How To Increase Instagram Story Views

The present trends of social media necessitate the need for engagement more than ever. Engagement is the ultimate way to better ranking and visibility according to SEO. That is why social media experts emphasize being creative and consistent with content. Engagement is not only crucial for SEO but also a strong brand personality.

One must upload content across various social media platforms by keeping in mind the motive and should not blatantly follow trends to appear updated.

Instagram is one such social media platform with more than a billion users. It has evolved from a photo and video sharing platform to a new-age marketplace. It necessitates the need for increasing engagement on Instagram even

Amongst various channels of Instagram today, our focus is on Instagram stories. One of the most frequently viewed features of this platform. It has immense capacity to reach people if used correctly.

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Therefore, this article will help you understand how to increase Instagram story views.

1) Engage With The Audience

Stories are the most frequently viewed type of content. People quickly tap through everyone’s story without giving more than a glance. How do we then generate engagement?

You must engage with the audience in various ways.

Conduct a QnA session using the Questions sticker or post polls. You can also do a challenge with randomly picked followers to continue it.

Posting user-generated content is also a way of engaging the audience. Who doesn’t enjoy some free publicity and that too by a business or brand?

Simultaneously you can do fun campaigns, set countdowns, play guessing games, etc.

2) Count on the Curiosity

Stories are always a great way to create some curiosity as they last for a short time. Earlier it was only for fifteen seconds, but with the latest update, you can upload stories as long as a minute. However, you can still leverage the curiosity.

For example, if you are a cosmetics brand, you can upload a story about the harmful components of other cosmetic brands. In this case, your first story can be like, ” you will not believe your mascara/face powder/ foundation has this harmful ingredient.”

It will compel them to continue reading your stories. Leave each story on a cliffhanger to have your followers read until the end. Create stories on topics that concern the viewers.

3) Post Shareable Content

Sharing and saving posts are the most helpful Instagram actions for increasing the ranking of your page. But how can someone save your stories? That is right, by screenshotting them.

You can upload stories with information and content people would like to share.

It can be a good playlist, top cafes in your area, or most budget-friendly shops, etc. You can also post something funny or informative. Whatever the kind of content, the aim is to generate engagement.

4) Be Candid

Stories may only last a day, but they bring the viewer closer. It is because they are usually real-time updates.

By being a little candid with your content, you can capitalize on this assumption.

You can share behind-the-scenes videos, blunders, product teasers, etc.

Many brands show how their model sneaks a burger in the middle of a brand shoot. This type of content appears relatable and feels closer to your audience. As a result, your brand will feel more connected to you.

5) Run Interviews

To use this trick, you have to be a little creative with the choice of your interviewee. While picking a candidate from your niche, try to be a little smart. You must think out of the box and go for the interview.

For example, leading cosmetic brands are now drawing light on the Queer community and including them in your campaign.

You also need to work on similar lines and bring someone interesting to whom people would want to listen.

If not this, then pick an uncommon theme for your interview. It could be anything like great sex tips from XYZ or how does ABC stay within budget yet slay in style.

Such exciting topics compel the viewer to go through every story no matter the number.


Instagram has generated tough competition among various brands from various niches. As a result, they have put the best minds to work for their social media platforms. To stay ahead of everyone else, you need unique ideas that correspond to the brand and the target audience.

You need to break the monotony and understand the pattern of engagement if any. When you create a full-proof and robust strategy, you can increase engagement on Instagram and do not need to buy Instagram followers.

Many brands even buy Instagram followers to create a strong base, however, it cannot parallel the quality engagement and growth rate that organic traffic brings to any Instagram page/account.

However, if you still want to go ahead, you can go for some Best Sites to Buy Instagram Followers on Google and pick the most suitable one.

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