Top 10 Best Blankets Brands In India

In the cold nights of the winter season, a warm blanket can give you lots of comfort at your home. Blankets are the most crucial part of every bedroom and you must be looking for the best one that can provide excellent comfort and warmness for a comfortable sleep in it. When you are going to buy a new blanket to add to your bedroom, you will need to focus on several considerations so that you can get the best one. In the market, lots of different types of blankets available where you will find the difference in its quality, texture, durability, warmness,and softness.

Because of so many brands available in the market, you will not be able to make a good decision to go for the right kind of blanket without any kind of confusion. You must be looking for some help to find out the best selling blanket brands in India

If you are going to buy a new blanket, you can definitely consider the following options that are available as the perfect blankets to give you extreme comfort in the winter season:

1. Bombay Dyeing

Bombay Dyeing

Let’s start the Bombay dyeing and the beautiful blankets according to your home infrastructure you will get. It is one of the superior quality blankets available in India because of its graceful texture and it’s 100% pure microfiber material. It is the perfect option for you if you are looking for extreme comfort in an air-conditioned room or gentle winter season. It is available in four different color combinations so you can make your decision as per the theme of your room interior. It will be the perfect choice because of its cozy, soft and lightweight design. It is definitely a very durable option and you will get protection against allergens because of its hypoallergenic filling. It is available in the size of 230 CM X 150 cm so it will be perfect for your single bed and the blankets which give you long term benefits with the best fabric.

2. Raymond

Here, we are going to discuss Raymond and all we know one of the best brands while we talk about fabric so how we can miss getting the blankets of Raymond and the best looking you can grab at your home. They are known to create some of the top quality products for the customers in their merchandise. Because of its hypoallergenic microfiber material, you will be able to ensure protection against allergens while having comfort with this blanket. To match your styling, it is available in 14 different color options so everyone can pick the best one as per the home interiors. It comes with 200 GSM microfiber filling so you will get enough comfort and warmness during the cold winter nights. You will find this blanket very soft and luxurious to touch and it will definitely enhance the feel of your bedroom.

3. Signature

If you are looking for a weighted blanket for your children/kids, you can definitely go for signature blankets as a perfect option and not only for the kids but well-defined in the fabric for all your family members like for oldies and young people and anyone can get it to feel the luxury on body while you sleep. It is one of the blankets that is suggested by experts because of its excellent comfort. Even the doctors suggest these kinds of comforters for people who are facing problems like sleeping disorder, anxiety, syndrome or stress. It will be really helpful to get a comfortable sleep and you will be able to improve the sleeping time with it. You will be able to get it in 15 color combos and it is manufactured from 100% cotton. Because of its hypoallergenic and non-toxic material, you will find it completely safe and protected to use. You can get it for single or double bed options in the market. The durability and comfort of this blanket make you crazy for it and the soft fabric gives you a million sleep.

4. Snoopy Home Ultra Soft Microfibre Reversible Double Bed Comforter

If you want to get a blanket that can give you premium warmness and quality for your bedroom, you can consider Snoopy Home Ultra Soft Microfibre Reversible Double Bed Comforter as a good option. This superior quality comforter is made with a combination of 100% polyester and microfiber material. It is perfect to use in a low-temperature environment in the winter season. It is made with premium quality material for wrinkle resistance and perfect breath ability. You will find it excellent for its durability and long lasting strength so you can go for this option for your single or double bed.

5. Acura Microfiber Comforter (White, King Size)

It is one of the freshly launched companies in the market but they are committed to providing some of the durable and innovative products for the customers. Acura Microfiber Comforter Will be a good option for people who want to get extra comfort during the night time with a superior quality blanket. It will definitely help to improve your sleep quality and time with its thick microfiber material and ultra-soft filling. You can make the decision for this blanket for its superior build quality, hypoallergenic material, durability,and Ultra luxurious and soft feel.

6. Clasiko Reversible Double Bed King Size Comforter

When you feel uncomfortable during the night time, you can enhance the level of comfort in your bedroom with Clasiko Reversible Double Bed King Size Comforter. It is available as a perfect option for people who want a superior quality blanket with extra comfort. It is a three-layered blanket with microfiber and you will find it warmer during the winter season. It is very easy to clean with washing machine or hands with cold water. You will definitely love this option when you want superior comfort during the night time with a well-branded blanket.

