PCR full form in police

PCR full form in police is Police control room. Using the most recent advances in technology for communication and information, PCR can be utilized to treat patients quickly in an emergency.

It is where all police operations for a given district are managed. The district’s police stations are linked by a central control room. The control room is always in constant contact with every police station in the area.

It additionally acts as a liaison between the field team and higher-ups in the organization. The Control Room is in charge of enforcing the law. In times of crisis when senior officers or the unit commander are not available, the officer in charge of the control room must make decisions, issue orders to police policemen on the scene, send reinforcements if necessary, and report developments to higher-ups as soon as possible.

Residents can call the emergency number 100 to report any disturbances in the law and order, as well as any accidental situations or territorial movements. Based on this intelligence, the command center will act swiftly to restore order. If necessary, force will be dispatched. For this reason, PCR vans are constantly on the move around the city.

The notion of the Police Control Room is well-established in the contemporary policing system, and it plays a pivotal role in ensuring an effective and transparent police operation.

Objectives of PCR

The current type of police control room was designed with several goals in mind, including:-

  • The city is protected by a comprehensive security force that is on duty at all hours.
  • The primary goal is to have police arrive within four to five minutes of receiving a call about a crime or other emergency.

Having PCR officers do checking and patrolling activities will increase efficiency because of their greater mobility, improved communication, and thorough training.