Ration Card Haryana – How to Apply, Forms, Check Online Status

Haryana is located in North India and the economy of the state is dependent on agriculture, manufacturing industry and service industry. The fact is that there are several people who are living below the poverty line and the government provides food items at subsidised rates to them. It is possible to avail these benefits if you have a ration card. If you are planning to apply for ration card and if you live in Haryana then you are surely at the right place as we have listed all the details in this article.

Eligibility Criteria and Documents Required

There are different types of ration card available I Haryana. The benefits and eligibility criteria vary accordingly. These are subjected to change. As per the information available, the Haryana government issues Green Ration Card, Khaki Ration Card, Yellow Ration Card and Pink Ration card. The document requirement remains the same for all these types of ration cards. The basic documentation that you need are listed below

  • Aadhaar Card for Every Family Member
  • Passport Size Photo of Every Family Member
  • Date of Birth Proof of Every Family Member
  • Address Proof
  • PAN Card
  • Income Certificate.

You can have the Xerox copy or the scanned copy of these documents depending on the process flow that you wish to follow.

The process to Apply for Ration Card via Online Mode

Haryana government has offered a provision to apply for a new ration card using the online procedure. The steps for the same have been listed below

  • The website that you can use to apply for the Ration Card is http://saralharyana.gov.in/ and hence visit the website.
  • Register yourself for using the website and once the registration is complete, login to the website. Once you login, you will be navigated to a dashboard.
  • Now, you need to click on Issuance of New Ration Card under the Apply for Services Tab on the left side of the screen.
  • A form will now be displayed. Complete filling the form as per the requirements and once this is done, you can go ahead and upload the documents requested.
  • Post submission, acknowledgement number will be displayed and you need to save that for the future reference

The process to Apply for Ration Card via Offline Mode

If you are not comfortable in submitting an online application then you can go ahead and follow the office process. Here is how you can do it.

  • Visit the District Food and Supply Controller Office and obtain a form to apply for a new ration card.
  • Fill in the details in the form using a ballpoint pen and also ensure that you fill in the details of all the family members.
  • Attach the documents to the form and submit it to the officials. You will receive an acknowledgement after the submission.

What happens after submission of Online / Offline Form?

After you have submitted the application, the first step is to verify the documents submitted by you. After the verification of the details, an officer is assigned to carry out the physical verification. Here one of the officers will most likely visit you to verify the details. After the verification is complete, the ration card will be issued to you and it will be posted to your residential address.

Steps to Track Ration Card

The online website also allows you to track the ration card. To track the ration card online, visit http://saralharyana.gov.in/ and on this website, you need to login to check the status. After login, click on check ration card status and enter the application number. The status will then be displayed on the screen. You can alternatively call on 1800 2000 023 to check the status of the ration card via phone. In addition to this, the last option that you have is to visit the office and check the status manually.


This was all the details about applying for a ration card. Ensure that you have submitted all the details correctly and all the documents should be clear as well.

Any discrepancy can lead to rejection of the application which can be really troublesome for you. For any issue during the application procedure, you can reach out to 1800 2000 023.