Is Air Fried Food Healthy? Know The Facts!

The ways of living a healthy life not only includes having regular exercises, but you need to be cautious about the type of food you consume. Having healthy fruits and green veggies is all fun until you get a craving for crispy French fries! Isn’t it? HAHA, the mere name of French fries might have made your mouth dripping. However, it is not the topic of our concern. We all know about the ill effects of fried food on our bodies. Therefore, a kitchen appliance known as an air fryer was invented. People all across the world love it. It’s a trending kitchen device found in most of the household and restaurant setting nowadays.

What is an air Fryer

But, is the air fried food healthy for consumption? Does it serve the purpose for which it is made? These are some questions by our culinary critics. We did detailed research on this aspect. Therefore, we are here to explain to you the brief of this topic. It will help you to decide on your calorie count and much more. Let us begin with our primary matter of concern:

What is the working mechanism of an air fryer?

Air fryers give a similar amount of crispness to your food by cutting down the use of oil. You might have seen how traditional frying works. It requires a hell lot of oil, which is worse for our health. However, one cannot go against their cravings. Therefore, air fryer works by circulation of hot air surrounding the food. One can achieve a similar texture to that of authentically fried food by using a tablespoon of oil. Also, it helps in making the texture and appearance of fried food more appealing to your taste buds.

Advantages of air fryers:

  • Weight loss: Weight loss is a serious aspect for people who are obese. Therefore, deep-fried foods are a strict no to them. But, if you switch from air-fried to deep-fried food items, you can successfully shed some calories.
  • Safer option: Air fried food are a safer option while cooking. For making deep-fried food, one has to use a skillet full of oil. It poses the risk of splashing and spilling the hot oil. Air fryers are potentially safer as there is minimal risk of burns.
  • Low risk of cardiac diseases: Cooking oil contains varying amounts of fat, depending upon which one you are using. It can lead to an increase in cholesterol in the body. It accumulates in the primary vessels of the heart & causes obstruction. Therefore, you are always at a risk of heart disease when consuming a high amount of cooking oil.
  • Reduces the risk of formation of harmful compounds: Do you know that deep-frying of food can lead to the formation of acrylamide. It has the potential to develop carcinoma of various organs in the body.

Disadvantages of air fryer:

We are not much clear about the disadvantage of the air fryers, as the research is still going on. However, here are some points that researchers have cited that is yet to be confirmed:

  • Though, the air fryer does not use the amount of oil used in deep frying. But, the food is still exposed to oil. Therefore, the risk of getting bad cholesterol is less but not nil.
  • It can lead to the formation of other hazardous compounds that can prove unhealthy for the human gut.


We hope that you are clear with the benefits and ill effects of air fryer. Let us conclude our topic by wishing you all the best for whichever air fryer you choose. Thanks for reading!

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