea about how your water filter is performing. If you need more information about the TDS meter or any specific questions, you can leave a comment, and we will respond shortly. We hope all this information will help you improve the quality of the water and lead a better life.

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