Driving License Andhra Pradesh – How To Apply, Eligibility, Fees, Status, Search

Driving license is an official document issued by the RTO department of the government. Driving license is important permission that an individual must own to be eligible to drive on the streets. Owning a driving license is mandatory to enjoy the freedom of driving a two or four wheeler. The rules and procedures with regard to issuing a driving license in India are governed by the law under the Motor Vehicle Act, 1998.

India is a democratic country that provides various rights to citizens and to the residents. One such right is the right to drive; however, this is subjected to the eligibility and rules laid down by the state. Each Indian state has its own rules and process on how to apply for a driving license.

The transport authority is responsible for enforcing and maintaining the rules with regard to a driving license. In the state of Andhra Pradesh, any willing individual who is eligible to hold a license can apply for one. This application needs to be submitted at RTO (Regional Transport office) or at Motor inspectors’ office that has jurisdiction over the area.

What is the eligibility for applying for a driving license in AP?

For an individual to be eligible to own a driving License he or she must fulfill below-mentioned criteria

  1. The applicant must have completed the age of 18 years to own a permanent driving license.
  2. He or she should own an Aadhar Card Issued by the Government of India.
  3. However, an individual can apply for a motorcycle license without gear if he or she is 16 years old provided the engine capacity of the vehicle doesn’t exceed 50cc.
  4. for any commercial or transport vehicle license the applying candidate must have passed 8 standards and for non – transport must have completed 20 years of age.
  5. Further, the candidate applying for the license must possess in original all the required documents to support his identity and age, along with the capacity to pay the fee of Rs. 200.
  6. Finally before applying for a driving license the individual must possess a learning license issued by the licensing authority.

Today a lot of offices and jobs require a person to hold a valid driving license. Hence it is vital that this document is acquired legally by following the procedure laid down by the law.

Driving License

How to apply for a driving license in the state of Andhra Pradesh?

In the state of Andhra Pradesh driving license can be applied either online or offline.

To avail the online facility, visit https://ap.meeseva.gov.in/DeptPortal/UserInterface/Services.html , the willing candidate can make use of Meeseva facility. Visit the official page of the Meeseva facility from any search engine and download the application form. Fill in all the required details such as name, age, gender, Aadhar number, state, area, pin code and etc. Check the information before clicking on the submit button. They print the application copy and submit it to the nearest RTO office along with supporting document photocopies.

One requirement for applying to drive license is to possess Learning license, in case you do not own such a document, you can get one on the same portal. In order to obtain LL, you need to book a test by selecting the district and test center.

Driving license can also be applied offline following the same procedure. The only difference is in order to obtain an application form you need to visit the nearest RTO office. Form 4 for a motorcycle license and form 5 for a transport vehicle.

Note that while submitting the application you need to pay the fee as prescribed by the rules to be eligible for a test and procure a license. Once the document and applications are checked to the satisfaction of the authority, they would provide a slot to appear for the test. A candidate must crack the test in order to obtain a driving license.

What is Driving test?

Conducting of the driving test is mandatory for issuing a license. On the prescribed day the applied candidate must appear before the Motor vehicle inspector to take the test. It is important that on the day of the test you carry the entire required document in original. The inspector may ask to drive in front of him to test your ability, additional he may ask questions relating to roads signs and safety before passing you. In case you fail to crack the test you are eligible to retake it after a gap of a minimum of seven days.

Documents required

To obtain a driving license you need these documents, which are : Valid documents of the vehicle, Duly filled application form as prescribed by the authority, Passport size photos of the candidate applying for the license, valid age proof like SSLC marks card, passport, etc, Valid Id proof like Aadhar card, application fee receipt and medical certificate if required.

Further, the status of driving license applied can be checked online by visiting AP transport department portal or by visiting the RTO office. You need LLR number or application number to check the status with regard DL.


A candidate you is eligible and has passed the driving test will be issued a permanent license by the authority. This document is sent to the candidate via post. The person receiving the driving license must check the details entered, in case of any mistakes, contact the RTO office for necessary corrections.