Manipur is strategically placed in India’s north-eastern region, bordering Myanmar, and enjoys a favourable climate. The state acts as a connecting link between India and the countries of South East Asia, and it provides tremendous opportunities for the development of tourism & regional industry.

Blessed with a diverse range of breathtaking landscapes, the state is unquestionably a paradise on Earth, where Mother Earth has been particularly generous with her gifts. Manipur, one of the world’s least visited and least discovered countries, is a potential tourism destination for adventurous and environment enthusiasts alike.

The region has a long and illustrious cultural history that dates back centuries. It is the origin of Raas Lila, a renowned type of classical dance that was founded by Maharaja Bhagyachandra and is currently performed all across the country. There are festivals virtually every month in Manipur, and they reflect the state’s rich culture, customs, and religious practises, which are celebrated by the people of the state.

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