Drill Machine Safety Precautions You Should Consider

Power tools are very handy equipment as they help in conducting the work with ease. Power tools ensure that your projects are run smoothly and at an efficient pace. However, using power tools also comes with a caveat. You should always ensure that you maintain the safety precautions. In absence of safety measures, disaster may happen.

Drill machine is one of those power tools that is used by many people. It is used by professionals and even normal people for their DIY projects. We here take a look at the safety precautions that you can consider while using a drill machine for home and work place. Read along.

Drill Machine

Safety precautions that you should consider while using Drill Machine

1) Wear appropriate gear and clothing

When you go for drilling, you should always ensure that you have the right attire and gear with you. It is mandated that you take safety measures along to ensure no mishaps happen. Ensure that do not have baggy clothing or any dangling layers of cloth or jewelry with you while drilling. A

2) Protect your eyes

Drilling will create dust and debris to flow around. A few wood particles or plastic pieces may also break and float around during drilling. To make sure that your eyes are safe from this, always ensure that you wear goggles or safety glasses.

3) Protect your ears

Just like the eyes are essential things, the same as with the ears. And if you are into drilling regularly then protecting your ear is a must. Drills are known to produce sounds that can reach 90 decibels and these may cause damage to ears if used for long. It is recommended that you use ear protection when drilling.

4) Wear masks

If you are about to drill into a brick or concrete then protecting your lungs should be one of the topmost priorities. There are a lot of particles present in the bricks and concrete that may result in infectious lung disease in the later years. If you are working in the same industry and have to drill into bricks and concrete for a long, wear a respirator mask. This will help protect your lungs from hazardous materials.

5) Always use the right attachments

Drill machines have plenty of attachments that come along. All of these attachments have a handy purpose and are suited for drilling into different surfaces and materials. Knowing when and where to use those attachments is a must if you want to ensure safety while drilling. If you use a drill bit that is not suited to the surface, you may end up breaking the surface and also may harm yourself in that. Always use the right attachments with the machine.

6) Handle the cord safely

If you are using a cordless drill, then this point will not be an issue for you. But if you are using a corded drill then make sure you never have it left across the pathway. Also never pick the machine by the cord as you may get imbalanced and hurt yourself. Also, make sure that you are plugging the machine into a board that can sustain the load.

7) Always make sure the drill bit is firmly placed

You have to fit the drill bit into the clamp before you can use the machine. If the drill bit is clamped and fitted properly, then you can easily drill into any desirable surface and achieve the required results. However, if the drill bit is not clamped properly then it will break the surface while drilling. You can use hands or a chuck key to make sure that the drill bit is affixed properly.

8) Always clamp the small pieces before drilling

If you are about to drill into small pieces, then it’s advised that you first clamp down the piece before drilling. This will ensure that the piece stays in place and doesn’t move. This will help you to drill properly and safely and avoid any injuries.

Drill machines are a great tool to use and help us out in many ways. With a few safety precautions, you can easily use the machine without any fear of mishaps or issues.


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