Panty Liners Vs. Sanitary Pads: The Difference

Panty liners and sanitary pads, what is the difference between these two? This is a very common question that many girls have. Sanitary pads are very common, and no girl needs any introduction about them. But when it comes to panty liners, not everyone is aware of these.

The main use of the sanitary pads is only during the menstrual cycle. They are used to absorb the discharge during your periods. But panty liners are used every day to absorb the vaginal discharge. This is heavy for a few women. So, using a panty liner can keep them fresh and clean all day long. It can be very irritating when vaginal discharge is heavy, and you are unable to do anything about it. But with these panty liners, many women are many and able to concentrate on their work instead of worry about this problem.

As sanitary pads and panty liners look the same, many people get confused between these two. So, here are a few differences between these two, which can help you understand them better. That will also help you in using them in the right way.

Panty Liners Vs. Sanitary Pads


One of the common differences that you can easily notice is the size of these two. Panty liners are smaller in size compared to the sanitary pads. You will be able to find sanitary pads in different sizes to choose a size based on the period flow. There is also gel inside the sanitary pads that lock the liquid inside the pad. But the panty liners are smaller in size and available in just one size. They are very thin. Panty liners fit perfectly to the shape of your panty.

Different uses:

Both panty liners and sanitary pads come with different uses. Panty liners can be used every day for absorbing the vaginal discharge. But when it comes to sanitary pads, you use them only during your menstrual cycle. You can use the panty liner as a precautionary measure before your periods start. This will keep you and your dress safe, even if you have an unexpected period.


Sanitary pads are designed for your menstrual cycle, and hence they come with high absorbency. But when it comes to panty liners, they are not as good as sanitary pads. They are also made to absorb the vaginal discharge, but the flow will not be like your period flow. Sanitary pads have gel, making them highly absorbing, but panty liners are just a cotton sheet.


It may not always be possible for you to carry your sanitary pads in your bag, and that is due to their size. They are thin and long in size when compared to the panty liners. But panty liners are very thin and small in size. That means you can easily place them in your bag or in your pant pockets in case there is any chance of a sudden period. This will save you from the embarrassment of spotting when you are in public.

So, there are just small differences, but both are made for two different purposes. You need to understand the purpose of using them in the right way.

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