Hair Dryer Using Advantages & Disadvantages

To keep the hair clean and dry, the usage of hairdryers has become a widespread habit. There are a variety of hairdryers to remove the moisture and style the hair as per the need. Since they have become a common appliance in everyone’s home, this raises some questions like whether they can be regularly used and does it affect the hair growth. The following discussion will explain the advantages and disadvantages of drying hair using a hairdryer.

Advantages of using a hairdryer

Saves money

Gone are the days where an appointment must be made with the hairdresser to style a person’s hair. With no visit to the hairdresser, the expenses involved for styling is significantly reduced. On the other hand, an individual can do their hair styling which requires no cost.

Lightens the hair

If the individual has thick and curly hair, a blow of heat is beneficial since it helps to straighten better. It is easy to groom with a hair dryer, especially after a shower.

Drying time reduced

The other problem of having long or thick hair is the time needed to dry the hair is more. With a hairdryer, this work of drying is done in a minute or two. It mainly evaporates the water in the hair and reduces the normal time of drying by 3/4th.

Base of grooming

The process of grooming becomes easy if the hair is treated with heat. With the application of heat, the hair can be twisted in the desired direction. It is also a great way to remove the frizz from the hair and lays the groundwork for the application of certain hair products that only works if the hair is completely dry. So, in conclusion, the time of grooming is reduced with the help of a hairdryer.

Disadvantages of using a hairdryer

Weakens hair follicles

If hair dryers are used excessively, the hair follicles can become weak. The excessive exposure to heat causes the hair follicles to be damaged. Also, the pores in the scalp open due to the heat, which increases hair fall. Hairdryers are great hair styling tools, but they can affect the hair’s health.


The temperature of the hairdryer should be set depending on the type and desired style of the hair. The majority do not know the temperature that is suitable for the scalp and continue drying until the heat is sensed in the scalp. But the ideal temperature for drying the hair is 45 degrees. Burning effects can be observed if the hair is dried using a hairdryer with the wrong heat settings.


Moisture is also necessary for the nourishment of the hair. Continuous blow-drying removes the minimum moisture in the hair that directly affects hair growth. With prolonged usage, the chances of developing dehydrated scalp, hair breakage, or split ends are high.

Emission of EMF

The concept of electromagnetic fields (EMF) is not new. Hairdryer appliances consist of intensive EMF, just like any other electric and electronic appliances. Excessive exposure can result in the alteration of an individual’s behaviour and induces stress levels.

Certainly, it is not dangerous to use a hairdryer, but it’s common knowledge that anything used excessively can be harmful. Use hairdryer only when it is required for maximum benefits.