Top 10 Most Expensive Houses in India – Luxury Homes

A house is the most valuable asset in the life of every person, where he provides safety and comfort for his family. However, for some people who can afford luxurious and beautiful houses, they are more of a reflection of their personal taste and style. Such people spend millions on making their houses unique and extraordinary, as money is not a very big issue for them.

Here is the list of top 10 most expensive houses in India:

10. NCPA Apartments, Mumbai

NCPA Apartments

NCPA Apartments in the posh area of Nariman Point in Mumbai make a very expensive housing option in India. To own a 4 bedroom apartment here, one would need to shell out an exorbitant price of Rs 29-35 crore.

9. Gautam Singhania Residence, JK House, Mumbai

JK House, Mumbai

JK House at Breach Kandy in Mumbai is without doubt, one of the costliest and most luxurious houses in the country in 2015. It belongs to Gautam Singhania and has some amazing facilities such as a heath center, a museum and a helipad. The house has 30 floors, out of which 6 are reserved for parking only.

8. Vijay Mallya Residence, White House in the Sky, UB City Bangalore

Vijay Mallya Residence

The flamboyant business tycoon, Vijay Mallya, who owns Kingfisher Airlines as well as UB Group, is the owner of a lavish house, which he calls “White House in the Sky”. This luxurious mansion style home has been constructed in UB City, Bangalore and is worth well over Rs 100 crore.

7. Shashi Ruia and Ravi Ruia Residence, New Delhi

One of the most expensive houses in India is the luxurious bungalow of the Chairman of Essar Group, Shashi Ruia and also the Vice Chairman, Ravi Ruia. This house is situated on the famous Tees January Marg in new Delhi and is worth a whopping Rs 120 crore.

6. Rana Kapoor Residence, Tony Altamount Road, Mumbai

Rana Kapoor Residence

Rana Kapoor, the CEO of Yes Bank has recently acquired a plush house located at Tony Altamount Road in Mumbai. This building, which was owned by Citi Group, was recently acquired by Kapoor, by paying a huge sum of Rs 120 crore.

5. Naveen Jindal Residence, Delhi

Next on this list is the beautiful hose of politician-industrialist Naveen Jindal, which lies in the Leafy Lutyens Bungalow Zone in Delhi, one of the most expensive localities in the city. This house is valued at Rs 125-150 crore.

4. Ratan Tata Residence, Colaba, Mumbai

Ratan Tata Residence

Featuring next on the list of top 10 most expensive houses in India in 2015 is the magnificent bungalow of industrialist Ratan Tata, which is worth Rs 125-150 crore. The three storied palatial house covers an area of 15000 sq feet and has some excellent amenities.

3. Shahrukh Khan Residence, Mannat, Mumbai

Shahrukh Khan Residence

Mannat, the beautiful house of Bollywood super star, is considered as one of the most luxurious homes in the country. The house lives up to the reputation of the super star. It is located in the Bandra locality of Mumbai and is valued at Rs 125-150 crore.

2. Anil Ambani Residence, Abode, Mumbai

Anil Ambani Residence

The Ambani brothers make it to the top of this list, with Anil Ambani having a home called Abode constructed, which is estimated to reach a cost of Rs 5000 crore and even more.

1. Mukesh Ambani Residence, Antila, Mumbai

Antila, the residence of Mukesh Ambani, is not only the most expensive house in India, but also the most expensive house in the world, with its value reaching an incredible Rs 10000 crore. Occupying an area of 400000 sq foot, Antila is no less than a landmark in Mumbai and is full of all modern amenities, which are even hard to imagine.

In addition to these lavish houses, many more beautiful and expensive houses are owned by the rich and the famous in India. These people include film stars, politicians and famous sports persons, who do not mind spending millions on their homes.

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