Why HDFC Bank UPI Is Not Working? Here Is the Possible Fix!

The first introduction of UPI was launched in 2017. Recently it has gained enormous popularity because It’s the effortless way of transacting money.

You can prefer this mode of Transaction that helps you transact money with the help of a mobile app between two bank accounts.

Isn’t it sounds an excellent idea? The HDFC bank UPI makes things straightforward for merchants to receive and send money readily. The unified payments interface is the most opted transaction method on a regular basis.

HDFC Bank UPI Not Working


However, if you are facing trouble while Transaction, it’s better to fix this problem by yourself, few of the solutions are listed below.

1. Server might be Busy

Sometimes the bank server is low or busy for several reasons. What to do at that time? No worries, this is due to because the maintenance of the application is under process. For fixing the bugs and giving clients incredible service, they require some settings.

This process requires a particular time, and if you go for Transaction, it might fail in that span of time. So, honestly, waiting for some time will be valuable and then trying to get a desirable result after some time.

2. Update the App used for Transaction

There are plenty of choices of application while doing online Transactions of money. For example, cashless Transactions can be done through applications like Google Pay, PhonePe, Paytm, etc.

If one application is not working well, then go for the other one to get your Transaction done. First, however, whatever application you are using for Transaction, make sure it is working on the new version.

3. Exceeded your Daily Limit

Are you aware of the specific money you can transact from UPI? Every bank has its role; HDFC works on the same criteria. It does not allow the sender to transact any amount of money.

If you have exceeded your daily limit of UPI transactions, then they will not allow you to make Transactions more. This might be one of the topmost reasons your Transaction is not get completed. Check out these criteria if, anyhow, your Transaction has failed.

4. Switch the Application

There is no shortage of applications to transact money to the receiver. Right? If the UPI transaction failed due to any specific reason, you could go for the other application.

Switching the application will help you transfer. If the earlier one is under maintenance mode, then you have to wait for a specific time. However, if it is urgent and you need to go for the immediate Transaction, then consider the other application for the same. It will satiate your requirement conveniently and quickly.

5. Get Customer Support

If the above-mentioned tricks have not given you the solution to make your UPI transaction successful, then visit the official site of HDFC bank.

Call on a number 18002026161. Contacting them and getting an adequate solution will be the better plan for you to get the desirable results of your Transaction.

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