Tripura is a state in the Indian country of India. In the northeastern region of the subcontinent, it is known as the Himalayas. Bangladesh borders it on the north, west, & south, the province of Mizoram borders it on the east, and the region of Assam borders it on the north, west, & south. It is the smallest state of India which is located in hilly region, where various tribes, indigenous people mostly live. The state’s capital is Agartala, which is located close to the Bangladesh boundary in the state’s northwestern region.

The state of Tripura has a forest cover covering approximately half of its total area. Sal, a prized tropical hardwood that grows in abundance in the state’s woods, is one of the most renowned species of trees found there. There are also extensive areas of bamboo, some of which are considered to be native to the state, and several other plants.

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