How To Register Marriage In Kerala

Marriages that are solemnized in Kerala are regulated by Kerala Registration of Weddings (Common) Rules, 2008, which are published in the Kerala Gazette. Marriage registration in Kerala can be completed either online or at one of the Registrar’s offices. In this post, we will go over the procedure for registering a marriage in Kerala, the terms of the marriage, the documents that must be presented with Form 1 or other associated obligatory paperwork, as well as the requirements.

Eligibility for filing a marriage registration application

As a result of the Special Marriage Act, individuals of any creed or religion are eligible to file for marriage registration. They can submit an application in person at the Registrar’s office, or they can apply online.

  • When seeking a marriage license under this Act, the wedding couple must provide their approval to the following:
  • Have no existing spouse at the time of the document’s expiration date, if applicable.
  • It is not an act of stupidity or recklessness.
  • They had to have been at minimum twenty years old when the marriage registration paperwork was filed.

Registering marriage in Kerala Online

Register Marriage

Follow the steps outlined below to finish the marriage registration process within one year of the ceremony’s completion date. Although the information must be provided before the date of the wedding, the application can only be submitted after the ceremony has taken place and been legally recognized

  • Visit the website of Sevana at
  • From the Documents drop-down box, choose your Registration of Marriages option.
  • On the following page, select Online form submission from the drop-down menu.
  • Select the District & Local body from the drop-down menus and press the “Submit” button.
  • Sevana can be accessed by logging in.
  • The login is now visible on the screen. It is possible to log in straight to the site if you are already a registered member by giving your username and password.
  • Select New Login if you’re registering for the first time. Provide all of the necessary information for registration.

Fill up Form I Specifications

  • Following completion of the registration process, you will be presented with the data entering screen for Form 1.
  • Fill out all of the required fields.
  • Specifics about how to communicate
  • Information on the local body Information on the marriage
  • General information about the bride and groom
  • Details about the bride’s parents
  • Information on the Groom’s Parents
  • Information about the eyewitnesses
  • Photographs to Be Uploaded
  • It is necessary to upload the photographs of the Husband and the wife.
  • Fill out and submit the application
  • After you’ve finished filling out the form and uploading your images, hit the “submit” button.
  • After successful submission, Form I is generated for verification purposes.
  • After making any necessary changes to the application, submit the form to ensure that the changes are reflected.
  • Submit a hard copy to the appropriate local body.
  • Take a printout of this form, which has been presented to the relevant local authority and has been signed by all parties involved.
  • The husband and wife must submit this application in person, along with the requisite fee, to the municipal authority where the marriage is to be solemnized, where the ceremony will take place.
  • To sign on Form II, the local body’s representative would download the application online, merge it with the inward number & fee payment information, cross-check the information with the papers provided, and correct the information as necessary.
  • Form III will be issued to the married couple after they have been verified by the competent official. They must sign it.