How To Change ECR to ECNR in Indian Passport?

Almost every person is known with the fact that one needs a valid passport to travel to foreign countries from India. There are basically two kinds of passports, one is ECR, and the other one is ECNR, and you should understand the meanings of both the options. Any individual who has passed class 10th can apply for the ECNR passport by submitting the certificate in RPO office along with the application procedure. At first, you will need to learn the difference between ECR and ECNR passport.

The ECR passport was issued before 2007, and it was for the Indians who are interested in visiting foreign countries for employment purpose. The passport holders after 2007 have no notation in the passport, and that means they have ECNR passport. If someone owns the ECR passport and wants to get it changed to ECNR, then there is a simple process for it.

How is ECR passport different from ECNR passport?

The ECR passport is the Emigration Check Required passport, and if the individual hasn’t passed class 10th, then he/she will get the ECR passport. The stamp of ECR is available on the passport page. This stamp provides the individual clearance in immigration office while traveling outside India. There is no need to get ECR passport if you are traveling to the foreign country as an income taxpayer, 10th pass individual, gazetted officer, official passport holder, individual more than 50 years old, minors, US, UK or Australian Visa holder.

The ECNR passport is Emigration Check Not Required Passport, and if someone has passed 10th standard, then that person can get ECNR passport. There won’t be any need to get approval from immigration office while traveling outside India if someone has the ECNR stamp on the passport. While filling up the application form for the passport, you will need to select from ECR and ECNR option, and you can choose from one of them. If you have already got the ECR passport, then you will be required to apply for passport re-issue.


Procedure to change from ECR to ECNR

The individual has to apply for reissue of passport along with the payment of Rs.1500/- in case of the standard application while Rs.3000/- for tatkal application. You will be asked the reason for re-issue of passport, and then you can choose the, ‘change in existing personal particulars’ option. You will need to select the option, ‘Delete ECR’ in the specified option. You will need to fill the rest of the details and information without making any mistakes. Here are the necessary documents for your ECNR passport application:

  • If an individual is an official passport holder, then only the passport will be required as documents.
  • The passing certificates of higher education or matriculation.
  • The individuals above 50 years old need to submit a birth certificate, affidavit of date of birth, declaration of school leaving certificate.
  • The income taxpayers will be required to submit income tax proof along with the IT return statement.

So, these are the documents which you will need to get your ECNR passport. If you want to get the ECR stamp removed from your current passport, then you need to download your application form after which you can choose the deletion required for the ECR. Make sure that you attach your school and college passing certificates copies, address proof, PAN card, current passport copy with first two and last two pages. After making the fee payment, you will be required to visit the nearby Passport Seva Kendra where you can be able to submit the documents.