Driving License Uttarakhand – How To Apply, Eligibility, Fees, Status, Search

Driving a vehicle without driving is an offense that is punishable by law. The license signifies that you are eligible and have the legal freedom to operate the vehicle on the public roads laid down in the rules and regulations of the Motor Vehicles Act 1988. The license is issued by the Regional Transport Officer(RTO) of the respective states. They would be issuing driving license to the residents of the state, in this case, Uttarakhand.

Driving License Types

In Uttarakhand, it is essential for individuals who drive vehicles to have the licenses for one or more vehicles depending on the type of vehicles you are going to or likely to drive. The types of driving licenses include

  • License for drivers of a motorcycle without gear- This type of license is to be obtained by any individual who is a resident of Uttarakhand who wishes to drive a motorcycle that is gearless. It includes vehicles such as mopeds, scooters and any other vehicle that has an engine capacity that is over 50cc.
  • License for a light motor vehicle- this is a driving license that is meant for individuals who wish to drive motorbikes with gear as well as light motor vehicles such as cars of all types which include small cars as well as SUV’s
  • License for Transport vehicle- this is the license that is meant for those who wish to drive transport vehicles which include truck, bus, lorry, etc. as well as commercial cabs as well. However, it is possible to apply and obtain a license only if certain conditions are fulfilled.

Driving License

Eligibility for obtaining Driver’s license

The eligibility criteria for those who wish to obtain a driver’s license in Uttarakhand as listed by the

transport department of the state of Uttarakhand include

 A learner’s license is a must to learn to drive a vehicle. The minimum

Driving License Test Procedure

The Applicant for a driving license has to prove his driving skills in the driving test in the presence of the motor vehicle inspector, Uttarakhand. There would also be an online examination that would be based on the traffic rules and regulations of the state. It is necessary to answer at least 12 questions out of the20 questions correctly.

Applying for driving license

Applying for the driver’s license in Uttarakhand online

 to submit as well as upload online, the documents that are required to get a driver’s license. However, you would have to visit the RTO office with the documents later.

  • On submission of the document, you would be able to book a slot for taking up the driving test.
  • Appear for the test on the specified time and date.
  • If you pass the test, you would get the driving license issued within a few weeks
  • If you fail the test, the test has to be repeated for the test after 7 days from the date of failing the test.

The same procedure applies to apply for license offline. You have to visit the RTO office to get the form as well as submit it. You would have to pay the fee and book the slot for driving test online.


You can check the fee structure for applying for a license in Uttarakhand at transportukgov.in/pages/display/60-fees-structure. The fee for the learner’s license is Rs. 150 learner’s license repeat test fee is around Rs.50. the fee for issuing driver’s license is Rs. 300.

The fee for issuance of International driving license is Rs.1000 Addition of another class of vehicle to a driving license you already have for some other vehicle is Rs. 500.

Checking the driver’s license status online

To check the status of the driver’s license online

  • You can check the status of the driving license online at parivahan.gov.in
  • You would have to select the state on the home page and proceed then type” Driving License
  • Choose “Application status” option to enter the application number and date of birth of the applicant and click on
  • The status of the driving license would be displayed on the screen.

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