Why ICICI Bank UPI Is Not Working? Here Is The Possible Fix!

ICICI is one of the top private banks in India, known for its best customer service. A comprehensive way of transaction through UPI has made online payments simplified. Pay for your food delivery services, shopping sites, nearest restaurants, grocery stores and more via UPI.

This is the safe and secure cashless transaction method that makes things a breeze for people. The ICICI bank UPI allows you to transfer your funds readily by being in specific criteria.

However, there is a specific limit that need not be extended. Otherwise, it helps you pay your rent, mobile recharge and any bill payments.

ICICI Bank UPI Not Working


If you’re facing a problem with your UPI working, then you consider some fixes mentioned below. These appropriate solutions might help you to make your transaction successful.

1. Probe GPS Settings

What is GPS? You might have noticed that whatever application you install on your device, ask for the GPS setting. This means you set up your location and access the application to track your location.

Similarly, while making the online transaction, those applications always ask you for accessing your location for making things less complicated and breeze. If your GPS setting is off, make it on; that might help you make your UPI transaction successful.

2. Look into date and time Settings.

Another factor that is causing hurdles in making UPI transactions is date and time settings. The device you are using for making the transaction needs to be on the proper time and date. Sometimes making UPI transactions is incapable due to some changes in date and time.

Check appropriately that your device has the perfect date and time setting; if not, make some changes to make your UPI transaction successful.

3. Restart your Device

If you have gone through trying various times to make UPI transactions and still fail, then go to restart your device. It might sound abnormal to you, but sometimes you open the files that are not appropriate for making an online transaction.

After restarting your device, the files will be closed automatically, and it might help you make a UPI transaction. Do not consume much time, but it is a solution for making your UPI transaction successful.

4. Have Patience

Undoubtedly, sometimes the application you are using for making UPI transactions is under maintenance mode. This is because the exports are trying to fix the bugs to give clients a safer online transaction environment.

If it is not working for a while, wait for some time and have patience. Then, the fixes can be done in a certain period, and you can make the transaction smoothly and safely again. Therefore, keeping some patience helps you to face a complicated situation.

5. Grip Customer Support

After making a lot of attempts, if you are still unsuccessful in making a UPI transaction, here you go with another solution. The simplest way is to ask for the advice and help of experts making the entire arrangement of ICICI bank.

Go to their official website to ask for asking the help. Make sure it is an official one to avoid any miss happening. Then, dial the number 18002003344 for asking anything.

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