Trimmer Vs. Shaver: What’s the difference?

Many find it difficult to differentiate between a Trimmer and a Shaver. Both these appliances help to cut hair. But, the purpose of the use is different for these appliances. Trimmers and shavers are used by men to get rid of facial hair mainly. Some men prefer clean shaving, and some maintain their beard by using Trimmers.

There are numerous types of trimmers and shavers available in the market. Therefore, by knowing the difference between the appliances, you can decide which one is suitable for you.

Trimmer vs Shaver

The uses of a Shaver

The electric shaver is very popular for its clean cutting technology. Many workplaces want their male workers to shave their beard cleanly. Therefore, the office-going men prefer shavers that offer them a clean shave and neat appearance. Also, there are electric shavers with multiple and 4 circle-shaped heads. For smooth and a quick shave, the electric shavers are a perfect choice. They are a good investment for people who shave regularly.

Pros of owning a shaver

  • Electric shavers offer quicker shaving than the conventional ones. Also, this electric shaver can be used without shaving cream and water.
  • The traditional shavers need to be replaced very often. When using a traditional shaver, you may need cream, soap and aftershave lotion. But electric shaving is a hassle-free. Also, this appliance is economical in the long run.
  • The electric shavers prevent skin irritation, cuts, nicks and ingrown hair. The foil in the shaver protects the skin against all these problems.
  • The electric shavers can be subtle on your skin. Also, you can change the intensity and speed through the settings.
  • The electric shavers are very durable, and they can last up to 3 to 4 years.

The uses of a trimmer

Trimmer is an appliance that is used to cut off the hair. But, with a trimmer, the purpose of cutting is to trim the hair and not to get rid of it. Trimmer is a compact and comfortable appliance that helps to maintain the beard perfectly. A trimmer is not only used for removing facing hair but also for other hair trimming purposes.

Pros of owning a trimmer

  • Trimmers can give a close shave. This appliance offers stable and precise results at every time of use. Some high-end models can be used for both wet and dry trimming.
  • A trimmer fulfils several trimming and grooming needs. The adjustable blades are capable of trimming your beard in the desired style.
  • Trimmer is a versatile tool. It can be used for multipurpose tasks such as trimming the ear, eyebrow and the chest hair. Also, using the trimmer provides comfort and ease of use.
  • A trimmer is a portable device that can be easily accommodated in your travel bag. It is a powerful tool, yet it comes with a quiet motor and user-friendly blades.
  • Trimmers come handy with an inbuilt high-speed motor that is time-saving. Also, this rechargeable appliance reduces facial cuts and scratches.

The major difference between a shave and a trimmer

  • The brand

There are several brands to choose in both shavers and trimmers. An electric shaver is popular than the trimmer. There are several famous brands available in shavers. Many prefer a specific brand when choosing an electric shaver. However, trimmers are widely used by many but there only are fewer brands available.

  • The quality

Electric shavers are available with foil and rotary blades. Both these shaver types are quality ones as it protects the skin against irritation. The high-end technology of electric shavers makes them the most preferred ones. On the other hand, the trimmers with stainless steel blades are of great quality. The trimmer models come with proper grip to avoid accidents and injuries.

  • The length

The circular four head blades of the shaver are perfect for clean-cut shaves. A shaver cannot be used for trimming. There are not many hair cutting options in a shaver. If your priority is clean-cut shaves, then the electric shave is the ideal appliance for you. The trimmer comes with combs and attachments. Also, the trimmers have multiple blades to fullfill the different grooming needs. You can shave, maintain and groom the hair with the help of a trimmer.

  • The wet and dry cutting

Dry shaving is quick and comfortable with an electric shaver. Also, it is easy to adjust the speed according to your convenience. If you prefer wet shaving, then electric shaver can be used with foam and water. However, dry shaving is mostly preferred in electric shavers. At the same time, a trimmer is also a waterproof appliance. You can use a trimmer for both wet and dry cutting. According to your grooming needs, you can prefer wet or dry trimming.

  • The Maintenance

An electric shaver requires regular cleaning and maintenance. For smooth and quick shaving, you need to clean the electric shaver after every use. The high-end models come with self-cleaning technology to remove hair particles and dirt from the shaving blades. This way, the blades need not be replaced very often. Also, cleaning the electric shaver regularly helps to get a clean and hygienic shave. Instead, if you prefer no cleaning, then a trimmer is more suitable. A trimmer doesn’t require regular cleaning. The trimmer is designed in a way to eliminate dirt and hair residue.

  • The budget

The price differs greatly for each electric shaver model. A shaver is quite an investment, and they can be pricey. But the price is worthy due to it’s cleaning cuts and high-speed performance. The high-end electric shaver can be even more expensive. In the long run, the electric shaver is very economical as you do not need to change the blades or the appliance every often. A trimmer is more affordable than a shaver. Moreover, they are available in different price ranges.


There is always a tug of war between electric shavers and trimmers. However, based on the important differences, you can decide which one is better for you.

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