Why State Bank Of India [SBI] UPI Is Not Working? Here Is The Possible Fix!

It is a technology that allows you to combine numerous bank accounts in a single mobile app (of any participating bank), consolidating several banking services, seamless fund routing, and merchant payments into singlehood. It also takes care of “Peer to Peer” collect requests, which can be planned and paid according to the customer’s needs and conveniences.

Today, practically every financial institution accepts payments made through the Unified Payments Interface (UPI), and the State Bank of India is no exception. Even though the bank has numerous branches in India, if you have an account in SBI Bank, you will not be required to physically visit a branch to make a payment. However, given the fact that you have here, we can guess that you are experiencing difficulties completing a payment using the SBI UPI. So go ahead and take a look at the probable solution listed below.

SBI UPI Not Working

State Bank Of India upi not working

1. Unavailable bank server

The most common problem you may have while making payments is that the bank’s server is unavailable at the time of payment. In the vast majority of circumstances, the application would display this error message. Regrettably, if the bank server goes down, there isn’t anything you can do to remedy the problem; you’ll just have to wait till the services are back up and running. Consequently, if the SBI bank server is down, try again later and you’ll be able to complete the payment.

2. Insufficient balance

Another typical issue that consumers encounter when attempting to make payments using the SBI Bank UPI is, there may not be sufficient funds in the account. Check to see if the required amount on your SBI Bank Account exists before attempting to transfer funds from it. If your bank balance is insufficient, you already know how to correct the problem or you may continue to the next paragraph to learn more about the problem in more detail.

3. Invalid QR code

The majority of us now make payments through the use of QR codes, which is handy. When utilizing the QR code, there is no possibility of making a payment to the incorrect party. It’s possible that the QR code is not valid at times, which is a general problem that you may encounter. We are referring to the possibility that the QR code is damaged or that your camera lens is dirty, and as a result, the phone is unable to scan the appropriate QR code. It should be fixed if you double-check it once more.

4. Update your app

If you are still able to make the transaction using the UPI, then should verify the version of the application you are running. There is a possibility that the program version that you have installed on the phone is no longer supported. The problem can be resolved quickly by simply upgrading the program and attempting again.

5. Problem with recipient’s account

When you’re the payee in this situation, there is a possibility that the recipient’s account is experiencing difficulties. The fact that one can request a receipt for another UPI ID that is tied to another bank account is impossible to verify because there is no actual method to do so with current technology. If the problem persists, you can check out the next step.

6. Reach out to customer support

Finally, it is time to contact the customer service representatives. The UPI application’s customer service department can be contacted. You can also contact the State Bank of India customer service care by dialing 1800 425 3800.

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