7. Cloth Fusion Pacifier Microfiber Comforter (Red and Purple)

Cloth Fusion Pacifier Microfiber Comforter will be a perfect companion for everyone who is looking for the perfect blanket to enhance sleep quality. You will definitely get impressed with its gorgeous appearance and premium build quality. Itspurple-red color combination will provide a rich and luxurious finish to your room interiors. With its 100% microfiber material and hypoallergenic filling, you will find it perfect to use in your bedroom. It is a very lightweight blanket so you can use it in several ways without worrying about quality or durability.

8. Webelkart solid color Ultra silky soft heavy duty quality Indian Mink blanket

Webelkart solid color Ultra silky soft heavy duty quality Indian Mink blanket will definitely keep you warm and comfortable during the night time. It is a great option for the winter season and you can use it anytime of the year in an air-conditioned room. This blanket is known for its superior quality and high durability. It is machine washable in cold water so you do not have to face any kind of inconvenience to keep it clean.

9. Korean blanket double bed winter soft floral embossed

When you will feel the comfort of Korean double bed soft floral embossed blanket, you will definitely fall in love with it. It is an ideal option to use on your bed or sofa when you are looking for excellent comfort and warmness. It is not only a comfortable option but you will find it very luxurious and beautiful because of its decorative design. They are known to create some of the best blanket options for the customers and the market. With its polyester and microfiber material, it can definitely enhance your feel and comfort in your bedroom. You will find it very convenient and easy to wash in the washing machine.

10. Excellent luxurious embossed Korean Mink double bed blanket

Excellent luxurious embossed Korean Mink double bed blanket is known to provide a luxurious field to your bedroom and it is definitely one of the Ultra soft and comfortable blanket options available in the market. It is made with polyester material and it will add an extra layer of warmness to your bed to keep you comfortable. You will find it very beautiful and luxurious so you can perfectly match it with the interiors of your bedroom. If you get this excellent blanket option, you do not have to worry about the durability and quality.

These are some of the great options for the customers who are looking to get blankets for bedroom. When you want to make a good decision, you can definitely check out the reviews of experts online and you can know about the pros and cons of all these options. It will be great to consider your budget and requirements on priority so that you can go for the best option available in the market.

All of these options are excellent to give extra comfort and premium feel in your bedroom for a great quality sleep.

How To Choose The Blanket For Winters In India

Even though you have learned about some of the best blanket brands in India, it is still necessary to look after other critical parameters while purchasing a blanket for upcoming winters. Here are a few key things that you must consider –

Buying the Right Size

There are four main sizes available to choose from and the best is all about your specific requirement. Whether you need a blanket for the twin bed, or a king-size bed or a queen-sized bed, looking after the right size is crucial. Here are the sizes of blankets –

  • Twin – 90” x 65”
  • Full/Queen – 90” x 85”
  • Queen – 90” x 90”
  • King – 90” x 110”

Choosing a few extra inches than your height will be a perfect choice to get the best comfort during a cold night.

Material or Fabric

Blankets are made of many materials and each type has a specific quality. When you are buying, you can find eight different types, but here are all the popular ones that you must know about –

  • Cotton –These arewell known for their durability, anti-allergic, soft on touch and affordable.
  • Wool –With the thick wall to isolate you from the ambient temperature, wool is warm, best during freezing temperature, hard to wash but highly durable.
  • Cashmere – These are known for their premium look, lightweight design, excellent warm and silky touch. But, these are expensive.
  • Cashmere – Cashmere is used in manufacturing affordable, but excellently warm, easy to clean and lightweight blankets. These are bad in terms of static electricity as if your body is hairy, there will be a static charge.
  • Vellux– All the hotel-style blankets are made of Vellux. It is a silky and premium looking material with warming fabric.

These are some of the popular types that you can look after while buying a quality blanket for your home.

Design and Colour Pattern

Last but not least factor is to look after what design you want. There are many designs and colour patterns used by the manufacturers to make a blanket look way more appealing, and attractive in your home. If your home follows a particular theme, then choosing a design with a dedicated soft and faded colour will be a reliable choice.

At the same time, you can consider buying blanket patterns matching the bedsheet or if you prefer contrast, then you can choose geometric designs. Make sure that you look after the blanket which isn’t too heavy as well as they serve the basic usability that you are looking after.

Machine Washable or Not

In most cases, blankets are too heavy to wash with a washing machine. However, you can find particular brands which manufacturer lightweight blankets and support machine wash. There is no doubt that washing blankets take time and it is one of the hitherto daunting tasks. Choosing a machine-washable blanket will be easy as if you live alone away from the home.

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