Everything you need to Know about Proxy Servers

If you want to compile loads of data from the web to inform and boost your business, proxy servers are the essential tools to help you do that without fear of being banned or blocked.

This informative and complete guide to the proxy server will satisfactorily answer your queries, their working, and how well they could benefit your business.

What are proxy servers?


Proxy servers are intermediaries between you and the websites you are visiting. If you don’t use proxy servers, a website can find you by your IP (internet protocol) address. Your IP address will tell the website your location. It is the same as your home address, however not nearly as particular. Likewise, your home address and your IP address are tied to the internet connection in a specific location. As the address of your home differs from the address at the café where you would love to work, the IP is quite different – also if you work on the same computer in both places.

If you use a proxy from a reputed website like thepirateproxybayyou can add an extra layer between a website and your device. You will be first connecting to the proxy server. The latter hides your IP address and displays a different address (the proxy IP) to the website. Then this website sends its response to a proxy server that sends it back.

However, they are usually used interchangeably; “proxy IP address” and “proxy server” have different meanings.

  • A proxy IP address is an individual IP address used to conceal your actual IP address.
  • A proxy server is a machine that houses all proxy IP addresses.

What is the use of a proxy server?

Though it might sound questionable to produce an IP address different from yours, it is an excellent idea for several reasons. Right from privacy concerns to testing of software, proxies give you better control on using the internet, along with how much information the many websites you visit could collect about you.

Here are a few most popular uses of proxies:

  • Security

As a proxy server is an additional buffer that encrypts your data, you pass it along to any web server; it could offer protection for sensitive kinds of data and also help to keep you safe from malicious acts. When a hacker is trying to access your info, they need to go first through the proxy server, thus making it difficult for them to access the server where your data is stored.

Though, this benefit depends on your chosen proxy server. It is necessary to ensure you trust your proxy server provider, as using the wrong proxy could have an opposite effect and compromise your security.

  • Privacy

If you have ever Googled anything and then had related ads popping up for days after also, you would know that everything you do on the internet is tracked. However, it is not just the information recorded off your computer; your IP address is the primary way websites track you. When a proxy is used, it will prevent a great deal of tracking activity and offer better privacy protection.

  •  For Compiling data

One of the most popular use cases for server proxies is web scraping. To put it briefly, web scraping is a process of using a bot to collect available data publicly from various websites for analysis purposes. The web scraping process could be complicated, and you may also run into hurdles, like being blocked from the website you try scraping. Proxy servers can help you avoid bans if you scrape by making your activity of bots look more human.

  • Speed

If you are interested in faster speeds, proxy servers can help in many ways. For gamers engaged in big multiplayer role games online, seconds could mean the difference between defeat and victory. Using a proxy server next to the game server will allow you to access a faster connection. This even works for other servers and is suitable for any use if speed is the topmost factor for your internet requirement.

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