Visiting Australia? Don’t Miss to Try These Sports!

Most Australians have always been in love with different water sports. Within the past several Olympic Games and FINA World Championships, Aussie topnotch swimmers haven’t did not wave the Australian flag – further proving the eagerness of Australians for water sports.


If you’re an Australian, then presumably you’re keen on getting to the beach or swimming pools to unwind or to coach. And if you are a tourist coming to the country with a Central Coast accommodation, you must know that Australian loves their sports! It’s become a custom and tradition for several Australians to play water sports, but what are the foremost famous ones? This text will explore the planet of water sports in Australia in an aim to interest others who are trying to find a replacement hobby or physical activity.

Swimming – this is often a no brainer. With countless medals and recognitions, it’s not a secret that swimming may be a very fashionable aquatics within the country. A number of the world-renowned competitive swimmers are from the Land Down Under. Ever heard of Ian Thorpe, Leisel Jones, Micheal Klim, Shane Gould, Dawn Fraser, Grant Hackett, or Petria Thomas? These are a number of the foremost successful and skilled swimmers Australia has got to offer. Due to the consistent excellent performance of Australian swimmers and therefore the popularity of swimming product brands like Speedo Australia, it’s not surprising that swimming competitions take the country by storm, making it one among the foremost popular sports within the country.

Surfing – one among the foremost common misnomers about surfing is that it’s an aquatics reserved for hippies and beach bums, but Australia has proved this wrong. The country is presented with countless great surf spots, attracting tourists from other countries to ride the Australian waves. Foreigners aren’t the sole ones taking advantage of the waves but locals also. Due to the surf spots with majestic and adrenaline-pumping waves, many Australians got hook in surfing. Additionally, due to surfing’s popularity in Australia, the country is frequented by major surfing championships participated by the simplest surfers within the world.

Scuba diving – Australians aren’t only keen on swimming and riding the waves, but foundering the water also. Skin diving is another popular water activity within the country. Due to the country’s marvelous diving spots, nobody can blame Aussies for selecting up skin diving as a passion. A number of the world’s best dive sites are often found in Australia, including Cod Hole (QLD), Flinders Reef (QLD), Lord How Island (NSW), Ningaloo Reef (NSW), Neptune Islands (SA), and Tasman Peninsula (TAS).

Windsurfing – Good waves and powerful winds – these are the simplest recipes for an honest windsurfing activity in Australia. Due to the acceptable climate within the country, water sports like windsurfing don’t have a tough time attracting fans. As a results of this water sports’ popularity among Aussies, different windsurfing clubs and beach schools have emerged, which even boosted the sports’ popularity within the past several years.

Water polo – While this aquatics is extremely difficult, athletic game remains together of the more significant and popular sports within the country. Although the Australian national athletic game team is yet to win medals at the Summer Olympics, it’s a uniform qualifier and even reach the quarterfinals at the London 2012 Summer Olympics. Thanks to the growing popularity of athletic game, several major competitions are conducted within the country, even popularizing the game.

If you are coming to Australia and you already have Central Coast accommodation, make sure that you don’t miss trying a water sport! If you’re in look for a replacement hobby, you’ll want to select an aquatics because it’ll surely improve your cardio, endurance, and overall health.