Goa Land Records: Find Land Survey Records Goa Online

Until now most of the records were available in the form of files and it was a pain to get details from any government office. This was especially true for the land record details and it used to take months to get the land record details. Things started to change when the government started to push all its departments towards digitalization. This was a great leap and at present, all the old records have been digitalized.

In addition to this, if you want to find land records in any state, the cut off times have reduced to just a couple of minutes.

Advantages of Checking Land Records

Another positive change is that the land records had been made available for the public which is again a great thing because it has got bought in transparency in the land deals. This is also applicable for Goa. So, if you have any plans to purchase real estate in Goa then you can check the history and the ownership details of the plot with help of the land record website which is available for the public.

This has reduced the cases of fraud drastically because the prospective buyers can check the ownership details as well as land details with the help of these portals. Today, it is a must to do this thing before you start the purchase process.

Below is the detailed procedure to check the Goa Land Records. You can follow the step and you will be able to get required details

Steps to Check Land Records in Goa

Here are the detailed steps. Just follow the steps and you will be able to find the details that you had been looking for.

  • The first step to check the land record is to visit the website for land records. If you are not sure about the official website then do not worry and simply visit the link – https://egov.goa.nic.in/dslr/f114new.aspx.

Goa Online Land Records

  • You will be directed to the home page and the first page itself leads you to the records. To begin the search, you need to enter the details. This includes the Taluka, Village, Survey Number, and Sub-Division Number. You also need to validate the request with the captcha code.
  • After entering the details, click on Submit button and you will be able to see the land records on the next page itself. You can also obtain a print out of this information for your reference and so as to match up the details with the information shared by the buyer. All these details are shared in PDF version.

What are the Details available on Records?

The PDF version of the page contains all the land records and this majorly includes information about the cultivable and non-cultivable area. Apart from this, the details also include the details of the tenant, details of the owner and details of the cropped area. These are the details available in Form I & XIV. You can also check the copy of Form V as this has some other additional details which can help you in verifying mutation detail.

What are Other Services Offered?

Majorly, the website is for checking the land recorded details so you can also check the Mutation Status of the properly. The good part is that you can check the mutation status just by entering the mutation number and it is available for the properties in Rural as well as Urban Area. This proves to be of great use because if you have requested any mutation then you would not have to visit the government office to check the status of mutation.

Bottom Line

For all other details, you can visit the land record website and if you need any other service then you can visit the land record office. There are various services that can be obtained from there which includes  Inspection of all Records, Issuance of a digital certificate, mutation, confirmation of possession of property, re-survey, partition, demarcation of boundary and even land conversion. All these services are of great help of property owner as well as a prospective buyer.

Ensure that if you are planning to buy a property in Goa then you go through all these details so as to get a fair deal.

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