Top 10 Most Greenest Cities in India

With pollution at all-time high, and enhanced water and air pollution, our earth is getting sick with every single day. The major reason behind the increased pollution can be seen as the deforestation and increased number of carbon-emitting vehicles on the road.

Although India is rising up in the polluted countries index, there are still a few cities that are considered as greener than other cities in the country.

These cities have national parks, reserved green belts and some of them have forests that make them a worth visiting city by the nature lover. Explore them as per your convenience and know how it is like to live with nature’s best gift to mankind, the greenery. Trees and green belts are the best way to reduce pollution and make the environment healthier and easy to survive. These cities provide a great example to the country and to the world that being closer to nature isn’t a bad thing. Take care of mother nature, and she will help mankind to grow even further.

If you are looking forward to traveling to the city in which you can feel closer to mother nature and lush greenery, then we are listing the top 10 greenest cities in India which you can travel this year. Go through the list, and if you are planning to relocate or are planning a short trip to a green city, then try shortlisting any of these cities.

List of Greenest Cities in India

Believe us, you will be more than just satisfied by the amazing greenery and close to nature while traveling to these cities. So, let’s get started with the top ten green cities in India that you should visit this year.

1. Chandigarh


Chandigarh, apart from being the most planned and well-designed city, has ample of greenery and space for the mother nature to provide the city her blessings. Along with numerous gardens, water bodies and lush green areas, the city has numerous tourist attractions for the visitors traveling to the city. So, if you were looking for a perfect and green city that not only has ample of green gardens for you to visit, but also has many attractions to keep you busy for at least a week, Chandigarh is the ideal city for you to visit.

2. Mysore

Mysore is well known for its cuisine and culture. However, another thing that is popular among visitors traveling to the city is the calm and peaceful atmosphere of Mysore. Yes, you guessed it right. This is only possible due to its lush gardens, ample greenery to urban culture ratio. Once considered as the cleanest city In India, the Mysore is still holding the place of one of the greenest cities in India. So, if you were looking to visit a city that has a glorious past, outstanding architectural marvels and the ample greenery to soothe up your mind and soul, Mysore is the place where you should be at. Visit the city once, you will be mesmerized by the greenery and hospitality of the city.

3. Nagpur

The first thing that comes to our mind while hearing about Nagpur city is the Nagpuri Oranges. The taste of the oranges originating from the city can’t be beaten. However, apart from the Oranges, the city is also popular for its ample greenery and brilliant atmosphere. The city has kept the traditional still alive by keeping itself close to nature. Whether you are looking for big gardens, or ample of the green walkways, you can always find your favorite place in Nagpur. So, for all the Nature lovers who love walking with peace in lush green gardens, Nagpur is a must visit place at least once.

4. Gandhinagar

Gandhinagar, Gujrat is a renowned place for every Indian. Not only for the culture and cuisine, but also for the green campus it has for the residents and the tourists. Although the city is growing to be a modern city now, it still has preserved greenery to make the balance of nature. In all, if you were looking forward to move to a city that not only has great modern facilities along with well maintained green gardens, Gandhinagar would be an ideal place to be at. Located near the Sabarmati river, this is a perfect place for the nature lovers who love being at a place that has greenery and water bodies to make the atmosphere leaner and calm.

5. New Delhi

New Delhi has been in the news for being one of the most polluted cities in the world, but still, if you have visited the place before then you will agree with us that the city has ample greenery. Although it is not up to the mark to deal with the pollution of the city, but still you can visit the city of you love visiting a greener city once, then you should visit the Capital of our country. With the two of the largest statutory regions NDMC and Delhi Cantonment, this is a perfect place to visit for the travelers who love greenery. Additionally, Delhi has one of the largest green belts after Lakshadweep and Chandigarh.

6. Trichy

Tiruchirappalli or Trichy is famous for the temples and monuments in the city. However, there are numerous other things about the city that makes it worth visiting once. With the lush green gardens and planes, this is a perfect place to hang out with family even if you aren’t too keen to visit the monuments and temples. Along with the ample greenery in the city, you can also visit the Kallanai river dam which is the oldest dam in the country. Visit the place once, and you will be amazed by seeing how effectively the nature is preserved in the city.

7. Dehradun

Located in the foothills of Himalayas, Dehradun is a popular place for tourists from across the country. The reason behind the high tourist gathering throughout the year is lush greenery, ample of scenic views and brilliant climate. As the city has numerous Hills, lush green gardens and ample of greenery, popular educational institutes, and others, this is a perfect tourist place for the persons who love being with nature. So, plan your next trip to Dehradun to enjoy a close encounter with mother nature.

8. Guwahati

The travelers who love visiting cities and places in North East India have Guwahati in their bucket list. With ample of greenery and tourist spots, the city is one of the highest tourist gathering places in the North East region. Apart from greenery and tourist places, Guwahati also has numerous other attractions that make it a worth visiting place in India. Guwahati is located near the banks of the Brahmaputra river and has lots of green patches that make it a city worth visiting. You can visit the city if you are a wildlife photographer, or just want to be close to nature to forget your hectic stressful life for a few days.

9. Bhopal

Bhopal, commonly known as the City of lakes is the capital of Madhya Pradesh has numerous attractions along with the national park and other gardens that make it one of the greenest capitals in India. With more than 3- water bodies, this city has a rich heritage and culture that you must experience once in your life. Talking about the greenery, the city has a national park situated right beside a water body. IN all, if you were looking for an awesome weekend to a city with a rich heritage, lush greenery and lots of tourist spots, Bhopal will be an ideal place for you.

10. Shimla

Shimla is renowned place in India and is a popular tourist spot among those travelers who love being with nature and want to experience the calm and soothing experience to be in the lap of mother nature. Shimla is the largest city of Himachal Pradesh and thousands of travelers gather to the city every year. Apart from lush green gardens, hills and rivers, you can hangout to the markets in the city to buy the souvenirs. So, if you were looking to visit a green city with lots of tourist attractions and great weather, Shimla would be an ideal place for you to visit.

Although India is a large country and you can easily find many other places that have lush green gardens, and deserve a place in the list. However, we found these as the best cities to be listed here. So, these were the top ten greenest cities in India as of 2019. If you are willing to experience the right meaning of lush green gardens and plantation, then we will suggest you to plan your next trip to any of these ten cities to explore the peace of mind and feel closer to the mother nature.

Either spend a few quiet hours with the nature, or visit the markets with your family, these cities have everything for you to enjoy your vacation with nature. Try these places and share your experience with us.

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