How to Apply for Viklang Pension In India [Complete Guide]

Viklang Pension Scheme was announced in 2016 and the scheme was to help the physically disabled with a minimum amount of pension so that they can sustain some of the crucial expenses. The scheme gathered a lot of appreciation from people around the country and a lot of people are already taking benefit of the scheme. In this article, we have listed the procedure to apply for Viklang Pension scheme and we have also listed some other important information about the same.

Before you proceed, it should be noted that this scheme is only valid for the people living in Uttar Pradesh. Let us now look at the detailed eligibility criteria before jumping on to the next step.

Eligibility Criteria for Viklang Pension Scheme

Here are the detailed eligibility criteria for availing the benefit of the scheme

  • As mentioned earlier, the applicant should be a resident of Uttar Pradesh to avail the benefit of the scheme
  • The age of the applicant should be over 18 years and he should also be less than 27 years old. This means that the people between 18 and 26 can avail the benefits of the scheme
  • In terms of disability percentage, if the applicant suffers from 40% or higher disability, the applicant can avail the benefit of the scheme
  • Apart from the points listed above, it should be noted that the person should not be having a monthly income of over Rs 1000 to avail the benefits of the scheme
  • Another point to note here is that if the person is working in the government sector or if the person is availing the benefit of any other pension scheme then he is not eligible for the benefits of Viklang Pension Scheme
  • Lastly, the person should also not known 3 wheeler or 4 wheeler to avail the benefit of the schemes.

This was about the eligibility criteria. You also need to have some of the documents in order to apply for the scheme. In the next section, you will get the information about the same.

Documents Required for Viklang Pension Scheme

The documents required are listed below

  • Disability Certificate – You need to have a disability certificate which is signed by the physician, Chief Medical Officier. This can be obtained from the Community Health Center or any Primary Health Centre. Apart from this, you can also present a certificate from a private
  • Age Proof – You need to provide an age proof. Birth certificate, 10th class certificate or Aadhaar card is an acceptable document
  • Identity Proof – For identity proof, you can submit Voter ID Card, Aadhaar Card, Ration Card, PAN Card or any such document.
  • Income Certificate – This can be obtained from various sources like village head, block development officer, Tehsildar and other such officials who are authorised to provide the certificate.
  • Bank Details – The pension will be transferred to the ban directly and hence you need to submit the first page of the bank passbook is required.
  • Photographs – You also need to have the photographs with you for applying for Viklang Pension

What is the Pension Amount?

The pension amount for the applicant here is Rs 300 per month and as per the information available, this is processed in two installments every year. Each installment is for 6 months and this means that you will get Rs 1800 twice in a year.

What is the Process to Apply for Viklang Pension?

Follow the steps listed below to apply for Viklang Pension Scheme

 Viklang Pension

  • From the top menu, click on Handicap Pension and a new page will be displayed. Now click on the Apply Now button to move to the next step.

Viklang Pension 1

  • Now, to move to the next step, click on New Entry. The button is right there on the screen and once you click on the button, a form will be displayed

Viklang Pension 2

  • Start willing in the form. you need to fill in the personal details in the form first. Once that is submitted, you need to enter the details of the bank and the income. Next, you need to share the details of the disability.

Viklang Pension 3

  • After entering the captcha code, you will be able to save the application. With this, the application procedure would be saved as an acknowledgement slip along with the application number will be displayed.

Viklang Pension 4

  • You also need to click on download or print form. It is mandatory to print the copy of the form. once this is done, go back to the home page, click on Apply Now and then click on Edit Saved Form / Final Submit.
  • Enter the district details and acknowledgement number. With this, search your application form and once the form is displayed, upload the required documents along with the photo.
  • Once this is done, enter the captcha code and click on the final This will submit the application and you would now be able to move to the last step.
  • In this last step, you need to submit the application along with documents to Gram Sabha or District Disabled Welfare Office. You need to do this within 1 month and on submission of the final application, an acknowledgement receipt will be shared with you. The pension will then be processed after verification of your documents. Remember to attach all documents with the application form

How to Check Status of Viklang Pension?

If you need to check the status of the application then you can again visit the homepage, click on Handicap Pension and click on the application status button. Create an account and login to your account to move to the next step. Once you login, the status will be displayed. You can also call on 1800 419 0001 to get more information about the same.


This is certainly a great step taken by the government to help the people. We are sure that the facilities provided to the physically disabled will get better with time. This is first such scheme launched by the government and we have that the government introduces many such reforms in line with such schemes.