Keypad Phone Advantages and Disadvantages

If you look back at the evolution of the mobile phone industry, then it’s quite unbelievable. The way the industry evolved from those early days of the large keypad phones to the modern-day touchscreen smartphones. These days the word mobile phone is referred to the smartphones that are readily available in the market. But don’t discount the keypad phones yet. You may be surprised to see how useful these low budget keypad phones can be still to this day.

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We here take a look at some of the advantages and disadvantages of keypad phones down below. Read along.

Advantages of Keypad Phone

1) Durable battery

Although smartphones come with great battery backup these days, they still cannot beat the keypad phone for durability. The thing about a smartphone is that though they come with a bigger battery they also have multiple usages, unlike the keypad phones. Keypad phones are primarily used only for calling and do not require much battery power. The way they can even last for days.

2) Health

Smartphones are known to harm the health of the user. Smartphones come with radio frequency which when emitted is absorbed by the body. These days tend to cause adverse effects like sleep deprivation, damage to eyes, memory loss, and more. When you use a keypad phone no such issues tend to arise.

3) Addiction

Smartphones can cause a habit of serious addiction to people. They can get hooked on using a smartphone for long hours. This can cause health issues, can impact the lives of the user, and disturb their routine. Using a keypad phone helps to keep those addictions away.

4) Privacy Issues

Smartphones have made the life of a user easy in many issues. They allow users to use so many modern apps and features. But there’s a compromise to this. You may be subject to privacy threats and security issues with smartphones. Using keypad phones allows you to keep those issues away.

5) Easy to use

Keypad phones are very easy to use. They can be used even by old people and those who do not know how to use a smartphone. This helps them stay connected and be in touch with family members.

Disadvantages of Keypad Phone

1) Lack of internet connectivity

In this modern-day era, the internet is one of the prime things in life. Staying away from the internet may mean you may miss out on plenty of opportunities and news. Keypad phones do not have internet connectivity. This can stop you from surfing the internet and getting connected to the world.

2) Lack of Camera

The camera has become one of the obsessions of this modern day. It’s very important to have a camera on your phone. It means that you don’t have to get another digital camera separately. Using keypad phones means you cannot use the camera function. Though some keypad phones come with a basic camera, their presence is negligible.

3) Lack of Entertainment

Smartphones are a gateway to entertainment on this day. They allow you access to a plethora of games, music, movies, and more. But keypad phones don’t feature any such entertainment options. The most you can get is the basic radio feature.

4) Affects productivity

Although we may bash the smartphone for its privacy issues, the way they create an addiction to people, we cannot deny that they are also helpful in productivity. A smartphone allows you to access things and do plenty of activities with mere clicks. You can do photo editing, video editing, accessing online stores, make payments, and a lot more with smartphones. Keypad phones lack all these things.

The thing with keypad phones is that they have a different purpose, unlike smartphones. They are used by mainly old people and those who do not have access to the smartphone yet. It helps them stay connected to their loved ones via calls and more.Keypad phones are still used widely by many people and that speaks of their usability.

Keypad Phone Related FAQs

Q. Are keypad phones still being manufactured?

Ans: Yes, as of my last knowledge update in September 2021, keypad phones were still being manufactured and sold, especially in regions where smartphone penetration is lower. However, the availability of specific models might vary.

Q. Can I use social media on a keypad phone?

Ans: Some keypad phones do offer basic social media apps like Facebook or Twitter with limited functionality. However, the experience is much more restricted compared to using these platforms on a smartphone. Text-based interactions are common, and media-rich content might not display properly.

Q. Do keypad phones have internet access?

Ans: Yes, many keypad phones have basic internet access through 2G or 3G networks. However, the browsing experience is quite limited due to the small screens and slow data speeds.

Q. Do keypad phones support apps like WhatsApp?

Ans: Some keypad phones do support basic messaging apps like WhatsApp, but the functionality might be limited. Sending and receiving text messages and images could be possible, but features like voice and video calling might be absent.

Q. Can I use a keypad phone with my existing SIM card?

Ans: Yes, in most cases, you can use your existing SIM card with a keypad phone as long as it’s compatible with the phone’s network technology (2G, 3G, 4G etc.).

Q. Are there any health concerns with using keypad phones?

Ans: Keypad phones emit lower levels of radiation compared to smartphones, but they still emit radiofrequency (RF) radiation. Some studies have suggested potential links between RF radiation and health effects, but the scientific consensus is still evolving. To minimize exposure, you can use hands-free options and keep the phone away from your body when not in use.


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